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Twilight Struggle (TWS) WBC 2019 Event Report
Updated February 6, 2020.
56 Players Owen Kyrollos 2019 Status 2020 Status Event History
2019 Champion & Laurels

Kyrollos Is New Champion Of The Cold War!

The Twilight Struggle tournament continued to draw well in its Monday time slot. This year, we had 56 contestants, the same as last year. Although we missed several of the top players, the overall field was very strong. This meant that there were a lot of tough matches, even in early rounds.

The tournament employed the same modified swiss format as in previous years, with rounds continuing until only one undefeated player remained. Typically, this results in the last two undefeated players playing for the championship, at which point swiss play ends. But if only three end up undefeated, a random eliminator is used to play one of the undefeated players, making it possible that, if the eliminator wins, that is the final round. Many players took advantage of the option to play all five rounds of the swiss format, with 6 players finishing 4-1. The top seven included a number of regulars, including past champions Tony Russo, David Amidon, and Chris Byrd, but also included some new additions.

The tournament is played with the Deluxe Edition, including the optional cards. In addition, for balancing purposes, the US received 2 influence that could be added to any location that already had US influence. Players were also required to switch sides each round. This approach meant that players had to be capable of playing both sides well in order to have a good record.

After four rounds, only three undefeated players remained: Chris Byrd, David Amidon, and Owen Kyrollos. As a result, an opponent from among the 3-1 players was chosen to serve as a potential eliminator. In this case, the addition was the champion from the last two seasons, Tony Russo. Since he had one loss, Tony could not win the tournament, but he could give a loss to one of the undefeated players. Tony’s addition also meant that the all three of the undefeated players faced challenging games in the fifth (and ultimately deciding) round.

In the match between Chris and Tony (determined by random matchup), Chris played the Russians. The game was relatively close throughout, but Tony managed to secure a victory in final scoring, with a margin of only 4 VPs.

This meant that the match between David and Owen would decide the overall winner. Owen played the USSR side and, as often happens, was able to get out to a lead. By the middle of the game, the lead had swelled to 16 VPs. Over the next few turns, however, David made it closer, so that the final turn began with Russia up only 5 VPs. Both sides drew challenging hands for Turn 10. The US has Lone Gunman, We will bury you, Reformer, Che, and Liberation Theologies. On the other hand, the USSR drew Eastern European Unrest, Bear Trap, Voice of America, Colonial Rearguards, and Special Relationship (with NATO in effect). Managing the many opponent events was the key for the last turn. Here, the US was forced to play Reformer to dominate Central America, while allowing the USSR to make inroads into Europe that ensured a tie in Europe. This proved critical as it essentially balanced VPs. In the end, Owen had just enough to hold on to a narrow win, helped by the fact that David missed 3 or 4 tries to gain 3 VPs on the space track.

Congratulations to Owen for a well-deserved win.

2019 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 3
David Amidon Chris Byrd Michael Mitchell David Stengle Anthony Russo
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Chris Yaure gets ready for the Cold War.

Marvin Birnbaum commanding the Russians.

He looks like he has a plan. Too many choices for this year!
Finalists with GM George Young.
GM  George Young [11th Year]  NA 
 gyoung20@aol.com  802-578-3774