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Falling Sky (F_S) WBC 2017 Report
Updated February 28, 2018 Icon Key
16 Players Joel Tamburo 2017 Status 2018 Status Event History
2017 Champion

Falling Sky Appears at First WBC

The inaugural running of Falling Sky at WBC drew 16 game players who competed over Ancient Gaul. The Short version of the Great Revolt scenario was played. The heats saw the beginning of a trend of victories by the Belgae faction. Over the course of the tournament there was only one Roman victory and one Arverni victory with the rest of the wins going to the Belgae.

In the Finals, with only three finalists showing up, were Bill Herbst as the Romans, Steve Huskey as the Arverni, Joel Tamburo as the Belgae, and the “bot” as the Aedui (COIN games have automated play mechanisms so you can play a game in the series with 4 or fewer players).

The game opened with Steve’s Arverni trying a new strategy of going after the Belgae first. This drove Joel’s Belgae to go hide across the Rhine in Germany and let Steve concentrate on his real game enemy, Rome. Meanwhile, the Romans were setting themselves up to try for victory along with the automated Aedui (remember this).

As the game progressed past the first year of play, one thing became apparent, the players were all losing to the automated player! The players only narrowly prevented the bot from winning an automatic victory. Petty differences had to be set aside to reign the bot back in. Compliments to the designer for a well-designed “bot”.

As the players approached endgame, the Belgae were able to reestablish themselves in their homeland, building up, and suddenly had a chance to win as did Rome. The Arverni were still in the running also and (gasp) the Aedui-bot was competing also.

The Arverni had a shot at the win but a Roman play to get into position left him just short. Meanwhile the Romans lost a Legion to the Aedui-bot, the only player able to kill a legion this game. The advent of frost left the Romans unable to do a March that would have sealed their win. And so, after all this, Joel’s Belgae was barely able to grasp the victory with a final score of -3. The Romans were next at -4 followed by the Arverni at -8. The bot finished at -3 but was disqualified from winning due to its participation in the event without a badge.

Thank you to everyone who participated and a special shout out to Eric Guttag. Eric not only played in a heat despite a later conflict with his own COIN game, but he also volunteered to run a table of new players as a non-advancing teacher-player. This is the kind of behavior that drives WBC!

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
William Herbst Steve Huskey Patrick Duffy Carl Copeland Jeff Burdett
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
With this group, the non-player Aedui, they are
pointing at, is winning the game
GM  Joel Tamburo [1st Year]  NA
 joel@jciml.com  NA