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Conquest of Paradise (CQP) WBC 2017 Report
Updated February 21, 2018 Icon Key
32 Players Paul Brenner 2017 Status 2018 Status Event History
2017 Champion

Rebounding back to the Century

The tenth annual WBC Conquest of Paradise tournament saw CQP drop out of the Century list (it was that close) but was sponsored to continue its decade-long run. The traditional inflatable palm tree and authentic tapa cloth table spread made their usual appearances- but many of the veteran players could not attend. Some could not make the trip to Seven Springs, while others had schedule conflicts, but many former top finishers could not attend. Despite this, we had very high attendance, with a lot of newcomers- as you will soon hear about!

This year’s tournament was the first to use the Deluxe Second Edition of the game. In celebration, we used every Advanced Rule that we could, in addition to the usual Tournament Rule for increased cost of Arts & Culture cards.

The three heats on Thursday night, Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, saw the usual full range of play styles and outcomes. There was the occasional big victory, and the usual close wins- sometimes by just half of a victory point. In one remarkable game, all four players were within two VP’s of each other! The Advanced Rules added some interesting decisions for players including if and when to go for sweet potatoes, when to save build points, and wondering if malaria would effect a move against the independent island groups. The discovery of New Zealand with its South Island was always a big event! The Random Event cards added some spice. We’ll use the Advanced Rules again next year.

The semifinals ended up with three four-player games, including some new players and some former champions. Starting positions were determined by seeding from the three heats. All three games had close outcomes, with one game decided by a single victory point. However, none of the former champions managed to make it out of their semifinal!

After choosing their starting positions in seeded order, the final table was set. Ted Lyng as Samoa was a first timer in the tournament. Ed Beach as Hiva is a former finalist though he had not been able to enter the tournament for many years. Paul Brenner as Tongais an experienced CQP player who was playing in his first tournament in his rookie year at WBC. Rich Vitale as Raiatea: who was taught the game with his wife (who just missed making the finals) just two days earlier! While chatting before the start of the finals, the players realized that all four lived in the Washington suburbs: an all-DMV final.

The game began with some unlucky exploration, with Tonga and Samoa each surrounded by half a dozen open ocean hexes. This convinced them to form an early alliance. The others were finding some useful islands, but then Hiva was hit by the Rebellion event, losing Kuporu to Samoa. Hiva immediately attacked the rebels, losing badly when they turned out to be cannibals. A later attack finally subdued the rebels. Samoa found Rapa Nui deep in Raiatea’s territory; right next door to Raiatea’s crown jewel, Tahiti. They quickly formed a treaty to divide the spoils. Then Raiatea revealed that he had found New Zealand and its South Island, but they were deep in the southwest corner of the Polynesian triangle, and would be difficult to exploit. Tonga then attacked independent Fiji, defeating them while also gaining the bonus victory point provided by the Lapita Pottery card for controlling those islands. Despite Samoa having spread its empire nearly all the way across the map, Tonga declared victory, winning by a comfortable margin.

So, for the first time in many years, we have a first-time-in-the-tournament WBC champion for Conquest of Paradise: Paul Brenner and his victorious Tongans!

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
Richard Vitale Ted Lyng Ed Beach Brian DeWitt Guy Ferraiolo
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Some younger females in a wargame; must be paradise Preparing for the conquest
Steve Cameron getting ready to conquest Conquest of Paradise Finalists with
GM Kevin McPartland
GM Kevin McPartland [10th Year]  NA
  k4mcp@verizon.net NA