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Love Letter (L_L) WBC 2017 Report
Updated March 10, 2018 Icon Key
90 Players Antony Saccenti 2017 Status 2018 Status Event History
  2017 Champion      

Love is in the Air at WBC

Love Letter's first year as a tournament game at WBC was quite a success. Scheduled at four o'clock on the "First Saturday", the idea was to give the trickle of early arrivers something pleasant and light with which to pass their time, getting their convention week started with a quick-playing, whimsical game. But as we are learning, the early weekend at Seven Springs has been heavily attended, and despite even more early-gaming options this year, GMs found the first-weekend "trickle" was instead a flood.

We had 90 players packed into the Fox Den, which holds 23 tables. Since 23 four-player games would accommodate 92 players, we had...plenty of room!

So it was a boisterous crowd that set out to the cut-throat business of delivering their Love Letter successfully to the Princess. The first two rounds of the competition are single-elimination, each contest played to the goal of being the first to win four games. The room was buzzing with accusations and denials for the next two hours, "You are the Baron", or "I am not!” Several tables were warned about having too much fun, but what can be done? Twenty-three players made it past the first cut; just seven remained for the Semi-Final round.

Now things got more serious, with the end growing near. The first semifinal table sat three players, with just one advancing to the three-player final. This match went very quickly with Antony Saccenti getting past Bailey Burdett and Emily Blanck.

The other table however..., sat four players, with two getting to advance. This game was the most epic of the day, easily besting the final for drama. Dimitrios Alexis got out to a big early lead, playing first-to-four, he won three of the first four contests. But the other players dug in. Cyril Tircuit made a run to bring his win total to three as well. Matthew Wilde and Adam Warburton would not go quietly. It would take 12 games of Love Letter to resolve things, Cyril coming out on top with four wins, with Dimitrios and Matthew tied at three with Dimitrios taking the tie-breaker for surviving the longest in the penultimate game.

For the three-player final, contestants played on the fancy-schmancy Love Letter Premium set. To reinforce the seriousness of it all, the final would be played first-to-five wins. But seemingly unimpressed by all of the pageantry, the contestants quickly got into the gutter with taunts and trash-talking. It was Love Letter as it is meant to be played, wicked bluffing, crazy chances, and nothing sacred. It was actually a really fun final, with all the players having a blast at this goofy game. This last contest itself was a bit anti-climactic as Antony won it running away. After Dimitrios and Cyril split the first two games, Antony tore through, winning five of the next six. The very last game was typical of how things went with Cyril and Dimitrios both knowing they had to stop the leader. But at the last moment, Antony had a Handmaiden out for protection, so Dimitrios reluctantly played to guess Cyril out instead. And he got him with an unlikely "King" guess, but Dimitrios was trapped. He was holding the Princess, which Antony had seen moments earlier with a Prince play. Antony drew the Guard he needed and called "Princess", thus claiming the distinction of winning the first plaque to be awarded at the 2017 World Boardgaming Championships.

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
Cyril Tircuit Dimitrios Alexis Bailey Burdett Emily Blanck Matthew Wilde
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
A Good Turnout for a first time event
with fun had by all
Table was repeatedly warned about having too much fun
All Guards on table with Dominic Blais, Emily
Blanck, Duncan McGregor, and Antony Saccenti
Finals with Cyril Turcuit, Dimitrio Alexis,
GM Scott Saccenti, and Antony Saccenti

Love Letter Junior 2017

Lymon Moquin gatherd 26 would be suiters to deliver the love letter to the princess. Aubrey Powers proved to be the best as she won the first Love Letter junior plague. Aubrey was followed by Joe Birnbaum, Alex Schlosser, Katherine Staton, Ysabel Staton, and Kyrie Moquin.

GM Lymon Moquin overseeing Love Letter final Love Letter Junior Champion Aubrey Powers
GM  Scott Saccenti [1st Year]  NA