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Ivanhoe (IVH) WBC 2017 Report
Updated March 3, 2018 Icon Key
125 Players Kevin Burns 2017 Status 2018 Status Event History
2017 Champion


The 2017 tournament grew our numbers from 110 to 125. This year’s tournament was the second biggest turnout in Ivanhoe’s history with 125 players allowing gamers to play in one, two, or all three of Ivanhoe’s heats. This year the second heat of Ivanhoe was played moved to 9 p.m. on Wednesday night instead of 11 p.m. so gamers could choose to play Ivanhoe and then have the option of continuing their fun in the Can’t Stop tournament. Everyone who won a heat of Ivanhoe received either a purple, blue, red, yellow or green crown; the same colors as the chip colors! After the preliminary games had determined 25 qualifiers, there were five 5-player semifinal tables to advance five to the Final.

For the second year in a row, the head of the Speck clan, Forrest Speck, fought his way to the Ivanhoe final along with Haim Hochboim, Jeff Yerder, Kevin Burns, and Derek Landel. Throughout the final, players were having fun wearing their crowns while engaging in a battle to become the 2017 Ivanhoe knight.

The game was off to a quick start with everyone competing for chips. Forrest was able to knock down Jeff and used the card he received from Jeff to become the first player to win a purple tournament. After the conclusion of the second yellow tournament, Forrest had yellow and purple chips, Haim won blue and red chips, Derek had a red chip, Jeff had a yellow chip, and Kevin was in last place with zero chips.

On his turn, Jeff used drop weapon and changed the color of the tournament from yellow to green, becoming the first person to claim a green chip. He then started a blue tournament. After Jeff and Forrest withdrew from the tournament, Kevin won a blue chip and then started a red tournament which everyone else dropped out. Just like that Kevin went from having zero chips to possessing red and blue chips. Haim won a green chip started a purple tournament, and, with the use of the change and drop weapon cards, the color of the tournament was changed from purple to red and from red to green. Jeff withdrew from the tournament which allowed Derek to win a green chip.

Haim was now in first place with red, blue, and green chips, Forrest and Kevin were tied for second place because Forrest won purple and yellow chips while Kevin had red and blue chips, Derek was now in third place with red and green chips, and Jeff was bringing up the rear with yellow and green chips.

Derek then began a yellow tournament which Kevin and Forrest joined in. Forrest then won the red chip and started a green tournament which Derek won again.

In the hopes of winning a third chip, Derek started a yellow tournament. With similar thinking, Kevin and Haim joined to battle Derek. Both Kevin and Haim played supporters which were only used temporarily because on his turn, Derek took away their supporters and played his own supporters. Determined to win the match, Kevin played more supporters. Unable to win the battle, Haim and Derek withdrew from the tournament. This gave Kevin his third chip and the chance to start another green battle. Kevin said, “Play what you have” to the other players. In a fight for the green chip, Haim played two-two point supporters and Jeff played three green cards. Forrest and Derek withdrew from the green match. On his turn, Kevin used two riposte action cards on Jeff which gave Kevin a 3-1 swing. Immediately after this move, Kevin played the shield. Haim, on his turn, added a supporter and a green card to his display. Unable to respond, Jeff withdrew from the tournament. On his turn Haim declared, “I’m still alive” and then he added two supporters to his display and used adapt. Unfortunately, using the adapt card didn’t help Haim because the shield was still active in Kevin’s display.

Haim’s move allowed Kevin to become victorious as the Ivanhoe knight at the end of the tournament with a red, blue, yellow, and green chip. Forrest was close behind with purple, red, and yellow chips. Haim came in third with red, blue, and green chips. Red and green chips guaranteed Derek fourth place while yellow and green chips allowed Jeff to snag fifth place. Stefany’s loss to this year’s Ivanhoe knight, Kevin, in their semifinal game allowed her to come in sixth place and keep damsels alive in the top six rankings.

Stefany’s prize for being the Ivanhoe damsel earned her a magic wand and a plastic crown. In a first, Kevin, the 2017 champion of Ivanhoe received a plastic crown and a painted wood castle for winning. The castle was painted with the same colors of the crowns and suits of the cards; the 25 semifinalists were able to sign the castle as a memento for the champion.

Next year we plan on running a demo for Ivanhoe before every heat with the plan of attracting more gamers to our tournament. There is also a fourth heat planned. We will continue giving heat winners a choice of a purple, blue, red, yellow, or green crowns. For the first year we were thinking of having a panel of three judges who will judge players who dress up in costume. Winners will get prizes! If any WBC attendee has any suggestions to help successfully grow Ivanhoe’s numbers for the 2018 tournament and making it more fun for all participants, please contact the GM.

Ivanhoe is a great game for families because it can be played with two to five players. No two games are the same and the game is easy to learn. Thank you to Stefany Speck for being a great assistant GM, my dad, Robert Kilroy, and all the gamers for playing Ivanhoe and supporting us! We hope that you will be back next year and bring some friends for an even bigger tournament!

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Forrest Speck Haim Hochboim Derek Landel Jeffrey Yerden Stefany Speck
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Early in the game with only 1 red chip gained Getting ready for a challenge
Ivanhoe Finalists with GM Ashley Kilroy
GM  Ashley Kilroy [2nd Year]  NA
 bowlerashley142@Gmail.com  NA