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Battle Cry (BCY) WBC 2017 Report
Updated February 19, 2018 Icon Key
40 Players Michael Stanley 2017 Status 2018 Status History/Laurels
2017 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

GM Substitute Triumphs!

With your regular Battle Cry GM Peter Stein on the sidelines, CABS tag teamed running the event with Mike Stanley, Nicole and Bruce Reiff taking over. At the start of the Saturday am round a quick vote was taken and everyone agreed that bidding flags was a bad idea and we switched back to bidding discards. Other comments revolved around not using Gaines Mill again as it was too long for 2 rounds.

After the first round, 18 people advanced to the single elimination portion. That was whittled down to the semifinals with Mike Stanley vs England’s William Kendrick and last year’s runner up Jack Morrell vs Bruce Reiff. Mike won his battle and Jack brought smiles to Don Greenwood with a victory over Bruce Reiff.

In the pantheon of Civil War generals, neither the Union’s William S. Rosecrans nor the Confederate’s Braxton Bragg occupy lofty positions, so the Battle Cry final scenario, Murfreesboro, pitting Jack Morrell against Mike Stanley, saw each player with only 4 command cards – not a good recipe for long-range planning in this game. Both players wanted to play the Union, so spirited bidding saw Jack get to play the favored side, giving Mike 8 card discards for the privilege.

Duplicating the events of the actual battle, Mike’s Confederates went first with a Forced March card and attacked the Union’s right flank, getting two hits and retreating both infantry units, completely disrupting the Union position. After an exchange of pot shots, Jack called for Reinforcements and received a new artillery battery, which he placed in a forward position. However, Mike used counter-battery fire to eliminate it on the very next turn. His successful die-rolls were an indication of things to come.

Both sides picked off enemy units with ranged fire. Jack having particular success with his left flank artillery battery until Mike Short Supplied it to the back row, where it languished for the rest of the game.

Other highlights included the Rebels surrounding and eliminating a (weakened) Union cavalry unit on the Union left and the Union vaporizing a 3-figure Confederate infantry unit with a 3-hit dice roll.

There was no final, grand attack. The score stood 4-4 when Mike used 2 units to attack, eliminating first a 1-figure Union infantry unit, then the accompanying General Thomas for the 5th and 6th banners and the win.

Mike used 3 Fight Back cards during the game, and while they only resulted in a couple of hits, it did mean that Jack did not get to use any Fight Backs. Mike also got to use 2 Leadership cards. But probably the biggest factor was that, in spite of only having 4-card hands, Mike always seemed to have a card that he could put to use. Mike wound up using only one of the 8 free card discards earned during the bidding for sides. All in all, a close, hard-fought game, with some luck to tip the scales.

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
Jack Morrell William Kendrick Bruce Reiff Antonio Gonzalez Daniel Overland
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Eventual Champion Mike Stanley takes on
Antonio Gonzalez
Runner-up Jack Morrell preparing his confederates
Fierce battle in the center Bruce Reiff looking to advance into the semifinals
GM  Peter Stein [3rd Year]  NA
 attackpeter@aol.com  NA