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Stone Age (STA) WBC 2022 Event Report
Updated October 29, 2023
127 Players Ray Wolff Event History
2022 Champion & Laurels

Wolff Captures Stone Age Title!

Stone Age had 127 players with an average of 17 tables per heat and produced 38 unique winners for the Semifinal. This is a drop of 43 players, average of 23 tables, and 58 unique winners from 2019.

The three heats produced 2 triple heat winners, 9 double heat winners, 15 one heat win with another placement winners, and 12 one heat winners. Eight automatic byes were for the Semifinal. For the Quarterfinal, players were ranked and placed in tables NCAA tournament style with first-round card and hut information available. Due to only 20 people showing up for the quarterfinals, 3 more people were given byes to the Semifinal.

The Final consisted of Ray Wolff, Eugene Yee, D.J. Martin, and Chad Martin. The bids for turn order were 3 (Yee), 4 (C. Martin), 3 (Wolff), 0 (D. Martin). The game went 11 turns. Wolff won with 170, D. Martin with 168, C. Martin with 154, and Yee with 145 which is a decent close game. The end was triggered by cards taken with only 9 huts bought, and Yee decided to not trigger the last round in round 10 by buying a card. No one used starvation strategy, and no one got all 10 of their people out.

On the first turn, the best card in the game (2xpeople and dice for wood) was in the second spot which was taken by C. Martin. C. Martin had great dice for the first round with 12 on two dice for wood on card and with 20 on four dice in the wood resource area. Much to the chagrin for Yee, C. Martin took most of the dice bar cards during the game which greatly benefited Wolff with farms and tools.

Wolff emerged as the champion with pre-final score of 104 with 2 for resources, 9 for civs, and 55 for tools = 170. D. Martin had pre-final score of 100 with 2 for resources, 1 for civs, 7 for farms, 16 for people, and 42 for huts = 168. C. Martin had pre-final score of 59 with 5 for resources, 36 for civs, 8 for farms, 10 for tools, 24 for people, and 12 for huts = 154. Yee had pre-final score of 71 with 8 for resources, 36 for civs, 20 for farms, 2 for tools, and 8 for people = 145.

2022 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
DJ Borton Chad Martin Eugene Yee Blair Morgen Antony Saccenti
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Making her move under watchful eyes. Heat action in Stone Age.
John Jacoby enjoying Stone Age. Scott Saccenti studying the cards.
GM  Rodney Bacigalupo [5th Year]