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Diplomacy (DIP) WBC 2017 Report
Updated February 22, 2018 Icon Key
27 Players Edward Prem 2017 Status 2018 Status Event History
2017 Champion

Backstabbing at its Best

This year, the Diplomacy Tournament was the best two of three rounds with a central clock and scored using C-Diplo. In C-Diplo, all players are ranked based on finish at the end of the game with the first three ranks earning bonus points. Every year, we kick off Diplomacy with a Friday afternoon Demo. We gave away a free copy of Diplomacy to our best new player, Jay Schoenen.

The first round was dominated by long-time Diplomacy tournament veteran Ed Prem. He topped the board with a 13-center Turkey. Meanwhile, the second board finished with a tie for top between Andrew Sherwood's Germany & Harald Henning's Italy, thereby splitting the bonus points for the first two places. The final board saw savvy play by John Stevens’ Austria, an oft-bemoaned power but deadly when guided by a strong player.

The second round on Saturday was all about England. Andrew Sherwood played a masterful England in first teaming up with France to take out Germany, then pushing down his ally before the game ended to ensure a strong board top. His fellow "witch" on the opposite side of the board, Paul Konka, vacillated between multiple allies on the way to a 9-center Turkey. On the other board, Ron Fisher's England and Uffe Christensen's France held a game-long alliance against the board to finish with 10 and 11 centers, respectively.

The third round saw an odd number of players that could be seated, so the GM volunteered to steer Austria on three boards simultaneously, since he was ineligible for ranking, prizes, or awards. The round saw the return of Brandon Bernard, who had not played Diplomacy competitively for almost a decade. Traveling Diplomacy veteran Geoff Mize’s France co-opted temporary alliances around his board and squeaked out a board top over Bob Woodson, taking the lead in the final year to earn the first-place bonus points. Ed Prem's England worked strongly with Evan Walter's France to earn a board top over Uffe Christensen's Italy. The result was significant because Ed and Uffe were competing for the championship on the same board. On the final board, Andrew Sherwood's Turkey also had an opportunity to win the championship. He had a deft back-and-forth with Russia, Austria, and Italy. He grew along with Brandon Bernard's Germany in a highly competitive board with both players ultimately tying at 9-centers. The result meant a split of the bonus points.

Defending Champion Uffe Christensen fought valiantly throughout the event. It's never easy defending a title at WBC, let alone Diplomacy where six other players on a board can conspire to eliminate you. To finish with a 2nd, 1st, and 2nd in three rounds is impressive. Likewise, it's difficult to maintain top standing throughout the tournament. Andrew Sherwood finished with a tied board top, a 1st, and another tied board top, first or tied for first on every board he played. Above them all, Ed Prem claimed the championship this year with two gigantic board tops that gobbled up more than half the available points on each board he played. With the tournament being best two rounds of three, Ed Prem earned his first WBC title and first Diplomacy championship. Congratulations to Ed and all the players who competed strongly in the event!

The WBC 2017 Best Country Awards went to:

John Stevens Ed Prem Uffe Christensen Andrew sherwood & Brandon Bernard Harald Henning Bob Woodson Ed Prem
Austria England France Germany Italy Russia Turkey

The WBC 2017 Best New Player went to Jay Schoenen.

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Andrew Sherwood Uffe Christensen John Stevens Geoff Mize Ron Fisher
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Placing Orders after hard negotiations One last look at the board before orders
Calling for a vote Where is England?



GM  Tom Haver [6th Year]  NA
 Tjhaver@gmail.com  NA