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Carcassonne (CAR) WBC 2017 Report
Updated February 21, 2018 Icon Key
142 Players Henry Allen 2017 Status 2018 Status Event History
2017 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

Three Team Tournament Participants in Team Event Final

Congratulations to Henry Allen, the 2017 Carcassonne champion. Henry and two other finalists, Hope Millovich and Denise McKibbin have played in the finals of Carcassonne in recent years, and chose Carcassonne for their team event. Haim Hochboim filled the fourth spot and took third place against this stellar opposition.

The Carcassonne 2017 tournament had only one person score more than 100 points in a game. This skilled player was the 2006 Champion, Katie McCorry, who scored 127 points and beat her nearest competitor by 41 points! Unfortunately, she did not reach the final table as she was bested in the Quarterfinals by Norman Rule, the 2014 Champion.

Two of the Heat 1 games ended in ties for victory. Marcea McCue tied with competitor Michael McKibbin, and won on the tiebreaker that she had 1 unused meeple at the end of the game (Michael had no unused meeples at the end of the game). This game was also our game with the lowest winning score, 53. Also in Heat 1, Norman Rule and Chad Martin each scored 88 points, but Norman had more unused meeples at the end of the game and took the victory. Norman played 4th position, so he had one fewer tile to accomplish this task.

All players with a win in a qualifying heat were eligible for the playoffs. In addition to our four finalists, there were 6 other players who had wins in two heats (Hennessy Gorham, Richard Curtin, Jeremy Pirlet, Kevin Wojtaszczyk, Andrew Martin, and Kevin Hammond), and 32 players with one win. As a result, we qualified 42 players to the Quarterfinals. Alternates would be called only if needed to even up the number of players at the quarterfinal tables. Alternates would be taken from the small pool of non-winners who had amassed more tournament points than many of the winners.

For the past few years, the Carcassonne GM team has been very pleased to use a Giant Carcassonne set for the Final game. The tiles are approximately four times the size of a normal Carcassonne tile. The Giant set is called “The Adults of Carcassonne” and is unfortunately no longer available for purchase. We borrow the set from Norman & Amy Rule each year.

Not all qualifiers were present at the start of the quarterfinals. The level of participation at the Quarterfinal allowed the GM team to give all 10 multiple-game winners a bye to the Semifinal. This left us with 24 players at 6 tables competing for the last 6 spots in the Semifinal. Three alternates were needed to fill four seats at each table. The six semifinalists to advance from the quarterfinal were Chad Martin, Steve Packwood, Robert Drozd, Marcea McCue, Norman Rule, and Sarah Stewart.

Each finalist followed a similar path to reach the final table. All four were multiple winners in the three qualifying heats. Hope Millovich and Henry Allen played in all three qualifying heats. Hope won her first two heats and finished 4th in her final heat. Henry was our only 3-game winner! Denise McKibbin and Haim Hochboim each played in two qualifying heats and won both. As a result, all four of our finalists received a bye in the Quarterfinals and qualified immediately for the Semifinals.

The results of the four Semifinal tables were as follows:

  • Table 1: Henry Allen (70), Chad Martin (68), Andrew Martin (58), Steve Packwood (53)
  • Table 2: Haim Hochboim (78), Robert Drozd (73), Hennessy Gorham (67), Marcea McCue (55)
  • Table 3: Denise McKibbin (63), Rich Curtin (60), Kevin Wojtaszczyk (56), Norman Rule (52)
  • Table 4: Hope Millovich (72), Kevin Hammond (67), Sarah Stewart (57), Jeremy Pirlet (55)

The finals saw Denise going first and drawing a precious monastery. Hope then drew a small city tile and completed the first city of the game for 4 points. Henry and Haim each claimed cities on their 1st turns as well. Hope claimed the first field on her 2nd turn. The next player to score points was Denise with a completed city, scoring her 4 points to tie her with Hope. Henry scored the next points with a completed road worth 4 points.

Hope tried to sneak into Denise’s city, but Denise was able to block her out of the city. This caused the next points to be scored as Denise finished Hope’s city for another 4 points. Shortly thereafter, Henry was able to sneak into one Hope’s cities. Haim then scored his first points of the match with a completed road worth 6 points. On Hope’s, she was fortunate enough to draw a monastery and was extra lucky as there was a space available on the board for instant completion which scored her 9 points. At this time her lead was 17 – 6 – 4 – 4. Soon thereafter, Haim made an attempt to sneak into the city shared by Hope and Henry. On Hope’s next turn, she completed this city, which scored 20 points each for Hope, Henry and Haim.

After this city completion, Henry was able to complete a solo city for 10 points. Haim then completed a small road for 2 points. Hope was next to score with a road of 3 points. At this point in the game, the score was: Hope 40, Henry 34, Haim 28, and Denise 4. The next score was another instant monastery completion, this time for Henry which put him into the lead with 43 points. The next points scored were for a 2 point road completion for Haim. A few turns later, Haim finished a small city for 4 points.

Several turns later, Henry increased his lead with the completion of a 4 point road. Several turns after that, he completed another road for 5 points, which increased his score to 52 points. The next points were scored by Denise as she completed a small city for 4 points. On her next turn, she completed another small city for 4 points. The next points scored were also scored by Denise as she finished a road for 4 points. These were the last points before Final Scoring occurred.

Before Final Scoring, the scores were as follows: Henry 52, Hope 40, Haim 34, and Denise 16. After scoring partial cities, roads, and monasteries, the scores were Henry 74, Hope 56, Haim 52, and Denise 37. Hope & Haim each had 3 farmers, Denise had 2, and Henry had 1. Hope & Haim each scored the most points with her farmers for 12, Denise scored 6 points, and Henry scored no points with his farmer because Hope had 2 farmers in the same field. Final scores were Henry 74, Hope 68, Haim 63, and Denise 43.

The entire Final can be seen in about 50 seconds thanks to a time-lapse video created by Marc Visocnik. The time-lapse video of the Final is available for viewing on the WBC Facebook page. The video turned out very well, and we plan on creating a time-lapse video of the 2018 final next year.

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Hope Millovich Haim Hochboim Denise McKibbin Rich Curtin Hennessy Gorham
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
The fight for the big city has begun Prizes awaiting the winners

Carcassonne Junior 2017

Running a major event like Settlers of Catan with five rounds for 100 adults is a lot of effort, but it pales in comparison to keeping tabs on two dozen little people so when a GM of such a gateway event also steps forward to pull duty in the juniors room on Friday evening it is going above and beyond the norm. Rich Shipley pulled that double duty once again this year to the delight of 24 juniors. The best little people meeple mover was Bailey Burdett notching the second of 5 junior plaques this year. Bailey was followed by Preston Boswell, Zachary Morris, Brandon Wines, Timothy Manley nad Macsen Powers.

GM Rich Shipley with Champion Bailey Burdett

GM  Jennifer Visocnik [5th Year]  NA
 FluteKitty@Gmail.com  NA