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Fire in the Lake (FIL) WBC 2017 Report
Updated March 2, 2018 Icon Key
14 Players Jonathan Squibb 2017 Status 2018 Status Event History
2017 Champion

Napalm & Monsoons

Good morning again Fire in the Lake (FIL) fanatics! And here’s the report from the quagmire for the third WBC FIL tournament!

The 2017 WBC FIL tournament opened on Thursday with a total of 8 enthusiastic combatants who came to “smell the napalm.” The first heat in Round 1 used the revised Tournament Deck B with 2 total tables (4 players each). The VC garnered 2 wins with Jeff Arnold, new to the FIL tournament, and Jonathan Squibb, a finalist and second place finisher in last year’s FIL tournament. The NVA with John Bateman, a finalist and champion in last year’s FIL tournament, and Josh Githens, new to the FIL tournament, coming in second twice. A first heat sweep for the Insurgents.

In the second heat on Friday, using revised Tournament Deck A and with 2 total tables of 4 players each, the VC again garnered 2 wins. John Bateman and Jeff Pattison, new to the FIL tournament, led the VC to victory, with the US led by Steve Huskey, new to the FIL tournament, and John Emery, a finalist in the first FIL tournament in 2015, coming in second twice. Do we see a pattern emerging here as to the favored Faction for this year’s FIL tournament?

Because of number of total entrants, the FIL tournament proceeded immediately to the finals on Saturday with our four VC winning combatants returning to the quagmire to slog it out for the top four places. Because of a tie, by virtue of a card draw by the GM from the FIL deck, Steve Huskey came in 5th as a first time Laurelist while John Emery came in 6th, his second time as a Laurelist.

Our four Finalists, Jonathan Squibb as the VC, John Bateman as the ARVN trying to repeat with them as champion, John Keating as the NVA, and Jeff Pattison as the US would now contest for the control and the “hearts and minds” of Vietnam in the Medium Scenario. Here are some notable moments from that titanic struggle:

  • In a first in the annuals of the FIL tournament, Linebacker II was unleashed as the first Pivotal Event after the first Coup Card (Nguyen Van Thieu)
  • John Bateman (as the ARVN) would comment “friendly neighborhood me” in terms of his style/attitude
  • The “Tit for tat” Tet Offensive Pivotal Event is launched after ARVN played Bombing Pause for Momentum
  • The Vietnamization Pivotal Event would immediately follow the “chaotic” Tet Offensive
  • The Failed Coup Attempt second Coup Card followed the similarly failed Cambodian Civil War
  • The Easter Offensive Pivotal Event would trump Laser Guided Bombs.

Late in the game, the ARVN, NVA, and VC had “shot their wad” as each had almost no Resources to spend.

With the smoke clearing at the conclusion of the third Coup Round, once more a Failed Coup Attempt, and the Insurgent Factions would dominate, with Jonathan Squibb as the ARVN (0) claiming ultimate Victory and the “spoils” in the form of a copy of a Platoon DVD as the 1st Laurelist. Jonathan was followed closely by Jeff Arnold’s NVA (-1) as the 2nd Laurelist, claiming his spoils in the form of a copy of Logevall’s Embers of War. Jeff Pattison’s US (-5) was the 3rd Laurelist, claiming as his spoils a copy of a Platoon DVD, and John Bateman’s ARVN (-15) was the 4th Laurelist, making John our only three time Laurelist in the short annals of the FIL tournament, claiming as his spoils a copy of Karnow’s Vietnam.

And now a grateful and exhausted GM, for this third WBC FIL Tournament, again bids you Tạm biệt (Vietnamese for “good bye”) from the quagmire!

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
Jeff Arnold Jeff Pattison John Bateman Steve Huskey John Emery
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
The war is taking its toll Champion Jonathan Squibb in preliminary round action
The finals beginning with Jeff Pattison-US,
John Bateman-ARVN, Jonathan Squibb-VC,
and Jeff Arnold-NVA
Fire In the Lake Finalists with GM Eric Guttag
GM  Eric Guttag [3rd Year]  NA
 Eric@GuttagIPLaw.com  513-317-5313