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Washington's War (WWR) WBC 2023 Event Report
Updated October 16, 2023
19 Players James Pei Event History
2023 Champion & Laurels

Pei Repeats As Champion!

Nineteen players participated in the 2023 tournament. Thirty games were played resulting in 15 American and 15 British victories. Round 1 consisted of 9 games, round 2 consisted of 8 games and at that point 7 players had either withdrawn or had 2 losses and were eliminated. Round 3 consisted of 6 games to determine the final 8. Dan Leader and Randy Pippus were undefeated and seeded #1 and #2 for the Quarterfinal round. The following players were 3-1 and seeded #3 to #8 based on strength of schedule: Geoff Allbert, Mike Mitchell, Tom Drueding, Bob Hamel, Paul Gaberson and James Pei (in that order). Dan played James and lost as the British, Randy played Paul for the 2nd time in a row (they met in the 3rd round) with Randy defeating Paul again and remaining undefeated. Geoff played Mike and won, Tom played Bob and won, advancing Randy, Geoff, Tom, and James to the Semifinal. In the Semifinal, Geoff’s British defeated Tom’s Americans when Washington made a suicide attack at the end and lost. This was only the 3rd time Washington was captured in the 30 games played. In the other Semifinal James Americans finally broke Randy’s winning streak. So, James and Geoff advanced to the Final, with James’ Americans holding Geoff’s British very close to the ports and winning his 4th Washington’s War championship.

The final game started slowing for the British and remained so. 1775, 3 Ops cards, 1 used for reinforcements, and 4 events cards for the British, 5 ops cards and a discarder for the Americans. British held 3 colonies, the Americans 8.

1776 British 3 ops cards, a war end card, and discard card, Americans 3 ops cards and a minor campaign (missed by the British discard). End of the turn British with 3 colonies, Americans 10.

1777 British 3 ops cards and the rest events and battle cards. Americans, two war ends, a discard card, 2 movement and 2 American events held the line. British down to 1 colony, with 3 neutral. Americans held the rest.

1778, 5 ops cards for the British, countered by 3 ops cards and another minor campaign by the Americans.

1779 both players forced discards on the other side. British held 3 colonies, Americans 10.

1780 British resorted to an ops queue, and forced the congress to flee, but Americans had 6 ops cards, a combat card, and drew an American event. The Congress deployed to Oswego.

1781 was the most exciting turn as two battles were fought with both players having a battle card to play in both battles. The British also had a Major Campaign, but most colonies were well in American control.

1782 the game ended with the British holding Delaware, Maryland, and Canada; Americans held the remaining 11.

Highlights of Round 1. James Pei lost his game to Evan Walters with Evan playing the British. Randy Pippus’s Americans played the Declaration of Independence and Major Campaign in the last turn of the game to seal the British defeat. Alex Nesenjuk vs Marc Berenbach, all the campaigns were drawn by 1777 with the Americans getting 3 of them, an American victory. Tom Drueding’s British captured Washington vs Tim Miller.

Highlights of Round 2. Randy Pippus vs Evan Walter, close game, Lord North, and Clinton beating Washington at Montreal on a tie battle to seal victory for the British. Geoff Albert vs Dan Leader, discard a card on the last move of the game to remove a British PC and tip the game to the Americans. Tim Miller vs Marvin Birnbaum, British won by playing a war end card on his last move of the game, and the Americans were not in position recover in 1 card play. Tom Drueding’s British pulled off another capture of Washington vs Alex Nesenjuk.

Highlights of round 3. Dan Leader vs Tom Dreuding, British won when two American forces missed intercepts, and a battle by Howe vs Lincoln took control of Brattleboro in the final turn. Evan Walter vs Geoff Allbert, Evan’s British had to play 4 war end cards, and Ben Franklin, and got hit early by Von Steuben.

Knockout rounds. I am not sure which game it was, but both players managed to get a general without cu in the same space, which of course had no political control marker. I thought it was impossible to do that, but I guess given the right circumstances its possible. I have never seen that happen though. In a turnaround, Tom Drueding’s had Washington captured in a game ending suicide attack vs Geoff Albert’s British. So, Tom participated in all 3 games where Washington was captured.

General Statistics:

  • Declaration Of Independence played: 21 times in 30 games, 11 American wins
  • Ben Franklin played: 16 times in 30 games, 11 Americans wins
  • Regulars lost: 16 times in 30 games, 9 American wins
  • French arrived: 9 times in 30 games, 5 American wins
  • Washington captured: 3 times in 30 games, 3 British wins,/li>

2023 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
Geoff Allbert Randy Pippus Tom Drueding Dan Leader Bob Hamel
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
A good turnout for the American Revolution. James Pei heading to another Final.
Geoff Allbert and Tom Drueding relaxing in Semifinal. Finalists James Pei and Geoff Allbert with GM Bill Peeck.
GM  Bill Peeck [2nd Year]