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Facts In Five (FI5) WBC 2017 Report
Updated March 1, 2018 Icon Key
177 Players Richard Irving 2017 Status 2018 Status Event History
2017 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

Another Record Attendance, Up 65% Since the Move to Seven Springs

It was another great crowd for another great year at the Facts In Five game show, with an amazing 177 players showing up for at least one of the five rounds. As always, the show is only as good as the support it gets, and this year we had not only a great and supportive audience, but we had a great team of assistants helping out, including long-time AGM Greg Crowe; counters/sorters/checkers/passers Kevin Breza, Ronnie Breza, and Rebecca Corrado; and after-game company and sorters Robb Effinger, Josie Naylor, Nick Page, and Rich Meyer.

Round 1 Categories:

  • Artists with a Billboard Year-End Hot 100 single in 1966 / 1986 / 2016
  • Jelly Belly Jellybean Flavors
  • Cities of Australia with more than 100,000 residents
  • Common names of Forest Trees of Europe
  • Movies starring Humphrey Bogart

Letters: B, C, M, S, W

Round 1 began (relatively) easy, with an average score of 11.3 correct across the crowd. Last year’s winner Rich Meyer and J.R. Tracey jumped off to a great start with an amazing 20 correct answers; Jason Arvey and Matthew Thiessen were close behind with 19; and Richard Irving and Stephanie Greenwood rounded out the top with 18 correct answers each.

Greaat, but wrong answers: Jelly bean flavors I’m not interested in trying include Seaweed, Saliva, Merde, and Something; ones I’d like to try but don’t exist yet are Superspecialawesome, Whiskey, and White Russian. Places that may be Australian cities but didn’t hit the population threshold include Whoville, Watership Down, Crikey!, Wales, Bane, Murderville, and Manhattan. Not quite correct answers for common trees of Europe included Blown up Trees From World War II, Wild Tree, Christmas, and Cactus; and Humphrey Bogart never starred in Sharknado, Barber of Seville, Mr. Bojangles, or Sex & The Bogart.

Round 2 Categories:

  • Motorcycle Manufacturers
  • Tony Awards Nominees for Best Musical, 2000 – present
  • Authors of English Literature, 1450 – present
  • Actors / Actresses / Hosts with Prime Time Network TV Shows named for them
  • Collective nouns for animals

Letters: B, H, K, S, Y

Round 2 turned out tougher than expected, with an average 8.6 correct for participants. Kevin Lewis won Round 2 with 17 correct. Jason Arvey came in second with 16; and Rich Irving, Mike Kaltman, Eric Brosius, and Ted Lyng tied for third with 15 each.

Great, but not point-worthy, answers: Non-real makers of motorcycles include Yonda, Boston, Bazooka, and Kalishnakov; neither Hercules, Victor Hugo, nor Immanuel Kant count as British Authors; and while adaptations of movies is the Broadway trend, no Tony awards have been offered to Kill Bill or A Serious Man. Though I agree with the participant who suggested that ShamWow! sounds like it should be a musical. Y also proved a tough nut for answers for collective nouns for animals, with guesses including Yurt, Yo-Yo, Yoga, Yaggle, and Yapping, which I think is an appropriate name for a group of small dogs.

Round 3 Categories:

  • Countries whose names start with two consonants
  • Current NHL Team Nicknames
  • Role-Playing Games published before 1990
  • Varieties of Apple
  • 100 Most Common U.S. Baby Names (US, 2015)

Letters: C, F, G, P, R

Round 3 was a bit easier, with an average score of 10.5 correct for participants. Rich Meyer blew away the rest of the crowd with an amazing 21 correct; Tim Packwood was next with 19 and Rich Irving with 18, and then Lesley Coussis, Nick Page, Brad Raszewski, and Ewan McNay tied for third with 17 each.

Great, but not correct answers: Things that start with two consonants but aren’t actually modern countries include Prague, Phobe, Rhodesia, Frankfurt, Florida, Prince Edward Island, and Rygge. Teams that I’d like to see in the NHL but don’t exist yet include the Fringe, the Grenadiers, the Fanboys, the Gophers, and the Fighting Corrados; and the RPG category was especially fruitful for wild guesses, including Red Dawn, Fairy Meat, Gun Shooter, Charles In Charge, Cobolds ate my baby, Powergrid, Frogger, Pictionary, and C++.

Round 4 Categories:

  • Gods of Ancient Egypt
  • 30 longest mountain ranges in the world
  • Nominees for Best Animated Feature Academy Award (2001 - )
  • Metric prefixes
  • Prime Ministers of Canada

Letters: A, H, K, M, T

Round 4 was the toughest round (too many questions about Canada, maybe?) and participants only averaged 8.5 correct. Ewan McNay took the round with 17 correct; Richard Irving, Jim Eliason, and Steven Timpone took second with 16 each; and Canadians Glen Pearce and Andrew Drummond took third with 15 each.

Great, but not-so-great answers: Great Gods but aren’t technically the name of Egyptian Gods include Hades, Torus, Kim Kardashian, Thor, Kaopectate, The Stupid Crocodile One, and Kelpie. Movies that were never nominated for an Academy Award for Animated Feature include Harry and the Chipmunks, Kilo & Stitch, Bees; and while A Guy was certain Prime Minister of Canada, it doesn’t count as an answer – nor does Kiester, Hamilton, or Kevin.

Round 5 Categories:

  • Parties with a seat in the House of Commons
  • Movies that made the box office Top 10, March 31st – today
  • Teams that made the 2017 NBA Playoffs)
  • States represented at the 2017 Brussels NATO Summit
  • Tournament games played at the 2017 WBC

Letters: I, G, L, P, S

The fifth and final round went well for most participants despite some GM snafus with the answer sheets, and the crowd scored an average of 10.9. Kelly Krieble had an outstanding round with an amazing 20 correct; Chris Kizer and Randy Buehler took second with 19 each; and Rich Irving, Andrew Drummond, Rich Meyer, and Jacob Hebner tied for third with 18 each.

Great, but not correct, answers: Parties that should be in the House of Commons but aren’t include the Great Britain Party, the Groupies Party, the Ideal Party, the GOP, and the Idiots Party. Someone wrote Party Party, but I’m not sure whether they meant the Party Party or the Party Party Party, either of which feels like they should have a good slogan. Movies that didn’t do so well last year include Les 3 Petit Cochons and Last Unicorn; and countries not appearing at the NATO summit include Guam, Georgia, Libya, and Lebanon.

Final Results:
While he didn’t come out on top of any one round, Rich Irving was the only person to be in the top five for all five rounds, and he took first place overall with a grand total of 85 points. Last year’s champion Rich Meyer, winning two of the five rounds, came in with 84 points for an incredibly close second. These two were head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd; Glen Pearce and Jason Arvey came in third and fourth respectively at ten points behind with 74; Ewan McNay took fifth with 72 and J.R. Tracy took sixth with 71.

As always, it was a great time to run this event for everyone, and I can’t wait to give you another twenty-five categories in 2018!

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 3
Richard Meyer, MA Glen Pearce Jason Arvey Ewan McNay J. R. Tracy
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
GM John Corrado testing the knowledge
of the participants
Always a crowd at Facts In Five
GM  John Corrado [6th Year]  NA
 johncorrado@hotmail.com  NA