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Advanced Civilization (ACV) WBC 2019 Event Report
Updated October 7, 2019
46 Players Kevin Youells 2019 Status 2020 Status History/Laurels
  2018 Champion   Click box for details. Click box for details.

AFrika Led to Victory by Kevin Youells!

Maintaining the impressive turnout from the previous year, this year’s 2019 Advanced Civilization tournament once again saw 46 players across 8 heat games, showing the highly competitive playing field in the tournament with the passionate repeatable play of the game.

For the heats, both Sunday and Wednesday continued to draw a large number of players, with both days supporting four 7 or 8 player games. A couple of notable moments from those heats (thanks to the players that noted them on their score sheet!!):

  • Nathan Barhorst narrowly defeated Alfred Schnabel in the Wednesday heat by a margin of 25 points to take the win in the last round.
  • In the Sunday heat where Matt Lahut won, only one Barbarian Hordes took place the entire game, and it was in the final round.
  • In the Sunday heat with David Hewitt winning, on turn 7 Babylon (Matthew Clark) drew Famine, Civil War, AND Flood. It was a very sad round for Babylon.
    • Later in the same game, poor Babylon was hit with both Famine & Epidemic. A sad round turned into a tough game for Matthew.

This year’s finalists included Marc Visocnik (Thrace), Kevin Youells (Africa), Matt Spencer (Crete), Doug Galullo (Iberia), Matt Lahut (Illyria), David Hewitt (Assyria), Alfred Schnabel (Babylon), and Nathan Barhorst (Egypt).

The round highlights include:

  • Round 4 – Thrace ended up on the Aegean Coast
  • Round 5 – Egypt mis-populated, which caused a roll-back. All players were OK with this, though the GM should really learn how to populate his own people.
  • Round 7 – Thrace collected the full book of Cloth, which enabled him to purchase Medicine, Music, and Mysticism
  • Round 7 – 4 players purchased Medicine as part of their first buy: Iberia, Africa, Egypt, and Thrace.
  • Round 8 – Crete traded barbarians to Iberia
  • Round 8 – Baby Bear Babylon had the first Civil War
  • Round 9 – Egyptian Flood  does Egypt wish he had purchased Engineering instead of Medicine in Round 7? Probably not, as Medicine has already come in handy, but the Flood was brutal.
  • Round 9 – Africa Civil War – self-beneficiary
  • Round 9 – Assyria Barbarians
  • Round 11 – Iberia & Africa both purchased Enlightenment & Law, and have point totals of 1610 & 1605
  • Round 13/14 – At the start of Round 14, Africa was confused as to where his city token in Tripoli had gone. In Round 13, Africa was the beneficiary of Iberia’s Civil War. He had 3 more tokens in stock than Assyria. If the city was removed in error, he would have had fewer tokens in stock than Assyria. Africa also received secondary effects of Epidemic that round, which he took from his newly civilized Iberian peninsula. At the time of realization, too many things had happened since the possible mistake, and it would be impossible to undo the previous calamities to see where the city disappeared from. Kevin was given the option to either leave Tripoli vacant or we would contact the two Assistant GMs not in the final to make a ruling. Kevin chose to leave Tripoli vacant.
  • Round 15 – Thrace collected many calamities: Treachery, Superstition, Civil War, Barbarian Hordes, Civil Disorder, Epidemic, Slave Revolt, Iconoclasm & Heresy. He was hit with Superstition & Civil Disorder.
  • Final rank was, from first to last, Kevin Youells (Africa), David Hewitt (Assyria), Doug Galullo (Iberia), Matt Lahut (Illyria), Nathan Barhorst (Egypt), Marc Visocnik (Thrace), Matt Spencer (Crete), and Alfred Schnabel (Babylon).

Special thanks go to the Assistant GMs this year. Jennifer Visocnik continued to give an amazing event demo on Sunday morning using the beautiful PowerPoint that she developed from previous years. Alfred Schnabel helped with the sign-ins and table assignments for the 38 unique players in the game. And Shantanu Saha provided an air of confidence and authority when settling disputes (usually involving a combination of Jennifer, Alfred, and Nathan). My many thanks to them for their help both at the Advanced Civilization tournament as well as the Mega Civilization game on Tuesday, without which these games would not be possible.

2019 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 3
David Hewitt Doug Gallulo Matt Lahut Nathan Barhorst Marc Visocnik
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Jacob Wagner looking for a trade. Jennifer Visocnik studying the board.
Kevin Youells in the middle of the trade session. A serious look from laurrelists Marc Visocnik.
So what calamities would you like? Finalists with assistant GM Jennifer Visocnik.
GM   Nathan Barhorst [3rd Year]  NA
    bpa@natemac.com   NA