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Advanced Civilization (ACV) WBC 2018 Event Report
Updated February 13, 2018
46 Players Jon Anderson 2018 Status 2019 Status History/Laurels
  2018 Champion   Click box for details. Click box for details.

Anderson Repeats in Advanced Civilization!

This year’s 2018 Advanced Civilization tournament saw a mix of first time finalists and former champions, showing the highly competitive play field in the tournament with the passionate repeatable play of the game. This year’s finalists included Marc Visocnik (Africa), Jon Anderson (Iberia), Dennis Mishler (Illyria), Doug Galullo (Thrace), Matt Lahut (Crete), David Hewitt (Assyria), Steven Spisak (Babylon), and Harald Henning (Egypt).

Per the tournament rules for the final, players drew their civilizations and several trades happened after the draw and before the game started. Matt traded Illyria to Harald for Crete. Harald then traded Illyria to Dennis for Egypt.

Once the game started, there was the usual negotiation of territory borders. Before long, the GM was pulled in to wrangle the players to ensure that the game went smoothly and didn’t break down into continuing arguments. Then the game was able to continue, albeit at a slower pace. Here are the highlights of the Final:

  • Africa had an early Civil War bringing the mighty nation of Iberia to their lands.
  • Due to an abundant surplus population problem, Egypt set sails for the mighty Illyrian nation, starting the militaristic tone for the remainder of the game.
  • After much chest-beating & posturing, threats were made from Thrace to Babylon, but since they are not adjacent, they told Assyria that they will go through Assyria to get to the other nation to attack. Destroying cities as they go. After many failed diplomatic attempts, Assyria was forced to purchase Military and Enlightenment their next turn, emptying their trade card hand. The nations of Illyria, Iberia, and Crete marveled at the economic power displayed.
  • The rum came out early from Iberia, and was shared with Africa.
  • Following the Assyrian Military purchase, Thrace begrudgingly agreed to a diplomatic solution.
  • However, due to the purchase of Military, Assyria chose to use it as an equal-opportunity attacker on the entire board. Every other nation, in turn, lost a city to Assyria over the course of the remainder of the game. This sacking of a city, of course, led to a card being pillaged from the defending player’s trade card hand.
  • Due to the increased hostility and lower city counts, the game slowed down, resulting in reduced purchasing power and increased tension between all nations. Ares smiled upon the world.
  • Multiple negotiations occurred during movement phases for favorable trades. This resulted in a 25 minute long movement phase. The GM frowned a lot.
  • Due to the pace of the game, the last round had to be called due to lack of time, with few, if any, players reaching the last age on the AST. After scores were totaled, 2 players tied for 2nd place. In a game where players amass thousands of points, this is a VERY rare occurrence indeed. For bragging rights, the official rulebook states that, in the event of a tie, the players tie. However, for tournament purposes, there are no ties, so ultimately it went down to the largest point spread win of the two player’s first heat game. The point-spread from 7th to 8th was only 4 points as well, which made for a very tightly scored game.
  • Final rank was, from first to last, Jon Anderson (Iberia), Steven Spisak (Babylon) and Harald Henning (Egypt) tied for second, Dennis Mishler (Illyria), Marc Visocnik (Africa), David Hewitt (Assyria), Matt Lahut (Crete), and Doug Galullo (Thrace).

Special thanks to Assistant GM Jenn Visocnik who developed a beautiful PowerPoint demo several years ago which we reuse each year and also improve from year-to-year. This year, Nathan brought a projector screen so that we could project the demo onto the wall, which made it easier for the group to see. Kevin Youells, the other Assistant GM, managed the heat sign-ins and table assignments for the 38 unique players in the game.

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 3

Matt Lahut Harald Henning Steven Spisak David Hewitt Doug Gallulo
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Assistant GM all smiles in prelimanry heat. Africa on the move expanding her civilization.


A table of sharks Advanced Civilization finalists with GM Nathan Barhorst.
GM     Nathan Barhorst [2nd Year]  NA
    bpa@natemac.com   NA