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Formula De (FDE) WBC 2017 Report
Updated March 2, 2018 Icon Key
56 Players Haakon Monsen 2017 Status 2018 Status Event History
  2017 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

Ten Started, Six would Finish Again

56 racers competed in the qualifying heats with more than half racing in multiple heats while trying to qualify for one of the ten available spots in the Final. The track selected for the final was Bahrain – by far the most difficult track to obtain.

1. Matt Kucic
2. Kevin Burns
3. Haakon Monson
4. Vien Bounma
5. Glenn McMaster
6. Eric Meador
7. Bruce Blumentritt
8. Robert Voisin
9. Laurie Voisin
10. Doug Galullo

Lap 1
The opening turn had no stalls and no power starts. It took 4 rounds before anyone reached the first turn, a 2 stop, with Vien and Matt doing this at the cost of having to redline then slipstream. Matt took a collision hit on the move.

Round 5 saw Matt overshot the turn, incurring a 2nd collision hit, rubbing fenders with Vien, while Haakon, Laurie, and Bruce make it into the turn, with Laurie incurring a collision hit, and Bruce redlining, then incurring a suspension hit going over Matt’s rubble.

On round 6, Vien moved into the lead ahead of Matt in the 2nd turn while the rest of the pack coming out of turn 1.

Going into Turn 3 on round 7, Matt overshoots but regains the lead, as the Voisins make it into Turn 2 with Robert having to redline.

Round 8 saw Matt overshoot another turn, Turn 4, while Vien comes up short of the turn. Haakon and Laurie roll into turn 3 with Haakon picking up collision damage.

Matt is the only car to make turn 5 on the next round while 3 racers, Vien, Kevin, and Haakon, make it into turn 4, with Haakon redlining. The rest of the pack is in turn 3.

In round 10, Matt holds the lead coming out of turn 5 while Vien, Haakon and Kevin roll into T5, one round behind, and the rest of the pack rolls into turns 4 and 3 with Eric taking a suspension hit.

The next round sees Matt too close to T6 to try 6th gear and he overshoots the turn by 1. Vien, Haakon, and Kevin heading to 6th, with Haakon coming up short, Vien hitting the turn, and Kevin overshooting by one but taking the lead on the outside. Kevin, however, rolled a 6th gear 30, resulting in engine hits for both Vien and Kevin. The rest of the pack pulls into turn 4 with Glenn redlining.

On round 12, Kevin overshoots turn 7 by 1, Vien hits turn 7 and Matt comes up short allowing Vien to move into 2nd while Matt falls to 3rd. Haakon and Robert make it into T6 while Bruce falls short. Laurie, Eric and Glenn make it into T5, while Doug, who has had to contend with numerous track blockages, limps into T4.

Kevin hits T8 on the next round as Vien falls short, putting Kevin firmly in the lead. Robert, Matt, and Haakon are in T7 while Bruce, Glenn, Laurie, and Eric make it to T6. Doug gets into T5.

Next round Kevin goes to 6th gear for the long stretch between T8 and the final turn T9. He rolls a 30 putting him deep into a 2 stop turn, and Doug incurs an engine hit. Vien, Matt, Haakon, and Robert all go into T8 with Robert now in 2nd, Matt in 3rd and Vien 4th. Laurie, in 5th, gets into T7 while Eric, Glenn and Bruce fall short. Doug goes to 6th gear, rolls a 30, makes it to T6 while, of course, takes another engine hit.

Now on round 15, Kevin, being deep in turn 9 in 6th gear, calculates that he can get away with 4th gear with a spinout being the worst case. Of course he rolls a 12 only to discover that he miscalculated and in fact CRASHES! He asked what were the odds of rolling a 30 followed by a 12? He was met with the response of “normally, 1 in 60, but in this case it was 100%”. No one else made it into T9 but Robert now found himself in 1st place. Laurie made it to T8 while all other racers made it into T7 with Eric taking a collision hit.

The new leader Robert and Haakon go into T9 on the next round with Haakon redlining while Matt, Vien and Laurie fall short. Bruce, Doug, and Eric go into T8 with Eric redlining while Glenn falls short of T8.

Both Robert and Haakon overshoot T9 in the next round but Haakon moves into the lead. Matt, Vien, Laurie, and Doug go into T9, Eric and Bruce fall short, and Glenn gets into T8.

On Round 18, Haakon pulls into the pit area and repairs 1 engine point. Robert pits as well but successfully quick pits and gets back on the track. Vien, Matt, and Doug overshoot T9, Eric gets into T9, and Glenn and Bruce fall short.

Lap 2
The next round, Robert, in 1st, comes out of the pit area but falls short of T1, Haakon comes out into pit row while Vien and Doug go into the pit, repairing 2 engine points. Matt and Laurie also head for the pit but fall short of their pit areas. Eric stops a 2nd time in T9 while Bruce and Glenn enter T9.

