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Gary Dickson, CA

1998 Champion
2nd: Phil Evans, VA
3rd: Tom Gregorio, PA
4th: Tim Greene, TN
Event History
1991    Rob Beyma      31
1992    Alan Frappier      26
1993    Ed O'Connor      20
1994    Jeff Martin      16
1995    Rob Beyma      16
1996    Tom Gregorio      20
1997    Gary Dickson      24
1998    Gary Dickson      27
AREA Ratings
1    Gary Dickson      2140
2    Ed O'Connor      2108
3    Robert Shurdut      2068
4    Rob Beyma      2058
5    Larry Earhart      1861
6    Tom Gregorio      1853
7    Dan Barker      1835
8    Tim Greene      1816
9    James Eliason      1761
10    Phil Evans      1715

Grognards rule ...

TRC has enjoyed a resurgance with increased attendance over the last four years. A record 32 players and a perfect five-round format is the target this year with twice champion Rob Beyma returning to the field. He'll be looking up at #1 seed and defending champion Gary Dickson and #2 seed (1996 champ) Tom Gregorio. Can anyone stop Dickson's juggernaut? Other seeded veterans like Phil Evans, Allen Kaplan, Tim Greene, Forrest Pafenberg, Robert Powers, David Ketchum and Marty Musella are sure to try.

The ten-turn 1941-42 scenario will be the default version played with players able to use the 1942-43 scenario if both agree. Players bid for sides using the Kursk Line for reference. A cumulative Weather DRM applies. See below:

1941-42 Scenario Length: May/June 1941 - November/December 1942

Determining Sides: Players bid for sides by bidding the number of city points on the Russian side of the Kursk line that they will take as the German player. The high bidder gets the Germans. If players bid the same three times in a row, that is the bid, and the high roller chooses which side to play. Each city east of the line controlled by the German player counts as positive points. Each city west of the line controlled by the Russian player counts as negative points. Major cities are worth two points each and minor cities and oil wells are worth one point each.

Victory Conditions: The German wins if his point total equals or exceeds his bid at the end of the Nov/Dec 1942 turn. Campaign Game and Sudden death victory conditions are not used.

Rules: Third edition standard rules are used. Players may use whatever optional rules they both agree to use before bidding for sides. The following tournament optional rules may be used: 1. Hitler and Stalin each count as one victory point. 2. The Russian player may replace his HQ unit May/Jun 1942 (costs 1 RP). 3. Moscow is worth three points.

Weather: A cumulative weather die roll modifier will be used. This drm starts at 0. Each Clear roll modifies future weather rolls by +1; each Snow roll modifies future weather rolls by -1. The weather drm is not affected by weather in May/Jun, Jul/Aug, or Jan/Feb. A "6" roll in Sep/Oct 1941 is treated as Light Mud. A "1" roll in Nov/Dec 1941 is treated as Light Mud.

Replacements: German replacements always arrive on the May/Jun 1942 turn; their arrival does not depend on the weather roll. The Russian Archangel roll is modified by +2 plus the current weather die roll modifier.

Reinforcements: If a player forgets to bring on reinforcements, they may be brought on during any subsequent friendly impulse. If so, they must abide by the movement restrictions of that impulse and do not get free rail movement. An opponent always has the option to require a player to bring on reinforcements.

 GM      Rob Beyma  [6th Year]   109 Brentwood Circle, Pocomoke, MD 21851
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