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Las Vegas (LAS) WBC 2017 Report
Updated March 10, 2018 Icon Key
120 Players Curt Collins II 2017 Status 2018 Status Event History
  2017 Champion      

Gamblers flock to the Grand Ballroom to roll the Bones

Late on the first evening of WBC, Las Vegas was the place to be and 120 players showed up to roll dice and win money. Sadly there were not enough copies to go around for the event so some players were nice enough to wait around to play their first round game after some of the first round games had been completed. With the popularity of the event being higher than last year anyone that can bring a copy should and it will be greatly appreciated. We may have enough players to run 4 rounds next year and being able to run all of round one at once will make the night go smoother.

Some notable results in the first round included Curt Collins II scoring 460K for the highest score of the first round. Pete Gathmann dominated his table holding a margin of 130K over second place at his table. Eugene Yee had the closest finish at his table, finishing in a 3 way tie for money and bills with Robert St. Pierre and Rob Griffiths. Second level tiebreaks had to be looked up and the largest bill determined the winner.

Twenty-three players advanced to the semi-finals. Pierre-Luc Ramier won a closely contested game by 10K. Eugene Yee scored a whopping 470K to take his table. Steve Raszewski also edged out a narrow victory by 10K. Chris Wildes romped to a strong victory by racking up 530K, winning his semi-final by 140K. The closest semi-final was won by Curt Collins II, winning by tiebreakers over Sasha Matzki with the margin between 1st and 4th was 30K.

The final table opened with a very close first round, with both Curt and Pierre-Luc earning 90K and Steve close behind with 80K. Curt broke away from the field in round 2 though scoring 140K in that round alone giving him an 80K lead on the field. His lead was widened further as he scored another 110K in round three giving him a total of 340K going into the final round, with the rest of the field fighting hard for 2nd place with scores ranging from 240K to 210K. Pierre-Luc put up the best score in the 4th and final round to secure 2nd place, but with Curt still scoring points in the final round he was easily able to put away the victory.

I have to thank all the people that came out to the event to make it a success and say sorry to everyone that had to wait while we got more games set up in the first round. Hopefully more people will attend with copies of the game next year. I also want to thank my assistant GMs, Andrew Drummond and Duncan McGregor for assisting me in running the event. With a gain of 25 people over last year Las Vegas looks like it will continue to be the hot spot to be for late night gaming.

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
Pierre-Luc Ramier Chris Wildes Steven Raszewski Eugene Yee Sascha Matzkin
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Pick your own table. So we have the parents
at one table and ...
...the grown-up kids at the other
Paying out for this round Las Vegas Finalists with GM Adam Hurd

Las Vegas Junior 2017

Thirteen Juniors visited the tables in Las Vegas to compete for the first Las Vegas juior plaque. Showing that her dad taught her how to roll the dice and pull a "Coussis", Nina Coussis captured the championship. Nina was followed by Rita Polcen, Heather Byrd, Joe Birnbaum, Aaron Birnbaum, and Zoe Polcen.

Assistant GM John Coussis watching
the Junior girls win money
Las Vegas Junior's Champion
with GM and mom, Lesley Coussis
GM  Adam Hurd [1st Year]  NA
 adam.hurd@gmail.com  NA