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PanzerBlitz (PZB) WBC 2017 Report
Updated March 16, 2018 Icon Key
24 Players GregTanner 2017 Status 2018 Status History/Laurels
  2017 Champion   Click box for details. Click box for details.

The Commander on the Battlefield

Saturday started the con with several new and old faces dropping by to play the classic tactical wargame. By the end of the first weekend, games from the Finnish winter war, Panssari Salama, provided by assistant GM Alan Arvold, as well as situations from both Blitz and Leader had been completed. A new mega situation for PanzerLeader covering Operation Jupiter near Caen in July 1944 was provided by GM Rick Northey who played a game with Rod Coffey. The con under way, the gamers set their inner commanders to the task.

The tally at weeks’ end was 24 players and 36 games, a good showing compared to last year’s first tournament at Seven Springs. Players enjoyed the relaxed ambiance of the Foggy Goggle ski lodge, with comfy chairs and quiet playing space. The final four, determined from the players with wins against the toughest opponents, were Greg Tanner, Art Dohrman, Rod Coffey and John Sharp.

Greg and John picked situation 45, one of the most played battles at the con. After Greg set up his German forces in Opustoschenia and Zabvenia, John moved in with his Russian Tankovy Corps to take the towns by rushing his units forward. The firefight on the plains of board 3 ensued with both sides losing several armored units. Greg was able to retreat several of his self-propelled artillery (SPA) units back behind the river with John’s Russian tanks in hot pursuit. Taking refuge in Zabvenia, German infantry and SPA had another round of combined arms attacks on the Russian armored force, destroying several tanks and halftracks. At this point, Turn 5 of 6, the Russian side had been reduced to an ineffective force to achieve victory and John resigned the game to Greg.

In game two of the semifinals, Art Dohrman faced Rod Coffey in situation 51r3. Rod’s Russian force began marching from Opustoschenia to Grabyosh, by sending a cavalry battalion up the gully on the left flank, and one SMG company up the right flank. A battery of 122mm guns was deployed in Opustoschenia to support the advance. Meanwhile the German mobile force waits for the best position to develop to set up a blocking action against the advancing Russians. 20mm AA and 75 mm field guns take shots at Russian cavalry and infantry units to delay the advance by dispersing them. The Russian units, cav, infantry and engineers assemble to assault Grabyosh across open ground. The German armored cars and halftracks await the Russians from various positions on the hills and woods. Grabyosh is defended by infantry, SMG and light guns. Rod charges his units over the steppe in a classic Russian wave attack to be met by a swift armored counterattack overrunning several units. The dice fell in favor of the German mechanized force with several cav and infantry units dispersed and destroyed. The remaining Russians got close enough to assault the town, but did not have enough firepower and time left. At the end of turn 12, Grabyosh was still held by the Germans giving Art the victory and advancement to the final.

Art and Greg listed their favorite situations and #14 was chosen for the final game of the tournament. Art setup his Russian units on board 2, the villages of Bednost and Golod occupied by garrison troops and a command post. In this raiding action, Greg’s German mobile force rushed Hill 132 to siege Bednost. Blocking forces were arrayed on the roads leading onto the hill and at choke points on woodland road hexes. Russian reinforcements arrive on the scene of the battle only to be delayed by German units on the roads which make a tactical withdrawal. Meanwhile the besieged units on the hill are fired upon by superior German mobile forces. After eliminating the Russian CP in Bednost along with several companies of support units, the German armored units evacuate the hilltop to the North. The fight continues around Bednost between infantry units. Russian armor overruns German rifle units and retake Hill 132. Infantry riding on tanks prepares for the hunt of the remaining German retreating to the West into Opustoschenia and surrounding woods copses. German fire takes out some t-34/85 tanks as the Crazy Ivan charge is ordered to surround Opustoschenia. A firefight ensues with the Germans holding the town. At turn 6, the regrouping Russians make one more maneuver to overwhelm the Germans. After three more companies of t-34s are rendered inoperative, the Russian force could no longer field an effective force against the German defense. Art conceded victory to Greg, who walked away from this years’ 2017 convention with his sixth PanzerBlitz championship plaque and diorama!

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 4
Art Dohrman John Sharp Rod Coffey Alan Arvold Marty Musella
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Keeping him on the ropes

Look at the great additional prize that was awarded
to the Panzerbiltz Champion

What do I do with thie mess?

Just getting started

GM  Rick Northey [7th Year]  NA
 geppeddooo@aol.com  NA