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March Madness (MMS) WBC 2022 Event Report
Updated October 24, 2023
46 Players Bruce Reiff Event History
  2022 Champion & Laurels

Reiff Captures First Title Since 2010!

The tournament remained fixed brackets, for any number between 4 and 40 teams, with pre-determined byes based on number of entrants at each heat with brackets made up. Each heat was made up of 32 unique teams drawn from the over 500 team database by Bruce Monnin. This year we widened the ratings range to include more different schools.

In Heat 1, we had 26 players. 6 of the 13 games in the opening round had the lower seed win. The two most impressive wins were Pete Stein’s 2019 Cincinnati’s 95-81 win over Scott Nerney’s 1960 Ohio State and Stuart Tucker’s 1995 Virginia 97-54 win over Andy Lewis’ 1984 Georgetown. Only one of the opening round games had a score over 100. Only 2 of the 6 second round games had lower seeds win. Two games had scores over 100, with the 104-81 upset of Don Greenwood’s 1974 Maryland by Ken Gutermuth’s 1985 Georgetown and the shootout win 123-102 by Steve Caler’s 2006 Connecticut over Terry Coleman’s 1973 Providence. The lowest remaining seed, 2019 Cincinnati not only made it through the second round but also the third round with the lone upset of the round. The heat Semifinal saw Ken Gutermuth defeat Steve Caler 88-68 and Bruce Reiff’s 2002 Maryland defeat Pete Stein 116-92 despite Pete playing 4 technical fouls in the first half! Bruce learned something from his Semifinal experience and played 3 technical fouls in the first half of the regional final and another 2 in the second. Despite those 10 extra points and lost coaching moves to Ken, Bruce barely escaped 86-83.

In Heat 2, 22 players showed. The opening round was extra tough on higher seeds as 3 of the top 5 went down to defeat. The biggest upset was 118-117 OT defeat of Marvin Birnbaum’s 2014 Louisville by Dennis Nicholson’s 1970 Jacksonville. The only upset of the second round was Joe Birnbaum avenging his dad’s defeat with his 1974 NC State beating Dennis. This heat was more high scoring with 11 of the 21 games having at least 1 team over 100 and 3 games had both teams over 100. The heat semifinals saw Dan Leader’s 2006 Duke defeat David Schneider’s upstart 1990 Georgia Tech 106-97 and Don Greenwood’s 1990 Duke defeat Joe Birnbaum 106-77. Don’s #6 seed upset Dan’s #1 seed in the battle of the Blue Devils 82-76 to win the regional final.

In Heat 3, 16 players formed a perfect bracket. In the opening round only two lower seeds won as Debbie Gutermuth’s #22 2022 Kansas defeated John Coussis’ #3 2016 Michigan State 91-78 and Mark Yoshikawa’s 2018 Loyola (IL) defeated Wes Lewis’ Larry Bird lead 1979 Indiana State 87-67. The underdogs didn’t survive the second round. The heat semifinals saw Owen Kyrollos‘s 1976 Indiana defeat Stephen Munchak‘s 2001 Illinois 72-56 and Bruce Reiff’s 1989 Michigan defeat Jacob Hebner’s 1957 Kansas 74-69. In the regional final, Owen’s Indiana was ahead by 1 at halftime in a close battle. It stayed close throughout the second and came down to the last resolve. Indiana pulls ahead, but Bruce times out. Michigan now ahead. Owen times out. It’s a tie. In the end, Owen wins 102-101. Let’s take a moment to reflect on one fact from this heat. The Big Blue was led by Bruce Reiff. I believe if the Ohio State administration was notified of this fact that his diploma would be revoked.

In Heat 4, for the second con in a row, only 14 players showed for a last attempt to make the Final Four. This heat will be moving to the first weekend next year. Only one upset in the opening round as Bob Hamel‘s 2007 USC defeated Jeremy Billones’ Lew Alcindor lead 1969 UCLA 69-63. The “no defense” game of the entire tournament though went to Harry Flawd’s 1973 UCLA defeating Dennis Nicholson’s 1988 Oklahoma 143-135. Harry’s hot shooting continued in the second round as Bill Walton knocked off USC 85-59. The Semifinal saw Doug Gallulo’s 2002 Oregon defeat Tim Manley’s 2003 Arizona 78-72 and Harry defeat Wes Lewis’ 2019 Gonzaga 89-67. Doug’s #1 seed won the regional Final 84-74 over Harry.

The first Final Four match up was heat one winner Bruce Reiff’s #2 2002 Maryland versus heat two winner Don Greenwood’s #6 1990 Duke. Bruce won 82-75.

Our second Final Four match up was heat three winner Owen ‘s #1 1976 Indiana and heat four winner Doug Gallulo’s #1 2002 Oregon. Doug won 73-64.

Now we are down to the final two, Oregon and Maryland. Maryland jumped out to a 43-27 halftime lead and coasted. Final score Maryland 76 Oregon 63. Bruce Reiff is the 2022 March Madness Tournament winner.

2022 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Doug Gallulo Owen Kyrollos Don Greenwood Ken Gutermuth Harry Flawd
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Battle of the Convention Directors.

Harry Flawd on way to Laurels against GM Carrie Lewis.

Chairman Andy Lewis trying to stop the younger team.

Mark Yoshikawa looking for some July Madness.

GM  Carrie Lewis [2nd year]