Robert enters T1 in the proceeding round, Haakon falls short, Doug and Vien come out in pit row, and Laurie and Matt pull into their pits. Eric exits T9 while Glenn and Bruce stop the 2nd time.

Round 21 sees Robert stays in T1, Vien and Haakon enter T1 with Vien taking a rubble hit, and Doug falling short. Laurie and Matt come out into pit row and Eric enters his pit. Glenn and Bruce exit T9.

Robert falls short of T2 in the next round while Vien and Haakon stop a 2nd time in T1. Doug enters turn 1 with Laurie, Matt, and Eric falling short of T1. Bruce enters his pit while Glenn ignores the pit and roars down the straightaway.

The 23rd round saw Robert enter T2, Vien and Haakon fall short, Doug making his 2nd T1 stop, and Glenn, Laurie, Matt, and Eric enter T1. Bruce comes out into pit row.

Robert falls short of T3 on the next round while Doug, Vien and Haakon fall short of T2. Glenn, Laurie, and Matt overshoot T1, Eric stops in T1, and Bruce is short of T1.

The next round, Robert enters T3 while Doug, Vien, Haakon, and Doug enter T2 with Doug redlining. Glenn, Laurie, and Matt are short of T2, Eric stops again in T1, and Bruce redlines into T1.

Round 26 saw Robert enter T4 while Doug, Vien, and Haakon exit T2. Glenn and Matt enter T2 with Glenn redlining. Laurie and Eric are short of T2 and Bruce stops again in T1.

Robert continues to lead the next round as he enters T5 with Doug, Vien, and Haakon entering T3. Glenn and Matt exit T2, Laurie and Eric enter T2, and Bruce is short of T2.

Robert falls short of T6in the next round as Haakon hits T4, and Vien and Doug fall short. Glenn and Matt enter T3, Laurie and Eric exit T2, and Bruce enters T2.

In round 29, Robert, in 1st, overshoots T6, followed by Haakon into T5, Vien overshooting T4, Doug entering T4, Glenn overshooting T4, and Matt falling short of T4. Next, Laurie and Eric enter T3 with Eric redlining. Bruce brings up the rear of the pack exiting T2.

Robert then enters T7, Haakon into T6 and Vien, Doug, and Glenn enter T5. Matt overshoots T4 while Eric enters T4, Laurie falls short of T4, and Bruce overshoots T3.

Robert enters T8 next while Haakon falls short of T7, Doug enters T6, and Vien and Glenn fall short of T6. Matt and Eric enter T5, Laurie enters T4, and Bruce overshoots T4.

Robert heads for T9 next with Haakon into T7 and Eric, Doug, Vien, and Glenn entering T6, Glenn taking an engine hit. Matt falls short of T6, Bruce enters T5, and Laurie falls short of T5.

Next, Robert falls short of T9 and Haakon falls short of T8. Eric overshoots T7 with Doug and Vien entering T7 and Glenn falling short. Matt overshoots T6, Bruce falls short of T6, and Laurie enters T5.

Robert enters T9 in the next round while Haakon, Eric, Vien, and Doug enter T8. Glenn and Matt enter T7, Bruce enters T6, and Laurie falls short.

In the 35th round of the final, Robert overshoots T9 and Doug and Vien enter T9 with Vien redlining, and Haakon and Eric falling short. Matt enters T8, Glenn falls short. Bruce enters T7, and Laurie enters T6.

Robert enters the pit in the next round while, Vien overshoots T9 and Doug stops in T9. Eric and Haakon enter T9 with Haakon redlining. Matt moves toward T9, Glenn and Bruce enter T8 and Laurie falls short of T7.

Lap 3
Robert comes out in pit row next as Vien pulls into pit row but falls short of the pit. Doug, Eric, and Haakon exit T9 while Matt, Glenn and Bruce move toward T9, and Laurie enters T7.

Robert enter turn 1 while Doug and Eric skip the pit and move down the straightaway. Vien enters the pit and successfully quick-pits while Haakon pulls into his pit. Matt, Glenn, and Bruce enter T9 with Bruce redlining. Laurie redlines into turn 8.

Robert makes a 2nd stop in T1 in the next round as Doug and Vien enter T1 with Vien redlining. Eric falls short of T1 as Haakon pulls out into pit row. Glenn overshoots T9, Matt and Bruce make 2nd T9 stop, and Laurie moves toward T9.

In round 40, Robert falls short of T2, Vien overshoots T1, and Doug makes 2nd stop in T1. Haakon and Eric enter T1 while Glenn and Bruce enter pit row but fall short of their pits. Matt skips the pits and heads toward T1 while Laurie falls short of T9.

Robert enters T2 next while Vien falls short of T2 and Doug exits T1. Haakon and Eric make their 2nd stop in T1, Glenn and Bruce enter their pits, Matt falls short of T1 and Laurie enters T9.

Robert overshoots T2 in the next round while Vien enters T2 and Doug exits T1. Haakon and Eric exit T1 as Matt enters T1, Glenn and Bruce come out into pit row, and Laurie makes 2nd T9 stop.

