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Mark Giddings, NY

1998 Champion
2nd: Rob Kircher, RI
3rd: Steve Simmons, NJ
4th: Nicholas Anner, NY
Event History
1991    None      -
1992    None      -
1993    None      -
1994    None      -
1995    None      -
1996    Mike May      30
1997    George Sauer      106
1998    Mark Giddings      124
AREA Ratings
1    Bill Crenshaw      1605
2    George Sauer      1603
3    Mark Giddings      1598
4    Joe Gunderson      1587
5    Harald Henning      1582
6    James Pei      1572
7    Ewan McNay      1570
8    Michael Neal      1570
9    Phillip Mason      1567
10    Eric Eshleman      1563

Master Art takes on increased importance.

We will again be using the Immediate-Discard House Rule for Master Art which was introduced at the 1998 event. (The buyer may immediately discard upon purchasing the Master Art advance. Subsequent purchases occur during the Buy Card Phase.)

Advancement to the Semi-final Round will be handled somewhat differently this year. Rather than all 2nd place finishers having a shot at a Semi-final Round slot before any 3rd place finishers, there will be no distinction between 2nd and 3rd place. What will matter is your percentage of the 1st place total at your table. This means the leader is always the #1 target.

Of the 35 games played in 1998, the average bid was between 2 and 3, while the position with the most wins was a tie between Barcelona and London at eight apiece, followed by Venice at seven, Paris at six, Genoa at four and Hamburg with two.

Individual games saw such spine-tingling drama as Rob Kircher's Barcelona playing Piracy on itself when in the lead; Harald Henning's London scoring 3070, the result of 3 Wool cards played with most wool provinces held; Jim Stanard's Barcelona allocating -31 tokens to preserve a silk shortage prior to playing Silk; Eric Eshleman's Paris getting Cathedral on turn 3; and Mark Gidding's London skillful play of War, which catapulted it into a permanent lead. In the finals, Mark Gidding's London prevailed with an aggressive game, including an overland route to the East (thanks to a Hamburg/Paris feud) and an astonishing number of Epoch 3 leaders.

 GM     Designer Jared Scarborough [4th year] 1 Scarborough Rd, Payson, IL 62360-9743 NA

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