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Pro Golf (PGF) WBC 2022 Event Report
Updated October 3, 2023
75 Players Richard Bouchard Event History
  2022 Champion & Laurels

Two Man Race In Skins Final

Pro Golf saw 75 duffers with dice attempt to conquer Augusta National to reach the championship Skins game. While this was a drop from 2019’s record field of 93, it was the next highest attendance for this event since 2004. The annual spectacle that is the Skins Game final being contested off the stage of the Grand Ballroom continues to entice a few more people hoping to be able to conquer this ultimate WBC game of skill.

As the field gathered in the Grand Ballroom, they were informed that 2019 champion Thomas Medeiros had not returned to defend his title. We did briefly honor the three PBeM since we had last gathered, Pete Stein (2020), Ken Gutermuth (2021) and Rob Kircher (2022). After the usual two minutes of detailed instructions by the GM, the players then scattered to various rooms and bars to contest the Augusta National course in hopes of qualifying for the championship Skins game.

The main instruction from the GM was for the players to write both their name and badge number legibly on the scoresheet. Rob Kircher, Bob Wicks and Aaron Birnbaum (who even gave the wrong badge number) failed in this simple task and are considered on probation for next year.,/p>

For the fourth tournament in a row, the best score was an 8 under par round of 64, this year turned in by Luke Koleszar. Bryan Collars advanced to the Skins Game with a score of 7 under par: Brandon Buchanan and Richard Bouchard claimed the final two spots with rounds of 6 under par. Eric Brosius earned fifth place laurels, beating out sixth place Brandan Wines on a tiebreaker roll after each finished 5 under par.

The four finalists moved to the Grand Ballroom stage, where the greatest spectacle in WBC sports occurs: tossing the big green foamy dice off the stage. Joining them were their caddies (to read their cards) and Sean McCulloch, who was the dice retriever extraordinaire. Some family members and friends, and a dozen or so others chose to watch and occasionally mock the finalists.

After the first hole was halved, Richard Bouchard started off the scoring with an eagle on the par 5 second hole, thus earning two Skins. Luke Koleszar birdies hole #3 to halve it, then birdied hole #4 to claim two Skins of his own.

The scoring ground to a halt as the next three holes were halved, all with multiple players scoring birdies. On the par 4 eighth hole, Bouchard scored the only birdie to earn four more Skins and secure at least a tie for the title. The next three holes were halved with just par efforts, then Richard was kept from victory on the 12th hole when his birdie was matched by Brandan Buchanan.

So, the match was extended to the par four 13th hole, where Bouchard again birdied. This time he was not to be denied, and he claimed the final four Skins for the title. Luke Koleszar claimed second place with his two Skins. Bryan Collars, who had basically been a spectator in the Skins game, managed to out roll Brandan Buchanan for the third-place tie breaker.

Be sure to join the fun again in 2023, when we shall again play Augusta National and the new larger print golfer cards will return for those of us with older eyes. The best way to prepare is to get in a little practice during the 2023 fourteenth annual PBeM tournament which should start in April (during the month of the Masters).

2022 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
Luke Koleszar Bryan Collars Brandan Buchanan Eric Brosius Brandon Wines
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

BPA Officers and Volunteers gather in the Board
Room for a try at Augusta.

WBC veterans at Augusta produce finalist Luke Koleszar.

Stay away from this foursome on the golf course, Sean
McCulloch, Chris Kizer, Lisa Gutermuth, and Josh Githens.

Finalists with GM Bruce Monnin.

GM  Bruce Monnin [22nd Year]