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For The People (FTP) WBC 2019 Event Report
Updated November 7, 2019
23 Players James Pei 2019 Status 2020 Status Event History
2009-2019 Champion & Laurels

Rematch Of The Battle Of The Two Caesars!

WBC 2019 was great and fun. It was great because several FTP notables made an appearance after years of absence. Among them was Don Chappell, our original librarian and head honcho of the AA Cartel. Mark Herman, the esteemed designer and titan of our hobby, finally got to play games after games like a happy kid. But sadly, David Dockter, a finalist and one of the most enthusiastic supporters of WBC, was unable to play FTP because he was doing so well in Great Campaigns.

The XXI WBC FTP tournament took place in Foggy Goggle in 7S. Again, there were just too many events competing and too many things to do. So we only got 23 players competing. A number of players wanted to play but were sidetracked by other games. But several top players like Bill Pettus, Chris Byrd, and Mark Giddings were able to put in brief appearance.

Following the success of last year, the Mulligan round on Tuesday evening again attracted 8 players, including several new faces. The time slot was also good for several veteran players as they only had free time on Tuesday, but otherwise engaged with other events on Thursday. The Demo session beforehand was even better, with both Don Chappell and Mark Herman showing up to help in explaining FTP to an eager audience.

This year’s Final was a rematch of last year’s Final, between the two Caesars. Last year, Randy Buehler, a 2-time Caesar and Euro expert, stormed thru FTP after just 1 year of practice, mostly with his daughter! He showed it was no fluke by reaching the finals again. Last year, Randy rolled the die and got the Union, and I was the Rebel. This year, I rolled the die and got the Union. (whispering… pssst, don’t tell people, but I like the Union).

T1: USA drew a powerful hand, with a Minor and a Discarder, Dorothea Dix, and a 2-Op. I slow played my opening, waiting to see what Randy will do. He played a nice big CSA reinforcement card, getting 3 SP into blockade ports. I countered with my Dix, beefing up AOP. He played another reinforcement card, getting 2 more SP into blockade ports. I then played the Discarder. Not the bit fazed, Randy took his chance and lunged to Frederick to cut off DC. I was surprised twice. Once when he attacked Fred when I thought he was pulling back to Richmond. The 2nd time when AOP intercepted and won the battle (both of us rolled low and tied). With the last play, I whipped out the Minor and flanked around Manassas, cutting off JJ’s force, but not attacking. Butler with 1 SP from Ft Monroe then moved to Hanover, linking up with AOP. This puts the entire N Va OOS and with 15 SP coming, paved the way for the 800-lb gorilla AOP to kick down the Richmond door and deal a crushing blow to CSA.

T2: Well, if T1 was great for USA, T2 was even better! As if Lady Luck wanted to compensate for the terrible opening I had earlier in the tournament, she rewarded me with one of the best openings. I drew a Major Campaign, 2x 3-Ops, a 2-Op, even the 1-Op Belmont card was useful. Without hesitation, Union forces launched Major Campaign, first cutting off Richmond and then wiping out OOS units. Rebel forces reopened supply and poured reinforcements to VA. It didn’t matter. With good cards, AOP pounded AONV into a bloody mess. If I could have rolled higher than 3 in several of the battles, Richmond would have fallen. Instead, Confederacy hanged on by a thin thread. Union forces even had time to push in the West. With the last card play, Rebels restored some sort of defense with a Minor Campaign.

T3: USA drew a decent hand, and proceeded to destroy AONV and sack Richmond. With the writing on the wall for CSA, Randy graciously resigned. He showed that his cards were average, nothing special. His forces were in tatter, with only a few pockets of resistance left, mainly in the West. SW was around 110 USA vs 50 CSA.

Thanks to all who showed up and played. I had a great time talking with new and old friends. I hope to see many of you coming back to WBC and FTP tourney next year.

2019 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 4
Randy Buehler Tom Thornsen Nick Pei Don Chappell Michael Mitchell
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Confederates getting ready to enjoy this game. Good weather for today's battle.
The Union on the move.
GM  James Pei [4th Year]  NA
 pzhannibal@gmail.com  NA