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Ra: The Dice Game (RDG) WBC 2017 Report
Updated March 18, 2018 Icon Key
183 Players Eugene Yee 2017 Status 2018 Status History/Laurels
2017 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

Monumental Success!

Ra: The Dice Game employs all the major thematic elements of Ra and creatively transforms them into a fast and easily understood dice game. Pharaohs, The Nile, Civilizations, and Monuments as well as the occasional catastrophe are all here. The result has been a popular event which has grown since its WBC debut reaching its WBC high in 2017.

Players who already love the game should tell their family members and friends to check out Ra: the Dice Game. We want to grow the love and support for Ra: the Dice Game Dice. Every year no matter how many copies we bring we are always short on games. Despite this issue, owners of the game will loan their copy if they are playing in other games and others will venture back the long journey to their rooms and cars to get the game for players waiting patiently to borrow. I wholeheartedly believe these are a few of the several reasons why Ra: the Dice Game players are the best and are the most dedicated players who continue to support and attend the WBC every year.

Ra: the Dice Game is a game at WBC that continuously draws onlookers to the final table because it is a fun, fast-paced, and friendly game. It was the culmination of 120 games and 183 gamers knowing that one win in the heats gave you a shot to run the elimination gauntlet. The quick quarterfinal, semifinal, and final series sells this event to convention attendees seeking quick chance at winning the championship.

The usual suspects battled against those who had just learned the game. Scott Buckwalter, the game’s original GM, has created an environment where learning and teaching is a reward to everyone. Dice games have their appeal to those who like a liberal dose of luck in their games. There was one game in particular during the fourth heat that was especially unique. Three out of the four players had rolled seven disasters. This was an example of a low scoring and close game with the winner having a score of 24, followed by scores of 23, 19, and 16 bringing up the rear.

The fifth and sixth place finishers of the tournament was determined as the two second place players in the semifinal who had the highest percentage score compared to the score of the players who won at their table. All of this year’s semifinal games were close, however, Nick Henning and Joe Millovich had the best percentages and came in fifth and sixth place, betting out Catherine Eskey and Ashley Kilroy, to receive their first laurels for Ra: the Dice Game. Making it to the final table was no easy task as every player had to fight over extended epochs to reach the home stretch.

For the first time in years, there were no repeat laurelists in the battle for the championship at the final table. This final showed that new players can be exposed to the game, taught it during the week of the tournament, and bring home the championship plague.

Throughout the first epoch the dice were not on the player’s sides. Ra made it clear that he would not be ignored and he was clearly out for revenge against the civilizations. Because of Ra’s frequent appearances there was little movement on the score board. At this point it was anyone’s game. During the second epoch, the sun god, Ra, appearances were diminished and therefore this round was longer with the player’s clearly beginning to fight over the monuments. By the end of the second epoch, 50% of the monuments were taken. It became apparent that whoever scored highly with their monuments at the end of the third epoch could sneak past the other player’s for the win. However, Eugene Yee saw this as an opportunity to build up his river and max it out at 12. This strategy was a complete game changer and he became victorious over Michael Thiessen, Teri Hicks, and Karen Greene.

Many thanks to my assistant GM Ashley Kilroy and to all of the fun seekers in the 2017 tournament.

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
Terri Wicks Michael Thiessen Karen Greene Nick Henning Joe Millovich
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
How did this crew get on the same table! This looks like a serious game
The women making their moves Finalists holding their prizes with GM Rob Kilroy

Ra: The Dice Game Junior 2017

New GM Derek Landel saw a 50% increase in participants as 22 junior sun worshipers gathered to roll the dice and please the god. Preston Boswell earned the greatest favor of Ra as he captured the 2017 Juniors championship. Preston was followed by Bailey Burdett, Ella LAndel, Emily Cantwell, Aaron Birnbaum, and Armelle Worrell.

Moving along the track Champion Preston Boswell with GM Derek Landel
GM  Rob Kilroy [2nd Year]  NA
 phillyamish@comcast.net  NA