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Diplomacy (DIP) WBC 2022 Event Report
Updated March 31, 2023
20 Players Anton Wilsbach 2022 Status 2023 Status Event History
2022 Champion & Laurels

Wilsbach Rides Russia Juggernaut to Title!

The annual Diplomacy Tournament was the best two of three rounds with scoring in C-Diplo format. In C-Diplo, all players are ranked based on finish at the end of the game, with the first three ranks earning bonus points. Diplomacy starts each year with a Friday afternoon Demo and a free game giveaway as voted on by the players.

The First Round had two boards. Over on Board One, the trio of England-France-Turkey held on for the entire game for a tied board top. The giant leap by Anton Wilsbach's Turkey from 5 to 8 centers in 1903 was matched by Robert Zahn's France going from 5 to 8 centers. At WBC, rarely do we have as many eliminations as board one. Three players were eliminated and a fourth was down to one center by game's end. Over on board two, the game was a balance of power struggle, with no player being more than one center ahead of the others throughout the game. The squeeze came to Austria first in 1902-1903, then proceeded to knock out Italy in 1905. The game ended with a tied board top between Keith Boone's England and Jeff Hayman's Russia at 8. The Second Round featured a mix of experienced players and newcomers. On Board One, England and France teamed up to put the squeeze on Germany, eliminating the player by 1904. Austria took advantage of some chaos in the East to build a strong base of power, and eventually collaborated with France to dismantle Italy. Just like the first round, this board ended up in a tied board top between Austria-England-France at 8 centers each. On Board Two, a clash of titans occurred in the east. Defending champion Harald Henning worked with Steve LeWinter to eliminate Keith Boone (also a former champ). Germany held the line but was eventually hit from both sides of the potential stalemate, with England and France nabbing dots before the game ended with Steve LeWinter as Austria topping with 10.

In Round Three, the tournament championship was open because multiple players had tied first place finishes and bonus points from second- and third-place finishes in the opening rounds. On Board One, an early Italy-Russia-Turkey alliance knocked out Austria by the end of 1902. France and Germany similarly made an attack on England early, and was later joined by Russia in 1903. With the early eliminations the surviving powers turned on each other. Italy and Russia pushed Turkey to the brink of elimination while Germany was squeezed by Harald Henning's France. The game ended with Jack Wilsbach's Italy topping at 10 and Russia at 9. This was the first game of the tournament in which Italy was NOT eliminated. A perfect time for a board top.

Over on Board Two, the tournament experienced its first true "Juggernaut", with Anton Wilsbach's Russia and Robert Zahn's Turkey teaming up to eliminate Austria and push Italy to the brink of elimination. With the West fighting over neutrals for the first two years, they were not positioned to put up a defense. With a hard deadline approaching for game end, the Juggernaut held on. Anton Wilsbach topped with 12 as Russia, with Robert Zahn finishing at 9 as Turkey.

Anton Wilsbach's tied board top in Round One was enough to win Best Turkey and his board top in Round Three earned him Best Russia & the championship. Close behind him was Steven LeWinter, who had Best Austria in Round Two and a tied board top in Round One. The players were separated by just 2 points total. This was the second time Steve played bride's maid to a player edging out a narrow victory. He will certainly be considered a tournament favorite going into 2023.

The best country award winners are listed below. The event this year was all shared board tops; many boards ended with multiple players tied for top, thereby splitting the bonus points. That meant the last round was absolutely wide open for a dozen players to win. Congratulations to Anton Wilsbach for becoming the WBC Diplomacy Champion and thank you to our players for keeping this event strong year after year.

  • Best Austria – Steve LeWinter
  • Best England – Keith Boone
  • Best France – Robert Zahn
  • Best Germany – David Rynkowski
  • Best Italy – Jack Wilsbach
  • Best Russia – Anton Wilsbach
  • Best Turkey - Anton Wilsbach

2022 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Steve LeWinter Jeff Hayman Jack Wilsbach Robert Zahn Harald Henning
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Trying to talk their way into World Domination.



GM  Tom Haver [9th Year]