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Gettysburg (GBG) WBC 2017 Report
Updated March 2, 2018 Icon Key
18 Players Richard Beyma 2017 Status 2018 Status Event History
2015-2017 Champion

Threepeat in Gettysburg

Richard Beyma defeated John Sharp in the Final to claim his fifth Gettysburg title and third in a row. Congratulations to Richard for another first place showing and to John for his best tournament yet and second place. This was John’s first playoff appearance in Gettysburg. Ed Menzel finished 3rd and Vince Meconi 4th.

Preliminary games were played Saturday through Friday. The top 6 finishers in order were John Sharp (44 points), Richard Beyma (40 points), Ed Menzel (38 points), Vince Meconi (36 points), Devin Beyma (32 points) and Mark Gutfreund (12 points).

In one semifinal, Richard took the Rebels with a bid of 18.5 versus Ed Menzel. On the first turn, the CSA flipped a cavalry and followed up with two steps on Reynolds heavy infantry units in McPherson’s woods. They continued the assault during the day inflicting losses on the blue coats while the Federal’s attacks could do no damage. The Union losses continued to mount as Day 2 wore on. The Union conceded having eliminated no Rebel units and only causing two flips.

In the other semifinal, Vince Meconi took the CSA with a bid of 15 versus John Sharp. The Rebels tossed the chit on T4 to avoid a double flip on an infantry. However, on T6 they lost a full infantry division although they did manage to take Culps Hill by the end of Day 1. The Union was driven back losing I11 but with light casualties. Two Federal attacks on Turn 11 caused 4 flips while two favorable CSA attacks on Turn 12 cost the Rebels 3 more steps. With heavy casualties and their forces about to be encircled on Turn 13, Lee tendered his sword.

John and Richard had a bidding war for the Confederates with Richard eventually going to 18.5 and John countering with 19.5. Richard thought long and hard before finally deciding to take the Union for the first time in a finals match. The bid of 19.5 is the highest ever made and exceeded Richard’s previous high of 18.5.

John started out on a bad note, giving up the chit on the opening attack to avoid a step loss on an infantry. But the rest of Day 1 favored John as he only lost one step on Jenkins while Richard lost 5 infantry steps and some artillery. Day 2 saw a swing of luck for the Union. At the end of T10, the Rebels had lost 4 infantry units from CSA/USA attacks. At that point John resigned.

Devin Beyma won Best Confederate Player honors at 3-1 while Vince Meconi garnered Best Union Player designation with a 5-0 mark.

Eighteen entrants played twenty-eight games. That is the same number of players as last year but one fewer game. The South won 16, the North 12. The Campaign game was played in 23 of the 28 games; there were five Day 1 scenario games. Bids for the CSA ranged from 0 to 19.5 with the average being 10.65. Average game length this year was 4 hours, ten minutes shorter than last year.

Thanks to Bill Morse for the invaluable computerized scoring. A special thanks to Assistant Gamemaster Richard Beyma who ran the Demo because the GM was tied up with another tournament and to Vince Meconi for computing all the statistics.

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 5
John Sharp Ed Menzel Vince Meconi Devin Beyma Mark Gutfreund
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Devin Beyma, who won Best Confederate Player
honors, matched up against John Sharp
Vince Meconi is all smiles as he garners
Best Union Player honors
John Sharp and Marty Musella enjoying their game Gettysburg finalists with GM Ed Menzel
GM  Ed Menzel [2nd Year]  NA
 edmenzel@roadrunner.com  NA