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Stone Age (STA) WBC 2019 Event Report
Updated February 3, 2020.
166 Players Micah McCormick 2019 Status 2020 Status Event History
2019 Champion & Laurels

McCormick Triumphs In The Stone Age

Stone Age had 166 players with an average of 22 tables per heat and produced 51 unique winners for the quarterfinals. This year we had a drop of 4 players, 7 unique winners, and from an average of 23 tables from last year.

The three heats produced two triple heat winners: Anthony Alfieri and Eugene Yee. We had 4 automatic byes to the semifinals which were the triple heat winners and David Rohde and Scott Saccenti.

For the quarterfinals, players were NCAA-styled ranked by wins and placement in non-win games for seat choice at the table with first round cards and hut information available. Due to 14 people not showing up in the quarterfinals, 5 more people received byes to the semifinals and a total of 10 tables for the quarterfinals with one table a 3-player game.

The final consisted of Eugene Yee, Micah McCormick, Cliff Ackman, and Loc Nguyen in that order with point bids of 3, 1, 0, and 0, respectively. The game went 11 turns, as compared to 10 turns from last year. The scores were broadly separated where Micah won the game with 176 points, followed by Cliff with 163, Eugene with 155, and Loc with 137. The end was triggered by cards and hut pile exhaustion pile, but Loc could have ended the game a turn earlier but chose not to buy the last hut in a stack. Instead, his pull-off allowed Cliff to claim a 1-7 hut for 28 points and a double tool multiplier for 14 points.

In the first turn, Eugene gained a possible advantage with farm and the 5 food card in the first slot because Loc decided to go to wood instead of the card. Micah was able to get a tool and the card in the second slot which was a double hut multiplier with a dice bar. From his roll, he gained a farm, Cliff gained a tool, and Eugene and Loc gained gold. Additionally, Loc took the 1-7 available hut for 1 wood for 3 points. Some significant choices happened in Rounds 4 and 5. In round 4, Loc was going first and decided to take a farm instead of the double person multiplier with wood roll in the first card slot. Eugene took this card and had bought the other double person multiplier from round 2. He had 7 people at this time. By the end of the game, he had all people multipliers for his 10 people. Eugene started the starvation strategy in round 5 but did not starve in the last two rounds of the game.

Micah emerged as the champion mostly with a large lead from hut points. He had a pre-final score of 126 with 5 resources and the following multipliers: 25 points from culture cards, 4 points from tools, and 16 points from huts. Cliff had a pre-final score of 76 with 1 resource, 37 points from culture cards, 28 points from tools, and 21 points from farms. Eugene had a pre-final score of 59 points with 1 resource, 16 points from culture cards, 7 points from huts, 70 points from people, and 3 points from farms. Loc had a pre-final score of 85 points with 11 resources, 12 points from tools, 21 points from huts, and 5 points from farms.

2019 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Cliff Ackman Eugene Yee Loc Nguyen Michael Shea Alex Freeman
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
David Metzger in action. The younger generation enjoying Stone Age.
Will the men or women prevail in the Stone Age. Pondering his next move.
Looking to make his move. Finalists with GM Rodney Bacigalupo
GM  Rodney Bacigalupo [4th Year]  NA
 ro_bac@yahoo.com  NA