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Diplomacy (DIP) WBC 2019 Event Report
Updated October 19, 2019.
27 Players Harald Henning 2019 Status 2020 Status Event History
2019 Champion & Laurels

Henning Rides France And England To Victory!

The annual Diplomacy Tournament was the best two of three rounds with a scoring by C-Diplo. In C-Diplo, all players are ranked based on finish at the end of the game, with the first three ranks earning bonus points. Diplomacy starts each year with a Friday afternoon Demo and a free game giveaway as voted on by the players.

The First Round had three boards. On Board One, Geoff Mize piloted Turkey to a strong start by attacking Russia by successfully working with his neighbors to deny Russia growth opportunities. They knocked Russia down by one center each year until final elimination in 1905. On the other side of the board, Mike Ellery grew at the expense of England and later Italy. On Board Two, a strong Austria-Turkey alliance in the East was counterbalanced by England-Germany in the West. The alliances knocked out the other three powers on the board and then jockeyed for position to for top scores, which ultimately went to Harald Henning’s England and Thomas Haver’s Turkey (Ineligible for points as TD). On Board Three, Turkey again had a strong showing with Tom Johnston working back and forth with neighbors until finally eliminating Russia. On the other side of the board, Paul Konka’s England just edged out Evan Walter to grab 2nd place on the final turn.

The Second Round featured a mix of experienced players and newcomers, with a fascinating finish. Multiple former champions played on Board One, but the burden of past championships can often put a target on their back. Such was the case for Dave Rynkowski’s France and Andrew Sherwood’s Italy, who both finished with only a few centers each. It was Kevin Youells masterful play as England that put pressure first on France with German help, then on Germany with Austria help that earned him the board top at 11 centers. On Board Two, Steve LeWinter rejoined the Diplomacy tournament for the first time since Lancaster. He jumped out a to an eight center Germany by the end of 1902 thanks to a dogpile on Russia, who went from 5 centers to 1 center after being attacked by all his neighbors. An unfortunate misorder on a build cost him positioning, which ultimately benefited John Stevens’ Turkey, who moved methodically with support earning centers every year. Turkey topped the board at 9 centers, marking the fourth time in five games Turkey topped the board.

In Round Three, the tournament championship was open because multiple players had first place finishes and bonus points from second- and third-place finishes in the opening rounds. On Board One, Jeff Hayman’s France allied with Ryan Feather’s England and Paul Bonday’s Germany for a Western Triple. However, as with most Western Triples, the ending is not great for Germany; England and France were the beneficiaries at Germany’s expense once all powers had grown. Jeff’s France topped the board with 10 centers. On Board Two, Russia was once again attacked from the start and dropped from five centers in 1902 to two centers in 1903. Harald Henning pushed France to a three-build start in 1901 and positioned well with John Stevens’ England against Germany. Harald then took advantage of discord in the east to gain additional centers of Italy and finish with an 11-center board top. Board Three featured the first true “Juggernaut” of the tournament, an alliance between Russia and Turkey. Once again, Turkey topped with a big score of 12 centers, while Russia finished with its lone good score of the event at 7 centers.

Harald Henning’s tied board top with England in Round One and board top with France in Round Three was enough to win the championship in 2019. Close behind him were Geoff Mize with a board top and second place finish, followed by John Stevens who also had a board top and second place finish. The most consistent player of the event was Tom Johnston, who earned bonus points in all three rounds and board topped as Turkey in Round One. The best country award winners are listed below. The event this year was all about Turkish dominance at the expense of Russia; Turkey topped the board FIVE times out of eight boards while Russia had multiple eliminations and single-center finishes. Congratulations to Harald Henning for becoming the WBC Diplomacy Champion and thank you to our players for keeping this event strong year after year.

  • Best Austria – Geoff Mize
  • Best England – Kevin Youells
  • Best France – Harald Henning
  • Best Germany – Steve LeWinter
  • Best Italy – Tom Johnston
  • Best Russia – Evan Walter
  • Best Turkey -- Andrew Sherwood & Geoff Mize

2019 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
Geoff Mize John Stevens Thomas Johnston Andrew Sherwood Kevin Youells
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Prizes awaiting the winners and best countries. Early round action.
Negotiations in progress. Kevin Youells on way to laurels.
Champion Harald Henning studying his board position.



GM  Tom Haver [8th Year]  NA
 Tjhaver@gmail.com  NA