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Innovation (IOV) WBC 2017 Report 1234
Updated March 3, 2018 Icon Key
42 Players Robb Effinger 2017 Status 2018 Status Event History
2017 Champion

GM Rules Supreme

Another year, another Innovation Trial. Thanks to all the voters who made it possible! There are some upcoming changes with potential changes to the tournament, so let’s discuss! First off, the Deluxe edition (v3) has been released. This edition makes some minor tweaks to 9 cards. For example, Oars is made stronger and Fermenting a bit weaker. Details can be found online at https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1817162/innovation-deluxe-change-list . Talking with players, it seems most players would prefer to use the Deluxe edition going forward with one excellent argument for doing so is that you can no longer buy the base version. So in future years that will be the preferred edition if enough copies exist. Please bring your base copies if you have them, we may still need them!

A potential upcoming change to the tournament will be the format. Every year there are disappointed voices at the end of R1 and R2 of “I guess that’s it, then”. People want to play more games. The GM am going to look at alternate formats to the tournament that will guarantee 3-4 games. If you have thoughts/suggestions, please send him an email.

Finally, another big thank you to AGM Chris Kizer for running an excellent demo! Demo-goers all agree, if you want to learn this game, Chris is the guy to teach it. At some point, I’m just going to have to let him run this tournament. Not only is Chris an excellent teacher, he’s also an excellent player. I believe he holds the tournament “Metalworking” record, for 10 points over 7 cards in a single activation.

Of our 44 games played this year, a whopping 35 or ~80% ended in Achievements. Only 4 of the remaining ones were won on score, two were won by Self Service, two were won by Empiricism, and Geoff Pounder won a game with Globalization.

The finals this year returned to an all-Canadian affair, although with new-to-the-finals Michael Thiessen facing off against a previous champion and somewhat point-of-view biased GM Robb Effinger. Here’s a somewhat lengthy report on how it went down.

The game started off with a showdown between Science and Religion, with Michael favoring Writing and Robb Mysticism. Both players started by drawing from the 1-deck, Michael melding city States. Robb turned to a more practical endeavor, working metal for 1 point, giving up his mysticism to the City States demand. Michael threatened to sell Robb Clothing, Robb responded by Sailing away. The combination of Sailing and Mysticism discovered the rest of Age 1. Michael eventually shared Clothing with Robb, 2 points to 1, and Robb got up to 3 with Agriculture before running out of cards in hand while Michael’s Pottery business was less seasonal. Michael got the 1st achievement.

Age 2 saw Robb sail into Currency and Calendar while Michael Domesticated Math, jumping up to Age 4 for a new Perspective. Calendar had found Robb Compass, though, and he was able to acquire that Perspective for himself, happily giving up Oars in exchange. Mysticism covered Math with Alchemy, and Michael Domesticated Machinery. Robb’s hand under heavy fire, he was put into draw-and-meld mode, starting with Printing Press. Michael used Robb’s Oars (!) to score 2 points, and Machinery to score another 3, putting him at 11 and securing the 2 achievement. 2-0 for the bad guys!

Robb continued drawing and melding 4’s like Enterprise, so Michael tried out Alchemy for 2 cards to tech himself up but the experiment blew up. Over the next couple turns Robb used Perspective to score and Printing Press to jump to the 6’s and Industrialize his board. Meanwhile, Michael was burning through the 3’s the old, old fashioned way with Mysticism. Michael eventually found his way into the 4’s, finding Gunpowder. However, Robb found Atomic Theory and covered his castles with some bigger guns from the 7’s, Explosives. Michael started sharing Paper with Robb so Robb rolled with the theme and got Publication on board. Michael tried to get the Bankers involved while Robb shared Enterprise and ran Publications to get the coin lead back, bringing back Industrialization. Michael dropped Invention, and improved his Paper splays, scoring the points he needed for the 3 Achievement.

Robb shared Industrialization a couple times, one of which was accepted. Michael achieved the 3 and got the points needed for the 4. Robb responded by sharing his Perspective, giving Michael 9 points but himself 18 and the 4 achievement, finally putting himself on the achievement board.

Michael’s use of Perspective wasn’t actually for points at all as for Michael’s next points he Translated his score pile, which now included Reformation, onto his board then Reformed into something deserving of the Wonder Achievement. Just in time, since on Robb’s next turn he Publicized Empiricism, which would have also been Wonder-achievement-full. Robb’s other action was to share Industrialization. 4-1 for the bad guys!

Michael attacked with the Pirate Code, putting Robb down to 16 points, and used Fermenting to draw 5 cards. Robb tried to Empiricism but failed, so he instead dropped Quantum Theory to grab Empire again, just in time, since Michael ran Fermenting for 5 more cards and dropped Socialism. Robb ran Quantum Theory to gain 10 points and shared Industrialization. Michael used Socialism to tuck 10 cards, gaining him Monument, his 5th achievement, and ran Pirate Code. However, on Robb’s next turn he was able to share Industrialization then as a second action either Industrialize to draw an 11 or use Empiricism to win on 20 light bulbs. He took the latter. This makes Robb, that’s me! Huzzah! Innovation’s second double-winner! All said and done this was an exhaustive tour through the Innovations with only 1 level 1 card remaining in the supply at game end! Good game!

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Michael Thiessen Geoffrey Pounder Jacob Wagner Chris Kizer Craig Trader
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Jacob Wagner on his way to laurels Chris Kizer got matched up against last year's
Champion, Geoff Pounder with GM Robb
Effinger watching
Innovation in progress
GM  Robb Effinger [4th Year]  NA
 Robb.Effinger@Gmail.com  NA