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War Of The Ring (WOR) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Nov. 28, 2016 Icon Key
29 Players Chris Trimmer, TX 2016 Status 2017 Status History/Laurels
2016 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

Record Numbers in Middle Earth

The tournament looks to have found it’s scheduling sweet spot, garnering a record 29 participants across the first Sunday mulligan followed by Friday/second Saturday elimination rounds. The Demo run by Christopher and Joe Yaure proved fruitful, netting three new attendees. There were nine early games logged in the mulligan round and six more in Round 1. A dozen of the resulting 15 winners advanced toward Mount Doom in the second elimination round on Saturday morning.

Bidding for sides was sparse throughout with the high bid being a 3 given to Michael Sosa’s FP in the semifinal and 2 bids given to the FP in other later round games. Once again the tournament began balanced with four FP wins (three Ring dunks, one FPMV) and five SP wins (four SPMV, one Corruption) in the Mulligan round. The Shadow fared better in Round 1 with four SPMV compared to two FP wins (one each Ring dunk and FPMV). