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Pro Golf (PGF) WBC 2017 Report
Updated March 16, 2018 Icon Key
58 Players Adam Hurd 2017 Status 2018 Status History/Laurels
  2017 Champion   Click box for details. Click box for details.

Hurd Wins His First Green Jacket

As is usually the case, after assistant GM Rob Drozd’s demo session, ably handled by Drozd family member Jennifer Visocnik this year, the event’s overall field of 58 participants was composed of over 25% new players. All gathered in the Snowflake Forum where 2016 champion Dave Metzger and a life like drawing of absent 2017 PBeM champion Pete Stein, more lifelike that the actual person, were awarded their green jackets for the event. The players then scattered to various rooms and bars to contest the Pebble Beach course in hopes of qualifying for the championship Skins game.

Scores were down a bit this year, with Marc Visocnik leading the field at 8 under par, followed by Richard Irving at 7 under and Adam Hurd at 6 under. The magic score required to advance to the Skins game was 5 under par and was reached by both Vassili Kyrkos and Cindy Drozd. It took three sudden death holes for Cindy to defeat Vassili and move on to the four player Skins game.

The finalists moved to the ballroom where between 12:30 am and 1:30 am people leaving open gaming wondered why others were throwing big green fuzzy dice off the stage. How else would one determine the champion of this game of skill?

The Skins game was a bit of a family affair, as veteran golfers Rob Drozd, the assistant GM, son Charles Drozd, and daughter Jennifer Visocnik cheered on their reluctantly drafted relatives, Cindy Drozd and Marc Visocnik. The other two finalists, Richard Irving and Adam Hurd, had no relatives present and so had to draft friends and/or innocent strangers to perform their caddying duties.

The event got off to an unusually fast start as Skins were earned on five of the initial seven holes. On the first hole at Augusta National, Richard holed the only birdie putt of the foursome. Adam did the same on the second hole then repeated that result on the third to claim two Skins. After Marc and Adam halved the fourth hole with birdies, Adam birdied his fourth consecutive hole to claim two more Skins and seize control of the finals.

Adam rolled his fifth straight birdie on the sixth hole, but was matched by Marc to halve the hole. Richard got back on the board with a birdie on the par four seventh hole, earning two more Skins to trail Adam by a score of 4-3. Then none of the four players were able to do better than par on the eighth, ninth or tenth hole, making the eleventh now worth four Skins.

Richard and Adam both managed a par the eleventh but Cindy then drained her first birdie of the round. Marc was unable to halve the hole and suddenly Cindy vaulted into a tie for the lead. With just one Skin remaining, Marc was out of contention and finished fourth.

The three remaining players all ended with a par the twelfth hole. Cincy and Adam birdied the thirteenth, then all four earned a par on the fourteenth. The par five, water laden fifteenth hole looked likely to determine the winner, but all three players managed to score birdies.

That brought the event to the decisive par three sixteenth hole. Cindy started out with a solid par, which looked better when Richard posted an ugly bogie. Adam stepped to the tee, put his drive on the green, and sank a long birdie putt to gain his fifth Skin and earn the championship plaque and the right to wear the green jacket next year. Cindy took second place with her four skins while Richard claimed third place with his three.

Be sure to join the fun again in 2018. The best way to prepare is to get in a little practice during the 2017 ninth annual PBeM tournament which should start in April during the month of the Masters.

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
Cindy Drozd Richard Irving Mark Visocnik Vassili Kyrkos Ray Freeman
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Keeping traditions up by playing at the same spot
in the bar as last year

The dice were hot at this table

Decifering were this puts you on the hole

Pro Golf Finalists

2017 PBeM Tournament

47 players signed up to contest the seventh annual BPA Pro Golf PBeM tournament. All players first competed on the Augusta National course.

The top 34 players who finished two over par and better survived the cut and moved on to contest the Muirfield Village course. The top 16 (those one under par and better) then advanced to contest the Pebble Beach course. The best cumulative score of the three rounds won the title.

Peter Stein ran away from the field on the Augusta National course with a score of seven under par, three strokes better than his nearest competitors, Ken Gutermuth, Thomas Browne and Bruce Monnin. Stein then performed the expected second round collapse, as his three over par round dropped him to just four under overall and into a tie for fifth place. Derek Landel scorched the Muirfield Village with a four under par round of 68, putting him into a first place tie at seven under par with new convention director Ken Gutermuth. GM Bruce Monnin was one stroke back, while Thomas Browne hovered only two shots behind the co-leaders.

While nine of the sixteen players on the final round at Pebble Beach would find enough water and out of bounds to finish over par, our first round leader lived on the edge to reclaim his lead. Peter was asked to ROLL ONE DIE! 7 times during the round, and never once went out of bounds or in the water. While five times he flirted with disaster and survived, two of those rolls were 50-50 chances to pitch in for eagles, and he made both rolls.

Pete also needed to consult the 2nd Putt Card five times without suffering a dreaded 3 putt. He did miss one 2 footer for birdie, but otherwise had a magical six under par round of 66 to take the overall lead at ten strokes under par.

Ken Gutermuth reached three under par after the sixth hole to also reach an overall score of ten under par. Ken would later birdie the par four 15th hole, which would have been good enough for the title if not for his back to back bogeys on the ninth and tenth holes to leave him in second place at nine under par.

It appeared Peter had the tournament in the bag, but Scott Nerney played the front nine four strokes under par to get within four strokes of the lead. A bogey on the par four 13th hole deeply hurt his chances, but birdies on the 14th, 16th and 18th holes allowed him to finish six under par for the round and in third place at eight under for the tournament.

John Cousis and Jeff Finkeldey tied for fourth place, with John triumphing after six holes of tiebreaker action. Likewise, Bob Hamel claimed sixth place when he survived six holes of tie-breaker play against Thomas Browne.

The tournament will be restarted in March 2018. Come join us next year as we use the time of the Masters and the U.S. Open to determine another PBeM champion of the BPA Pro Golf world 

  • 1st – Peter Stein
  • 2nd – Ken Gutermuth
  • 3rd – Scott Nerney
  • 4th – John Coussis
  • 5th – Jeff Finkeldey
  • 6th – Bob Hamel

GM  Bruce Monnin [19th Year]  177 South Lincoln St, Minster, OH 45865-1240 
 bdmonnin@nktelco.net  937-441-2480