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Washington's War (WWR) WBC 2022 Event Report
Updated October 16, 2023
20 Players James Pei Event History
2022 Champion & Laurels

Pei Wins 2019 Rematch To Capture 3rd Title!

Twenty players participated in the 2022 tournament. Twenty-eight games were played resulting in 12 American and 16 British wins. George Washington was captured in 6 games, with 1 game still being an American Win. Round 1 consisted of 9 games with a bye for the defending champion Dan Leader. In round 2 we picked up another player and dropped one so 9 more game were conducted. At that point 5 players were 2-0 and qualified for the knock off round. Round 3 was conducted to advance three of the 1 and 1 players to the Quarterfinal. Qualifiers for the Quarterfinal in order of strength of schedule: Bob Hamel, Rich Gaffin, John Faella, Marvin Birnbaum, Dan Leader, Paul Gaberson, James Pei, and Bill Peeck. Quarterfinal were #1 vs #8, #2 vs #8, #3 vs #6, and #4 vs #5. Semifinalist were James Pei, John Faella, Dan Leader, and Bill Peeck. James defeated John, and Dan defeated Bill, setting up the final between defending champion Dan Leader and two-time champion James Pei, with James winning his 3rd championship.

In the final game Dan drew the Americans on a dice roll. The king’s men were placed in Ticonderoga, Fort Niagara, and Richmond. There were 2 reshuffles in addition to the normal 1776 reshuffle in the game.

In 1775 the Americans chose to go first, no British campaign. The Americans had 5 3 cards, a discard card, and a British battle card. British had 2 1 cards, a 2 and a 3, a British event, a British Battle card, and an American event. Dan brought in Arnold and 3CU as a reinforcement, and James used a 1 card to bring in Clinton and 3CU. Dan’s discard pulled the American event out of James’s hand, not a significant loss.

In 1776, the British would not campaign, and the Americans made them go first. British had a 3, 3 2’s and a 1, Ben Franklin, war end 1779, and drew an American event for Franklin. Americans had 2 1’s a 2, war end 1782, American Battle card, American Event, British Event. British brought in Cornwallis and 5CU in, the Americans used both 1’s to reinforce.

In 1777 Americans chose to go first due to many holes in their position. The British had a strong hand, 3 3’s. a 2 2’s, war end 1780 and an American event. Americans had war end 1783, a 1, 2 3’s an American event, 2 American battle cards, and a British event. The Americans played their 1783 card first, and the British replaced it with 1780.

In 1778 the British did not campaign, and the Americans made them go first. British hand was 3 1’s, 3 2’s and a 3. They used a 1 to bring in Burgoyne and 8CU. Americans had a 2 3’s 2 2’s a 1, Hortelez et Cie, and a British event. Americans used 1 3 for reinforcements. At the end of 1778, the British held 6 colonies, the Americans 5. Hortelez et Cie was played to push the French alliance to 6.

In 1779 again the British did not campaign, and the Americans made them go first. British had was 2 3’s, 2 2’s, 2 1’s, an American battle card. American hand was the Declaration of Independence, Von Steuben, two American events, a British Event, a Discard a card event, and a 3. British used the 1 for 2 reinforcements. Von Steuben and 1 American battle victory brought the French in to the game. The American discard a card event pulled a 2 from the British hand. At the end of 1779, the British still held 6 colonies the Americans 7.

In 1780 again the British were required to go first, no campaign declared. American hand was a 3, 4 2’s and 2 1’s. The 1’s were used for reinforcements. British hand was 2 3’s, 3 American events, a British Battle card, and the major campaign. James played the major campaign last, and the Americans, even with the last move, could not recapture 3 colonies to force the British below 6 colonies and get the Americans to 7 colonies.

Comments about other games. In one Quarterfinal, Cornwallis attacked several times with favorable odds, but lost all battles. Then languished alone in Norfolk after losing his last CU to Arnold. In a 2nd Quarterfinal, the British pulled the 1780 war end card from the Americans hand, signaling the end of the game. The British ended with a Major Campaign, and the Americans, with the final 2 card plays could not flip the 2 required colonies for the win. In the same game on the previous turn the British used line mutinies to wipe out 2 generals forces. In a round 3 game the British drew 3 1’s cards in 1776 for movement. Not a good turn. In a round 2 game, the French arrived without the play of Franklin, 7 American battle victories and Von Steuben. In another Round 2 game, there were 8 battles at even odds, 1 American victory 7 losses attempting to get the French into the game. They never arrived. In Dan Leader’s round 2 Washington made a winter offensive into Montreal, who lost the battle on a 1/6 combat roll. In another round 2 game, the British ended 1775 with a campaign, ended 1776 with a Major campaign, American did not win a battle the entire game. In a round 1 game, British got a war end card every turn, and George Rodgers Clark card got played 3 times.

2022 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 3
Dan Leader John Faella Bill Peeck Justin Micich Marvin Birnbaum
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
James Pei working his way to the Final. Treasurer Bruno Passacantando trying to lead
the British to victory.
Dan Leader and Evan Walter on a sunny day
on the battlefield.
GM Bill Peeck and Dan Leader in Semifinal.
GM  Bill Peeck [1st Year]