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Ticket to Ride (TTR) WBC 2017 Report
Updated March 22, 2018 Icon Key
275 Players Cliff Ackman 2017 Status 2018 Status History/Laurels
  2017 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

Let's Play Choo-Choos!

As we started our second year at wonderful Seven Springs, more folks came to play with trains. Our attendance was up by 14 players to 275 as new people joined and long-time WBC attendees came to play for the first time in ears. Thanks to all the GMs who came to play one heat to help our numbers. I tried to return the favor to a few of you. My excellent, assistant GMs, Sarah Beach and Nikki Bradford managed the check-in with wonderful speed and Bradford McCandless made sure that no one was left behind being the Caboose Hat man.

There was much jostling for space as we had a heat of Splendor and Medici in Seasons an hour before TTR. Since it takes a half-hour to 45 minutes to check in folks before we can start, there was a bit of confusion as we filled tabled as fast as they emptied out. Thank you for the patience of everyone who had to be reshuffled to a different table.

The 1910 expansion gives people a chance to make huge scores with many more tickets and two bonuses. The best score belongs to Bryan Berkenstock with 209.

In order to reward the faithful Ticket to Ride players, we added the Gold and Silver Choo-Choo awards. This caused more players to play in more heats, helping the tournament to retain its 6th place plaque. Alyssa Morgen received the Gold Choo-Choo for winning all four of her heats. The 3-heat winners receiving the Silver Choo-Choo award were Kevin Collins, Nathan Cantwell, Hannah Oliner and Bryan Berkenstock. The toy train came off the base so the winners could play with their award. It was such a hit that more awards will be needed for next year.

With the best second place finishes in the semifinals, Bryan Berkenstock was fifth overall and Grant Ladue was sixth.

The final was a nail-biter as Cliff Ackman, Eric Raymond, Kevin Collins, and Robert St. Pierre calculated their chances. We had two colors of trains running parallel across the country as players jockeyed for position. As the tickets were being verified at the end, two players noticed that they had failed to connect the last section. Cliff Ackman pulled out the win while only taking 3 tickets and not receiving any of bonus. Kevin Collins came in with a very close second, Robert St. Pierre was third, and Eric Raymond was fourth.

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Kevin Collins Robert St. Pierre Eric Raymond Bryan Berkenstock Grant LaDue
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Tickt to Ride continues to draw a large attendance

Enjoying playing on the Anniversary edition of the game

Tickt to Ride fifth and sixth place finishers

Ticket to Ride Finalists with GM Claire Brosius

Ticket To Ride Junior 2017

Laurie Wojtaszczyk gathered 28 junior travelers on the train platform in Fox Den to determine the best train conductor in the juniors room. Aaron Byrd proved he had what it takes to be Head Conductor as he captured the TTR junior plaque. Aaron was followed by Andrew Freeman in second, Aubrey Powers in third, Preston Saccenti in fourth, Aaron Birnbaum in fifth, and Joseph Birnbaum in sixth.

Ticket to Ride Junior Finalists with
GM Laurie Wojtaszczyk
Ticket to Ride Junior Champion Aaron Byrd
GM  Claire Brosius¬†[9th Year]  NA¬†
 clairebrosius@comcast.net  NA