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Air Baron (ABN) WBC 2017 Report
Updated February 15, 2018 Icon Key
60 Players Jim Fleckenstein 2017 Status 2018 Status History/Laurels
  2017 Champion   Click box for details. Click box for details.

Go West Young Man

Sixty would-be airline moguls rolled through the Seven Springs Ballroom in an attempt to manufacture the best airline structure and create the best market share during the 2017 Henry Richardson Memorial Air Baron Tournament. There were fewer runaway winners in all of the heats this year as more than half the tables played to a full 3 hour adjudication. The GM’s least favorite of all of the calamities turned out of the cups the most this year – as several players fell victim to the strike token. One of the GM’s big pleasures of the event this year was being able to play two heats with designer Evan Davis and being able to walk away with a signed game box.

In one of the more memorable heats, Jeff Finkeldey’s rise and fall of the Toucan Empire showed how swingy Air Baron can be. Bruce Bernard took home the honor of highest score during the week with a 3rd round heat score of 354 (340 in market share) Craig Melton’s high score of 352 edged Jim R. Fleckenstein’s 339 for next high score during the heats, with Jessica Finkeldey and Don Greenwood coming to play with high scores of 336 and 329 respectfully.

Twenty-five winners and alternates made up the Air Baron semifinals. Mike Aubuchan was happy to join the event during the 3rd heat and earned a semifinal spot on table 1. He was able to roll through fare wars during the final turn of the game (before an adjudication needed to be made) to win with a 320 market share and $0. GM Max Jamelli took control of the west on semifinal table 2 and during the final two turns of the game withstood several die roll attempts to crack his market share while getting big payouts to win with a score of 331 (220 Market Share, 111 cash). Jim Fleckenstein’s 324 (280 Market Share, 44 cash) on table 3 earned him a spot in the finals for the second straight year. Table 4 was won by Jessica Finkeldey while she held a single dollar at the end with a market share of 320. Jessica topped tournament heavyweights and past champions Stephane Dorais and Brandon Bernard. Table five winner Pat Mirk also topped two past champions, Craig Melton and Bruce Bernard to earn a spot in the finals.

The Finals started with a $5 bank roll and after a $6 PHL purchase to open, Mike Aubuchan rolled through Fare Wars to grab an early Market Share lead. Jim Fleckenstein started in San Diego with the first pick in the game and after everyone else played in the East or Midwest, Max Jamelli thought he needed to try to block Jim from rolling over the entire West uncontested with a purchase of Las Vegas. Vegas paid off during the middle rounds with LAX pulls and spoke pulls, but Jim was uncontested in the San Francisco hub and due to several payouts was able to prepare a fare wars run by purchasing both foreign spokes (Vancouver and Hong Kong). The other stroke of luck for Jim was the government contract. When it was pulled for the 3rd time and would pay $3, Jim was the only player with a solid bankroll. Jim picked up a contract that would pay $3 per turn for a mere $2 – and it eventually paid him $24! By the time Jim went into Fare Wars to roll through the west, he had +4 or +5 die roll modifiers and was easily able to jump to 220 Market Share. Pat Mirk and Mike traded market share in the Northeast and Midwest throughout the middle rounds while Jessica Finkeldey was unchecked in the Southeast. Max Jamelli’s opening plays in Washington never panned out during the game. Pat Mirk started in the Chicago hub with Minneapolis and finished with the Chicago hub for a market share of 120. Aubuchon’s early run fell as he finished with 220 Market Share and a loan. Finkeldey combined market share and cash for a score of 232 while Jim Fleckenstein’s final two rounds of payouts helped boost his Market Share of 260 to a final winning score of 320. It was a final table that the GM feels that Henry Richardson would’ve been happy to see and I think that he had a pretty good vantage point for Fleckenstein’s first win.

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1

Jessica Finkeldey Michael Aubuchon Patrick Mirk Max Jamelli Tom Bissa
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Brad Sherwood deciding where his
next move will take him.

All smiles with this Air Baron group.

There are a lot of planes are have been
commissioned in this game.
John Cousis, 2016 Air Baron Champion, plays his way
through the heats, but does not make it to the finals to
defend his title.
GM     Max Jamelli [3rd Year]   NA
    MaxJamelli1@Yahoo.com    NA