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Combat Commander (CBC) WBC 2017 Report
Updated February 21, 2018 Icon Key
34 Players Jordan Kehrer 2017 Status 2018 Status Event History
2017 Champion

Third Time is the Charm

2017 Combat Commander Tournament occupied its allotted location at Seven Springs ready for action with The Host but a faint memory. This year the tournament location was moved to allow for spill over space should it be required. Unfortunately the 2017 Tournament had a drop in attendance with 36 competitors checked in for the day long contest of physical and mental stamina required for the CC tournament. This year the theme of "The Great Campaign" featured scenarios for the year 1944-1945, as the scenarios covered both Eastern and Western Fronts. The tournament again used the Swiss-Elimination format with four opening rounds advancing the top four players to the single elimination playoffs.

The swiss rounds consisted of four games played in succession with two thirds of the entrants playing in three or more rounds. The scenarios for this year were

  • The Fox is in the Hen House (Germans vs Soviets)
  • A Caen Brothers Production (British vs German)
  • Its takes a Village (US vs German)
  • Hatred Runs Deep (Soviets vs German)

All four games played usually finished within the timeframes set out for the tournament.

After all the preliminaries were finished four players stood above the rest of the field and advanced to the Single Elimination Rounds. Bob Heinzmann was the top seed, followed by Jordan Keherer, then Stan Myszak, and qualifying for the fourth and final spot was JR Tracy. George Young and Martin Sample rounded out the Laurel positions taking 5th and 6th places. In the semifinals Bob Heinzmann faced off against JR Tracy and Jordan Keherer opposed Stan Myszak. Top seed, Bob, after a quick game, defeated JR to advance to his fourth CC Finals. In the other semifinal, Jordan bested Stan in a fast paced game to reach his third CC Final.

In the Final, the lower seeded finalist, Jordan, selected a scenario from those previously played at this WBC then the higher seeded finalist, Bob, selected which side to play. Jordan opted for the challenging Fox is in the Henhouse scenario. Bob then unexpectedly picked the Soviet side while Jordan played the Germans. Clearly Bob had a plan for the Soviets, smoke the German Heavy MG on the hill then move up and eliminate the Germans in melee. It seemed to be a good plan right up until his smoke producing mortar broke and was then subsequently eliminated. The upper hand now clearly rested on Jordan’s side of the board. Bob mounted a steadily tightening noose on Jordan’s key position on the board but was unable to overcome the firepower advantage Jordan possessed without the lost mortar. In the end Time ran out on Bob and he graciously accepted defeat. Jordan, in his third final claimed the victory, not only in the 2017 WBC Tournament but his victory was enough to propel him to the overall lead position in the Leader of Men Tournament. In the end, 2017 was Jordan’s year, two Tournaments for the price of one.

Next year will see the introduction of a new tournament within the WBC Tournament. What form of insanity will it take is yet to be determined. Whatever it turns out to be will surely test the mettle of the Combat Commanders at WBC.

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
Bob Heinzmann Stan Myszak JR Tracy George Young Martin Sample
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
BPA Attorney takes on Chairman's son Danny Lewis Dave Long shuffles as GM Bryan Collars looks on
Mark Yoshikama might have a chance at this game since there aren't any dice involved Combat Commander Champion, Jordan Kehrer
receiving his placque from GM Bryan Collars

Combat Commander's Top 5 Finishers with GM Bryan Collars
GM Bryan Collars [7th Year] NA
jbcollars@bellsouth.net NA