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Gettysburg (GBG) WBC 2019 Event Report
Updated November 11, 2019.
9 Players Ed Menzel 2019 Status 2020 Status Event History
2019 Champion & Laurels

Menzel Wins Gettysburg!

Six-time champion Ed Menzel prevailed over newcomer John Rees to win his record setting 7th championship.

Preliminary games were played Saturday July 20th through Friday July 26th. The top 6 finishers in order were Ed Menzel, John Rees, Mark Gutfreund, John Sharp, Bob Hamel and Bill Edwards.

In one semifinal, John Sharp faced off vs John Rees. They elected to play a two-sided Day One scenario – each player taking the Confederates, the other the Union with a net score for the two games determining the winner. In the first game John Sharp took the Rebels and held off-board one turn awaiting the arrival of A P Hill. The Federals pursued a strategy of trading units to hold onto real estate in order to preserve all the Territorial Points. The result was a net win for the Union by 3 points (16-13). When John Rees commanded the Rebels in the second game, he entered the board on his initial turn and eliminated Devin. He continued his aggression and captured Cemetery Hill hexes ending this second game with a net score for the CSA of 9 (19-10). John Rees won both games with a net score of +12 and advanced to the Finals.

In the other semifinal, Ed Menzel took the CSA with a bid of 4.5 versus Mark Gutfreund using the new optional rules of Devin/Gamble becoming 2-7 factor units and Meade/Hancock adding +1 to any units with which they stack. The Rebels delayed entry for one turn to allow A. P. Hill to enter and provide the two-unit stacking. On T4, the Union drove the CSA back in their attempt to take McPherson’s Woods. Early took a step loss on T6 when the Federals again repulsed an attack. Bad luck continued for the boys in gray, as they suffered a double step loss on a T7 attack forcing them to give up the chit. On the reroll, the Union had to retreat. On T8 the Union retreated to Cemetery/Culps Hill. The CSA was able to gain Culps Hill on T8 and a foothold on Cemetery Hill on T10. From T11 through T14, the dice went the Rebel’s way inflicting damage on the Union while taking little in return. The Union had little strength left with which to counterattack and surrendered on T14

In the championship match, Ed Menzel took the Rebels with a bid of 8.5 using the standard delayed entry rules. The CSA took McPherson’s Woods on T4 and eliminated Wadsworth on T5. On T8, the Union still held Culps and Cemetery Hill. However, they had lost Wadsworth and two cavalry units in addition to 4 other units with step losses. On T9, the boys in gray took Culps Hill and continued to inflict damage on the Federals. By T11, the Union had been damaged sufficiently to cause their surrender.

Nine entrants played seventeen games – both markedly down from last year. Several regulars were absent from WBC or did not play causing the reduced numbers. The Day One scenario was very popular due to its shorter time to play compared to the Campaign game. Ten of the 17 games were the Day One scenario.

Many thanks to Bill Morse for his invaluable computerized scoring assistance.

2019 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
John Rees Mark Gutfreund John Sharp Robert Hamel Bill Edwards
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
John Sharp against Ed Menzel in battle of laurelists. Getting ready for battle.
GM Ed Menzel and John Rees in Finals.
GM  Ed Menzel [4th Year]  NA
 edmenzel@roadrunner.com  NA