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Euphrat & Tigris (E&T) WBC 2017 Report
Updated February 28, 2018 Icon Key
35 Players Craig Moffit 2017 Status 2018 Status Event History
2017 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

Craig Claims his Fourth Title

Renier Kniza's tile placing masterpiece, Euphrat & Tigris returned again as a Legacy event, drawing 36 players over two heats. The event again used a rules variant to balance the advantage of the first two players. Instead of their normal two actions, the first two players received one action for the first turn only. The distribution of wins for 4-player games favored the first two players with the 2nd player winning 7 games. On the other side, the fourth player finished in last 9 times. There were also three 3-player games.

  • First Player (1 Action) 4 wins, 7 seconds, 3 thirds, 4 fourths, average finish 2.07
  • Second Player (1 Action) 7 wins, 3 seconds, 4 thirds, 1 fourths, average finish 1.93
  • Third Player 2 wins, 3 seconds, 6 thirds, 4 fourths, average finish 2.80
  • Fourth Player 2 wins, 2 seconds, 2 thirds, 9 fourths, average finish 3.20

The first heat was dominated by the Wolff family, as Rob, Tricia, Jack and Sam won four of the seven games. The second heat had 6 boards, bringing the number of winners up to 12. The semifinals were highly contested again this year with all 12 winners joined by 4 runners up, filling a full 16-player bracket for the second year in a row.

In the first semifinal, Eric Freeman (7-8-8-10) defeated Tricia Wolff (6-6-6-11). In the second semifinal Aran Warszawski (10-10-13-13) defeated returning finalist Matt Calkins (7-7-8-12), and Jack Wolff. The third semifinal saw Anthony Bosca (7-8-8-8) edge out Sam Wolff (7-7-7-8), and 2-time champion Jeff Cornett. In the fourth semifinal, Craig Moffitt (7-7-7-13) defeated Rob Wolff (6-6-8-8). Although no Wolff advanced to the finals, their second place finishes earned 5th and 6th place laurels.

Seating for the final had Craig 1st (Archer), Eric 2nd (Bull), Aran 3rd (Lion), and Anthony 4th (Potter). In their single-action first turns, Craig placed his King in the northwest and Eric in the southwest. Aran sealed off the river delta with his King and Trader. Anthony chose to place his Priest as a spoiler in Craig’s kingdom while setting up his King in the southeast.

Expansion continued from these initial Kingdoms. Aran placed his Farmer in the northwest to delay Craig’s treasure grab there. Craig placed his priest in Eric’s southwest kingdom to slow Eric’s expansion.

Anthony triggered the first conflict of the game when he merged the southern kingdoms. He was able to win both green and black conflicts and pick up the treasure. Craig built a Red/Green monument for some short-term red cubes. However, this turned out to be a very stable monument for him. In the center, Eric relocated his Farmer to attack Anthony’s to win a pair of blue points.

At this point, the southern kingdom was stretched tenuously and in tension with Aran’s delta kingdom. Aran merged southward with a strong attack against Anthony’s King. However, Anthony had drawn enough settlements after his last attack to pull off an unlikely upset! Anthony was soon separated from his support when Eric played a cutting catastrophe to drop in his Trade. Craig took advantage of his isolation in the northwest to build a Green/Black monument and claim a treasure.

Eric continued to wrestle for the southern support when he dropped his King and defeated Anthony’s King and Trader. Next, Aran again joined the kingdoms, this time starting with red against Craig’s Priest. Despite adding 3 temples from his hand for an advantage of +4, Aran was repelled again. In the same merger, Eric picked up 4 blue against Anthony and 3 green from Aran.

After the dust settled in the south, Anthony resettled his Farmer to the northeast by winning an internal conflict against Aran, removing the last of Aran’s leaders. Craig stretched north to claim a second treasure while gaining 3 cubs from monuments. Eric consolidated control of the dominant southern kingdom by defeating Craig’s priest in an internal conflict.

Short on blue and red, Anthony attacked from the north to win 3 each at Eric’s expense. This left some gaping holes to attack Craig in the north, but he elected for 2 blue tile placements instead of repositioning for defense. As a result, Aran took advantage and took solid control of the green monument on his next turn.

With the tile bag waning, Anthony and Craig were each able to gain a final blue point in their last turn. In the end, Craig won with a score of 9/9/11/12 (7 green plus 2 treasures). Anthony finished as runner-up with 8/8/10/12 ahead of Eric 6/7/10/11 and Aran 5/5/6/6.

Next year, the 1/1/2/2 action rules variant and hypothetic treasure margin-of-victory tiebreaker will be kept. The GM would like to thank everyone for their participation and is looking forward to another great event next year.

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Anthony Bosca Eric Freeman Aran Warszawski Ray Wolff Sam Wolff
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Youth seeks to triumph Doug Smith ponders next move
Youngsters take on challenge Euphrat & Tigris Finalists
GM  Craig Moffitt [13th Year]  NA
 craig.a.moffitt@gmail.com  NA