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7 Wonders (7WS) WBC 2017 Report
Updated February 12, 2018 Icon Key
177 Players Andrew Emerick 2017 Status 2018 Status History/Laurels
  2017 Champion   Click box for details. Click box for details.

Civilization Building leads off WBC Opening Weekend

There are many wonders to behold at the World Boardgaming Championships. For the players who came during the first weekend of the convention seeking to lead one of the ancient civilizations to glory, the 7 Wonders tournament remained strong. Over 90 games were played over the course of 3 open heats during the first Saturday and Sunday of WBC in 2017.

Sixty-four noble players advanced to the quarterfinals on Sunday afternoon. The advancement system was based on earning points during the open heats where two games were played in each heat. If a player participated in more than one heat, only the heat they did best in was used. Most of the qualifiers for the quarterfinals earned 13 advancement points signifying that the two games played in an open heat is where the player took at least first and second during their games in that heat. Although the top 70 players scored at least 12 advancement points (two seconds in their open heat), the need for alternates allowed the player who ranked 94th to play in the quarterfinals with only 10 advancement points from their open heat.

In the 16 quarterfinal tables, the average player score was 49 and the average difference between first and fourth place was 17 points. Most of the players who advanced from their quarterfinal table onto the semi-finals finished first at least once. Out of the 16 tables, 7 tables had a player who won both of their games played. I kept statistics on how well each of the countries fared. Spoiler alert: Alexandria won more often than any of the countries played. The Alexandria player finished first 8 out of the 15 times it was played. Based on its underwhelming performance this year and last year, Babylon seems to be the country to avoid.

For the semi-finals, the average score for the 8 games was 51. The average difference between first and last was 13 points. Alexandria again proved to be the country which fared the best. The Alexandria player finished first 3 out of the 5 times it was played. Babylon again was the most challenging country to win with placing last 2 out of the 3 times it was played. The advancing player from each of the four tables finished first and second in their individual games (no double firsts).

That brings us to the Finals where in the first game Dominic Blais won as Olympia with 26 in science and no monuments, meaning that he had no blue cards even with a total of 54. Second was Andrew Emerick with a well-rounded 47 city state of Rhodes. Kevin Collins was third with Babylon scoring 44 mostly from monuments. Walter Neumann finished fourth with 37 points with 20 of those from his Giza wonder. So we end the first round with advancement point totals of Dominic 7, Andrew 6, Kevin 4, and Walter 1.

In the second game the difference between first and last was only 8 points. In this game Dominic took fourth using side A Giza with 15 from Giza and 22 from monuments for a total 51. The third place player was Kevin playing Ephesos with 52 points, being the only player with science this game. There was a tie for 1st broken by most cash with 2nd going to Walter playing Olympia at 59 points, mostly from guild points from purple cards. That left Andrew with 1st place using Alexandria and maximizing war points at 18 and a well-rounded total of 59, including 8 points from cash. Final advancement point totals were Andrew 13, Dominic 8 (54 tiebreaker), Kevin 8 (52 tiebreaker), and Walter 7. It looks like Babylon might need to be handicapped somehow next year.

Congratulations to Andrew Emerick who built his cities and erected architectural wonders which will transcend future times. That is until the 2018 7 Wonder Tournament seeks the next champion.

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2

Dominic Blais Kevin Collins Walter Neumann Danielle Rosenberger Marc Nelson Jr
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
There was a great turn out for 7 Wonders again this year Philip watching his players after his adventurous
trip to 7 Springs
The Ski Lodge is not just for wargames as
7 Wonders ventured into the Lodge
7 Wonders finalists with GM Philip Shea

7 Wonders Junior 2017

Rob Shollenberger ran a Juniors version of 7 Wonders this year with 21 little Civilization builders participating in 5 games. Simon Chickman proved to be the best builder followed by Preston Saccenti, Aubrey Powers, Darwin Killin, Joe Birnbaum, and Bailey Burdett

The future of the WBC getting ready to
challenge the adults
Simon Chickman with one of his two Junior
plaques in 2017



GM    Philip Shea [2nd Year]   NA
   Philip3007@Yahoo.com    NA