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Stone Age (STA) WBC 2018 Event Report
Updated November 26, 2018
170 Players Anthony Alfieri 2018 Status 2019 Status Event History
2018 Champion & Laurels

Rinse And Repeat

Stone Age had 170 players with an average of 23 tables per heat and produced 58 unique winners for the quarterfinals. This is a drop of 16 players and average of 25 tables from last year. This year, however, had the same number of unique winners as last year.

The three heats produced 3 triple winners, Scott Saccenti, Donte Saccenti, and Eugene Yee. Only two automatic byes to the semifinals, however, were available which was for both Saccentis due to ranking. For the quarterfinals, players were NCAA-styled ranked by wins and placement in non-win games for seat choice at the table with first round card and hut information available. Due to 14 people not showing up in the quarterfinals, 4 more people received byes to the semifinals and a total of 10 tables for the quarterfinals. Last year, I had more people show up and resulted in 2 additional byes and 12 tables. Currently, as GM, I am considering moving the last heat and quarterfinals to Thursday with Semifinals on Friday evening and the Final on Saturday morning, which may enable more people to attend Stone Age playoffs and not miss playoffs in other games.

The final consisted of Eric Freeman, Anthony Alfieri, Scott Saccenti, and Loc Nguyen in that order with point bids of 2, 3, 1, and 0, respectively. Last year we had no Saccentis in the final, and this is Scott’s 4th appearance at the Final table but still no 1st place plaque. The game went 10 turns as compared to 11 turns from last year. Anthony won the game with 138 points, followed by Scott with 130, Eric with 106, and Loc with 98. The scores were broadly separated as compared to last year which had close scores in range of 174 to 163. The end was triggered by exhaustion of a hut pile with 31 out of 36 cards taken and all cards bought in the last turn. Scott used the starvation strategy as compared to last year with no player using the starvation strategy.

In the first turn, Eric had a starting advantage with taking a farm and the civilization card with 2 stones as Loc decided to buy the 1-7 hut for 4 points (He also bought one in the 5th round for 3 points. The other 1-7 did not show up by the end of the game.). The 2nd turn had two important cards revealed, the civilization card with the extra card in the second spot and the triple hut multiplier in the third spot. On the second turn, Eric, going fourth, decided to go with the triple hut card and Anthony went with the extra card which ended up revealing the leaf civilization card with 5 food. Anthony took the civilization card with the extra card and Scott took the flute. In turn 5, 3 double multiplier cards – tools, people, farms – were available, with the other double multipliers dispersed throughout the turns. Scott started starving in the third turn as he was able to increase his number of workers three times in a row, but he only starved for 4 turns of the game. Anthony was going first in the final turn of the game and used one person to block Scott from taking a hut (who also took this maneuver in round 8). If Scott had blocked Anthony from taking the harp civilization card (11 points), he could have won the game. Almost all dice bars, except for one, either had a tool or farm to take. In the last turn of the game, the dice bar roll was 6,5,5,3 (the card was purchased by Loc).

Anthony emerged as the champion with a pre-final score of 57 with 1 resource, 24 points from tools, 18 points from people, 2 points from farms, and 36 points from civilizations cards. Scott had a pre-final score of 69 (rivaling the number 42 as one of the best numbers in the universe) with 3 resources, 2 points from tools, 16 points from huts, 4 points from farms, and also 36 points from civilization cards. This is an interesting result that as the starver Scott got no people multipliers and very few hut multipliers. Eric had the lowest pre-final score of 49 with 3 resources, 15 points from tools, 12 points from huts, 21 points from people, 5 points from farms, and 1 civilization card. Loc had the highest pre-final score of 75 with 6 resources, 7 points from huts (only 1 hut multiplier even though bought two 1-7 huts very cheaply), 5 points from people, and 5 points from farms.

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
Scott Saccenti Eric Freeman Loc Nguyen Mike Horn Rodney Bacigalupo
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Early Action in Stone Age. Evaluating his next move.
At least one is smiling. Finalists with GM Rodney Bacigalupo
GM  Rodney Bacigalupo [3rd Year]  NA
 ro_bac@yahoo.com  NA