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Advanced Civilization (ACV) WBC 2017 Report
Updated February 13, 2018 Icon Key
44 Players Jon Anderson 2017 Status 2018 Status History/Laurels
  2017 Champion   Click box for details. Click box for details.

New Blood in Advanced Civilization!

The beloved Avalon Hill Classic Advanced Civilization experienced quite a bit of change this year. Long running GM Kevin Youells passed the reigns of the position onto a well-established Advanced Civ veteran: Nathan Barhorst. Nathan has a long-standing history with Advanced Civ ranging from serving as an Assistant GM to the game in prior years, to overseeing and developing the Play by Email online version of the game. Barhorst plans to serve as the games GM for the foreseeable future. During the transition from old GM to new, Kevin Youells graciously served as an Assistant GM this year and aided Nathan in his first year running an event at the WBC.

Attendance experienced a 25% increase from WBC 2016 newcomers who attended an interactive Powerpoint Demo hosted by Jennifer Visocnik elected to take part in the heats that were setup for two days during the week. This year’s attendance of 44 nearly eclipsed the all-time high for attendance set back in 1992 when the WBC was still known as Avalon Con. Multiple age groups young and old attended this year’s heats. Many of the seasoned veterans who have made Advanced Civilization one of their convention mainstays welcomed these newcomers with open arms and with much enthusiasm. With eagerness to teach these new players a few pointers on how to strategize in their newfound game, Advanced Civ’s seasoned players have certainly helped many of these new players find an appreciation for one of Avalon Hills Classic Games. We look forward to seeing these new players again during the 2018 WBC!

The 2017 Advanced Civilization Final was mainly comprised of previous year’s champions and a few players who have been regulars at the Advanced Civilization Heats. In a break from many of the previous Advanced Civ Finals, this year’s Final saw very little if any Nation on Nation conflict. While calamities were plenty and early bouts of Epidemic and Famine set the stage for a grueling climb to victory for many players, this year’s game was heavily decided by each player’s prowess in the trade rounds and the ability to stay hidden amongst the pack of middle place players. For much of the game, players jostled for mid-range position so they would not draw attention to themselves during the calamity phase as secondary effects of calamities are typically assigned to those who are in first or second place.

The last round of this year’s final saw the bulk of Military Conflict. Many of the leading players attacked each other to prevent city construction, which would deny the victim an additional trade card and 50 extra game points during the final point tally at the end of the game. The Final concluded with a narrow margin between the top four places. In the end, Jon Anderson of Egypt claimed the mantle of 2017 Advanced Civilization Champion with 4731 points, followed closely by Eric Monte of Iberia at 4566 points and David Hewitt of Crete with a razor thin third place finish with 4561 points. Closely following the leaders the rest of the finalists followed (in descending order): Doug Galullo, Paul Grosser, Kevin Youells, Nathan Barhorst and Marc Visocnik. We all look forward to having everyone next year for the 2018 WBC!

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2

Eric Monte David Hewitt Doug Galullo Paul Grosser Kevin Youells
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Planning their next move Wheeling and Dealing in Advanced Civilization


David Hewitt making is way to the finals Advanced Civilization finalists with GM Nathan Barhorst
GM     Nathan Barhorst [1st Year]  NA
    bpa@natemac.com   NA