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Adel Verpflichtet (ADV) WBC 2017 Report
Updated May 2, 2018 Icon Key
75 Players Abigail Leavitt 2017 Status 2018 Status History/Laurels
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Detectives Rule the Final

A grand total of 75 art collectors gathered in Seven Springs 2016 to show off the best that their exhibits had to offer! Each of the three heats were made of up two rounds, mixing up the tables between so as not to play the exact same people twice.

The first heat consisted of 45 collectors - four contenders, Sue Anne Marks, Nick Henning, Ted Bohaczuk and Scott Saccenti, managed to take first in both rounds earning them a solid place in the Semi-Finals. The second heat saw four more collectors (out of 40) with a perfect 10 (first place in both rounds); Donte Saccenti, Karl Henning, Ashley Worley and David Meyaard. In our last heat of the week, only two out of 25 achieved perfection, Jennifer Brown and David Meyaard. David was the only 2017 collector to score two 1st places in two heats.

The 25 person semifinal round included some folks with seven points. Semifinalists played one game and the 1st place player from each table moved on to a single 5-player Final.

The first turn of the final saw everyone at the auction house and the largest check of the game ($24k) played. The second turn saw everyone but Philip Livingston at the auction as the second largest check of the game was played. By the fifth turn of the game we began to see some variety and the jail contained only Brady Detwiler’s thieves.

The next turn things had shifted to the castle as Mike Kaltman sent his thief and everyone else sent their detectives. Philip took the lead and was the first to turn the corner. But a few turns later all pawns were within 4 spaces of one another. Brady had a rough turn when Abigail, Mike and David sent their thieves in (no detective in sight), but even so he was first to round the last corner with the finish line in sight.

However, David and Abigail were quick to land on the same space and one space back was Mike and one behind that was Philip, putting all players within 3 spaces of one another. A few exhibits later we see everyone at the castle; they all sent detectives to admire collections that were not available. Next, David goes to the auction house while everyone else goes back to the castle … with detectives. Then it happens again… and again.

Finally the cycle is broken when Abigail and Mike go to the auction house and the remaining players meet in the castle to show off their exhibits. Then Mike goes to the auction house and everyone in the castle (surprise!) sends detectives. A few detectives later with some exhibits thrown in there and both Mike and David cross the finish line.

Final exhibits reveal Abigail with 12 pieces in her set, earning 8 points and passing 5 spaces past the finish line. David with a strong 10 piece exhibit and the tie breaking oldest card in the game (1468) takes 5 more points landing on the same space as Abigail. Mike finished 3rd with 10 in his set, 1 space past the finish line, followed by Philip and Brady. When all was said and done Abigail won the tiebreaker with her impressive 12 piece collection.

Congratulations to Abigail Leavitt on her victory!

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1

David Meyaard Michael Kaltman Philip Livingston Brady Detwiller Nick Henning
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

A close game as they enter the home stretch

Can they catch the leader?

Ashley Worley getting help from her daughter

Thieving and exhibiting in the Alpine Room
GM     Angela Bender [2nd Year]  NA
    AngelaMichelleC@Gmail.com   NA