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Small World (SMW) WBC 2019 Event Report
Updated February 3, 2020.
85 Players Rodney Bacigalupo 2019 Status 2020 Status Event History
2019 Champion & Laurels

Bacigalupo Captures Title!

As a first year GM, I could not have been happier with how smoothly Smallworld ran this year. I owe a great deal of thanks to my AGMs - Adam Hurd, particularly with his help on sign in, and Christopher Troope, who was very helpful with demoing the game to new players. A special thanks to Jay Spencer, GM from the previous three years, for leaving me with an excellent system and plenty of detailed notes.

We were all very excited to see this year’s Smallworld tournament start out big, with 65 players at 11 tables in our first heat on Saturday morning. Even in the later heats of Saturday afternoon and Sunday, up against many other games, we still pulled in 44 players (11 tables) and 47 players (12 tables) respectively. There was enough interest in all heats that we found ourselves scrambling to find enough copies of the game! Overall, we were pleased to pull a total unique player count of 85.

In our three heats and in the semifinals, we had some very interesting in-game events, from giant point counts in a single turn to extremely long-lived races. We also had a number of incredibly close games, some of which came down to close tie breakers.

In Heat 1, Verity Hitchings made a notable play as she spent 5 gold to acquire Spirit Ghouls, landing her 19 points on each of turns 8 and 9. Heat one also saw a very close game at Table 10, with Rick Kirchner and Alex Bell tying at 98VP, going to a tie breaker. Rick managed to sneak into the lead with 8 tokens on the board to Alex’s 7.

The following heats had some incredible plays as well. At Table 1 in Heat 3, Pillaging Rats overtook the board with 13 tokens and obliterated territory after territory by continuously pillaging and redeploying to new areas. In the same game, a die roll of 3 on the last turn secured the win for Fred Hansen by removing three points from the Swamp Wizards.

At Table 2, Heat 3, Jack Munson procured Merchant Sorcerers in end game, resulting in 25 points in each of his last two rounds and a 32 point lead for the win (his third win in three heats).

Samantha Berk also had a notable victory in her heat 3 win, scoring 10 or more points in each round, first with Dragonmaster Sorcerers and later with Merchant Orcs. These winning combos and consistently high point totals left Samantha with a 32 point lead for the win.

In our semifinals, we had some very close games and a couple of interesting plays, as well as having our first six alternates make it to semifinal tables.

At table 1, Martin Heintzelman’s Diplomatic Halflings came on the board on turn five but managed to avoid being attacked until the very last turn, for a total of one attack in their entire time on the board.

Table 2 saw an incredibly close point spread with the final scores ranging from 80-88, with Kirk Porteous coming out on top.

At Table 4, one player managed to take their Elves through seven rounds of play without going into decline.

Table 5 had a three-way tie between Steven Raszewski, Mike Kaltman, and John Myer of 83 points. The win ultimately fell to Steven, with 11 tokens on the board - all Dragonmaster Skeletons, his starting race, which he had kept for the entire game!

With so many interesting games in the heats and semifinals, we were excited to go into the final with Martin Heintzelman (Player 1), Kevin Emery (Player 2), Rodney Bacigalupo (Player 3), Kirk Porteous (Player 4), and Steven Raszewski (Player 5).

Turn 1:

Player 1 chose Underworld Giants, Player 2 Seafaring Humans, Player 3 Heroic Amazons, Player 4 Hill Ratmen, and Player 5 Flying Wizards. Player 1 elected to pay two gold for Underworld Giants, earning him the top score of 9 points in round 1.

Turn 2:

Our Underworld Giants went into a quick decline while Wizards were able to take multiple empty territories. Unfortunately for the Wizards, most magic territories were cleverly blocked stacks of rats, with some help from the dragon.

Turn 3:

Player 1 brought Mounted Dwarves into play while the humans went into decline. The amazons made a notable spread, gaining 11 points, and the rats spread themselves thin, all but eliminating the territory of the trolls.

Turn 4:

The Mounted Dwarf and declined troll combo earned Player 1 a total of 11 points. Player 2 chose Stout Orcs and began to take over human territory. The amazons, wizards, and ratmen all went into decline, with the amazons earning 11 points in their decline.

Turn 5:

The dwarves went into decline, earning only 5 points. Unfortunately, the declined dwarves were not able to stick around as the stout orcs decimate them, leaving only 1 single declined dwarf left on the board. Player 3 chose Berserk Elves, but managed to roll all blank rolls, though still gaining 13 points with the help of their decline amazons. Player 4 chose Swamp Sorcerers, taking over two orc territories and one Lost Tribe for a total of 12 points when combined with decline ratmen. Player 5 began their time with Dragonmaster Trolls.

Turn 6:

Player 1 paid 3 for Commando Skeletons, largely taking over declined amazon territory and gaining two new skeletons. The orcs took one territory and then declined, thanks to their stout ability. The elves abandoned all territories to take 6 new territories, with 4/6 of their berserk rolls being 2 or 3. Sorcerers took one more swamp, failed to take a second as they rolled a zero on their reinforcement die, but ultimately still gained 13 points at turn’s end. Trolls continued to move, gaining 10 points.

Turn 7:

Skeletons abandoned all regions and re-entered the board. Player 2 grabbed Bivouacking Halflings, which was also skipped many times, and was therefore stacked with 5 gold coins. The halflings took two empty territories and two elf lands, ending their turn extremely fortified against attack. Sorcerers took one swamp from the elves and one from orcs with a successful reinforcement die, allowing a 12 point turn. The Dragonmaster took a stack of 5 hobbits as a tasty snack, for a 10 point turn.

Turn 8:

The halflings took two Amazon territories. Berserk Elves rolled a 2 to take a sorcerer territory, another 2 to take a mountain area, followed by rolling a zero. The sorcerers take a forest, allowing them to take one more swamp by conversion and resulting in an 11 point turn. Trolls also finish with 11.

After tallying victory points our final results were Rodney Bacigalupo (Player 3) with 84 points, Kirk Porteous (Player 4) with 80 points, Kevin Emery (Player 2) with 74 points, Steven Raszewski (Player 5) with 68 points, and Martin Heintzelman (Player 1) with 65 points.

Overall, this year had a respectable turnout, many excellent plays, and some great displays of sportsmanship and camaraderie. I look forward to next year!

2019 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Kirk Porteous Kevin Emery Steven Raszewski Martin Heintzelman Alex Anderson
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Having fun at Smallworld. John Emery in action.
Francois takes on the ladies. Kevin Emery on his way to the finals.
He seems pleased with his decision. Finalists with GM Sarah Stewart.
GM  Sarah Stewart [1st Year]  NA