In the next round, Robert, in 1st, overshoots T3 followed by Vien making a 2nd stop in T2, Doug, Eric and Haakon, respectively, entering T2 with Haakon redlining, Matt overshooting T1, Bruce entering T1, Glenn falling short of T1, and Laurie exiting T9.

Robert enters T4 in the next round while Vien enters T3 and Doug overshoots T2 resulting in a SPIN OUT! Eric overshoots T2, Haakon makes a 2nd T2 stop, Matt falls short of T2, Bruce overshoots T1, Glenn enters T1, and Laurie enters the pits.

Robert enters T5 in round 45 and Robert and Matt take engine hits. Vien enters T4, while Matt takes another engine hit. Doug moves out in 1st gear as Eric and Haakon enter T3. Matt enters T2, Bruce falls short of T2, Glenn overshoots T1 and Laurie comes out into pit row.

At this point, Robert had a lot of damage on his car and he opted to “play it safe” and did not go into 6th gear for the next round. Robert exits T5, Vien enters T5, Haakon enters T4, and Eric falls short of T4. Matt enters T3, Doug moves in 2nd gear, Bruce enters T2, Glenn falls short of T2, and Laurie enters T1.

In the next round, Robert falls short of T6 as Vien goes to 6th gear, hits T6 and TAKES THE LEAD. Haakon enters T5, Eric enters T4, Matt and Doug enter T3, Bruce overshoots T2, Glenn enters T2, and Laurie overshoots T1.

Leading into the next round, Vien enters T7 while Robert and Haakon enter T6. Eric overshoots T5 as Doug enters T4, and Matt falls short. Bruce enters T3, Glenn enters T2, and Laurie falls short of T2.

Vien enters T8 next round as Robert falls short of T7. Haakon hits T7 in 5th gear rolling a 20 to move into 2nd while Vien fails the engine check which results in the loss of his last engine point!!! With Vien’s elimination Haakon moves into 1st place. Doug enters T5, Matt enters T4, Bruce falls short of T3, Glenn overshoots T2, and Laurie enters T2.

The 50th round sees Haakon, in 1st, entering T8, followed by Robert overshooting T7, Eric overshooting T6, Doug entering T6, Matt entering T5, Bruce entering T4, Glenn entering T3, and Laurie overshooting T2.

Haakon moves toward T9 in the next round while Robert enters T8, Eric falls short of T7, and Doug overshoots T7 to SPIN OUT FOR A 2ND TIME!! Matt falls short of T6, Bruce enters T5, Glenn falls short of T4, and Laurie enters T3.

Continuing into the next round, Haakon enters T9, Robert moves toward T9, Eric enters T7, and Doug moves in 1st gear. Matt falls short of T6 again, Bruce falls short of T6, and Glenn and Laurie enter T4.

Haakon makes his 2nd T9 stop in this round as Robert enters T9. Eric falls short of T8, Doug moves in 2nd gear, Matt and Bruce enter T6, and Glenn overshoots T5 and crashes while Laurie enters T5.,/p>

Heading out of the last turn, Haakon exits T9 in the next round while Robert makes his 2nd T9 stop. Eric and Doug enter T8, Bruce into T7 while Matt falls short of T7 and Laurie enters T6.

In the 55th round, Haakon crosses the finish line and wins! Robert exits T9, Eric and Doug move toward T9, Bruce overshoots T8, Matt enters T7 and Laurie redlines into T7.

In the next round, Robert moves toward finish line while Eric enters T9 and Doug falls short. Bruce moves toward T9, Matt enters T8, and Laurie overshoots T8.

Robert crosses finish line in 2nd in the next round while Eric makes his 2nd T9 stop. Bruce and Doug enter T9 as Laurie and Matt move toward T9.

Eric exits T9 in the next round but Bruce overshoots T9 and crashes! Doug makes his 2nd T9 stop while Laurie and Matt fall short of T9. Eric crosses finish line in the next round for 3rd while Doug exits T9and Laurie and Matt enter T9.

In the next round, Doug crosses finish line for 4th as Laurie and Matt make their 2nd T9 stop. Laurie and Matt then exit T9 with Laurie ahead in this round. In the final and 62nd round, Laurie crosses finish line in 5th followed by Matt in 6th.

1. Haakon Monson
2. Robert Voisin
3. Eric Meador
4. Doug Galullo
5. Laurie Voisin
6. Matt Kucic
7. Bruce Blumentritt
8. Glenn McMaster
9. Vien Bounma
10. Kevin Burns

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 3
Robert Voison Eric Meader Doug Galullo Laurie Voisin Matt Kucic
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Look who's about to make this turn

Counting out the moves

Coming out of the pits

Formula De Finalists with GM Carolyn Caton

GM  Carolyn Caton [2nd Year]  NA
 Carolynphilly@Yahoo.com  NA