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Enemy In Sight (EIS) WBC 2017 Report
Updated February 28, 2018 Icon Key
32 Players Tim Evinger 2017 Status 2018 Status Event History
2016-2017 Champion

Evinger Dominance Continues

Enemy In Sight is often called the "Evinger family game”. Since the beginning, when Neil was running the tournament, one or more of the Evinger family has been in the finals, every year. Including two years when three Evinger’s made the six player final.

This year, Matt Evinger went in hoping to win it all, and widen the gap as he leads with wins over Tim Evinger (2-1). During the first heat Tim wasted no time scoring 110 in a single hand, winning over Evan Hitchings by 72 points. At the second table Matt battled to end up second by 21 points behind winner Ben Gardner. Dave Stiffler won the third table by 4 over Dave Cross.

In the second heat, Matt finished tied for second 2 points behind Rob Kilroy, Tim finished in third behind William Kendrick and winner Dick Boyes. Jim Dauphinais taking the third table by 27 over Randy ManInnis.

In the last heat, Jim Fardette won by 19 over Tim at their table. And Wade Fable won over Jim Bell as Matt finished 4th. So much for Matt increasing his lead over Tim who made the final table.

Jim Dauphinais, Wade Fawble and Ben Gardner chose to be elsewhere, so we had a five player final. The first hand didn’t start off looking good, with three of five players failing to get a 1st rate ship on the deal. Rob was dealt two red cards and the Weather Gauges came out early. With Jim playing the French Break the Line on Rob, he was vulnerable to the Strike which took out two ships. Rob repelled multiple boarding attempts including taking the boarding ship once. Rob did however lose his line to the vultures, luck was not with him. With six boarded ships and eight sunk, it was more of a firefight then expected with so few 1st rate ships. Dick’s two sunk and two prizes made him the leader with 63, Rob stayed at 0 by drawing an additional ship right at the end of the round, and not losing the 15 points.

In the second hand, everybody got at least one first rate ship. With 12 sunk ships and five boarded Prizes there was a lot of carnage and points. Tim took 58 points of prizes to port on the last card to give him the win with 155 total points, an all time record for the tournament final.

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
Jim Fardette David Stifler Dick Boyes Rob Kilroy Ben Gardner
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
GM Matt Evinger trying to keep up with his son
on being Enemy In Sight Champion. Matt did not
make final & his son became Champion to tie his record
Tim Evinger playing his way to the final & also
2017 Enemy In Sight Champion
Old hands at work sailing the seas Enemy In Sight Finalists
GM  Matt Evinger [5th Year]  NA
 mattevinger@yahoo.com  NA