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March Madness (MMS) WBC 2023 Event Report
Updated October 24, 2023
37 Players Harry Flawd Event History
  2023 Champion & Laurels

Flawd Dethrones Reiff With Both Teams In Final!

March Madness has been around since the 2nd Avaloncon at the old Penn Harris. I remember it well as I beat Don Greenwood in the Final. It’s one of my favorites.

This year in the first heat the Reverend Keith Hunsinger made his triumphal return. He picked third from last, Jeff Mullet was next to last and I was last. We were the last three standing. Jeff managed to get his Florida 2013 team past Keith to meet my Virginia 95 team in the first heat final. It was a tight game coming down to the last position. After the timeouts were used it came down to the last dice roll. On a one or two Jeff would win, a three would send the game into overtime and I would win on a 4, 5 or 6. I tossed the trusty green die in the air and it came up…….five! And I was in the Final Four once again.

Heat two had another prior champion, Harry Flawd, pick Dennis Nicholson’s favorite team – Georgia Tech 1990 one spot in front of Dennis causing much consternation from Dennis and much chuckling from everyone else. Harry choose wisely as Harry guided the Yellow Jackets to the final where he defeated Dave Stiffler’s #1 Duke 1978 to advance to the Final Four.

In the third Heat Kevin Wojtaszczyk used the first pick to take the top seeded 2010 Butler Bulldogs (who lost to Duke in the Final that year – my only Final Four game in person) and proceeded to run his half of the bracket where he ran into Kentucky 2005 coached by….me!!! In the quote of the con Kevin says before the game “I really don’t know much about college football”. Our game once again came down to the final roll and the trusted green die came through again! Kevn shook my hand and then I looked over at his board and realized he still had his time out. I pointed that out and we rolled again and……the green die let me down. Mr. College football made the Final Four!

The final Heat on Friday was well attended Harry Flawd returned again. He once again ran his bracket using Florida 2014 and ended up in the heat final up against Owen Kyrollos’ 2013 Arizona squad. In a tight final Harry advanced his second team to the Final Four.

That set up Semifinal of Bruce vs Harry and Kevin vs Harry. By chance Harry and I played first. I actually jumped out to a 54-50 halftime lead but in the second half Harry took control. I was down six with just the center left – my F vs his E. I was done. My ONLY chance was to find the lottery ticket (Offensive Specialist) and get it down before Harry could resolve – with only 5 minutes left. I dumped a card and lo and behold – I won the lottery!! It was Harry’s turn and if he couldn’t resolve I’d get the card down. He wasn’t able to and I was able to play the card. Harry was able to resolve with the next turn but realized instead of F v E he would be facing a B v D situation. I got the trusty green die out and rolled. It came up….a 1. And Harry went on the Final 105-99. I just looked sad….

The other Semifinal was an ugly defensive battle. Harry took a 30-23 halftime lead (less than I scored by myself in the first Semifnal). Mr. Football couldn’t cut into the lead and with an inspiring 24-24 half Harry won his second Semifinal by a score of 54-47.

That left Harry to play himself or, in reality, pick the champion. He picked Georgia Tech – mostly to annoy Dennis! Congratulations to Harry.

Next year I’m looking for two assistant GMs who might want to run a heat. Harry is taking the Tuesday heat. Keep in mind if you run a heat you get to move it to where you want!! Let me know!

2023 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 3
Bruce Reiff Kevin Wojtaszczyk David Schneider Owen Kyrollos Jeff Mullet
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

GM Reiff overseeing Galullo and Hebner game.

Getting ready to click down the clock.

Laurelist Owen Kyrollos deciding wat to play.

The Lewis’s studying the resolution roll.

GM  Bruce Reiff [1st year]