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Ace of Aces (AOA) WBC 2017 Report
Updated February 12,2018 Icon Key
43 Players Bill Burch, MD 2017 Status 2018 Status History/Laurels
2014-2017 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

Can Anyone Stop Ace Burch!

The Ace of Aces tournament in 2017 continued to add players to its ranks and had a total of 43 registered participants, 12 of which were first time players. With a few exceptions, noted below, the GMs used the same format as previous years. Ace of Aces held four heats, dubbed Flying Circuses, where players could gather to find players to dogfight against and hopefully qualify for the final circus. Qualifying for the final circus was the first change from previous years, and the GMs were happy with the results. The number of flights required to qualify was lowered from 15 dogfights against 10 different opponents to 10 dogfights against 5 different opponents. This change not only resulted in more qualifying pilots, it also resulted in more players turning in their flight logs (a problem from previous years). In 2017 the total number of qualified pilots increased to 16. The top six qualifying scores ranged from 4.31 to 2.70 (5.00 scale), and included two first time players. Additionally, the total number of recorded flights increased from 149 to 237.

In 2017 the GMs continued the tradition of recording and rewarding pilots that achieved Ace status by shooting down 5 opponents. Each pilot that reached Ace status was awarded a black poker chip with a skull on one side and the roundel for the country of the player’s choice. This year there were 9 players that reached Ace status, 3 of which were first time players. The Ace pilots for 2017 were: Justin Rice, William Burch, Bill Burtless, Dan Lawall, Melody Loder, Jonathan Miller, Tim Rogers, Bruce Young, and Eric Young. Additionally, Bill “Bullet Sponge” Burtless maintained his hold on the coveted Bullet Sponge award by taking 87.5 points of damage during the qualifying heats.

As in previous years, the top six qualifiers became finalists at the Final Circus. However, this year the GMs tried a double elimination system for the final round, instead of the usual round robin approach. This unfortunately resulted in more down time between dogfights and generally slowed the final round. The GMs have decided to discontinue the double elimination approach and go back to the round robin format for subsequent tournaments.

The 2017 Final Circus consisted of past champion William Burch along with Dan Lawall, Melody Loder, Bill Burtless, Doug Porterfield, and Tim Rogers. William Burch continued his streak as Champion, winning for the fourth straight year.

The GMs will continue to make improvements in the following years to encourage even more pilots to come fly and enjoy this classic game and possibly even the addition of a team squadron or free-for-all category.

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 3

Daniel Lawall Tim Rogers Melody Loder Bill Burtless Doug Porterfield
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Any age can play this game. "What did you just do to me?"

Here is a bunch of high flyers. Ace of Aces finalist William Burch & Dan Lawall.
GM  Bill Burtless [2nd Year]  NA
 BBurtless@Bellsouth.net  NA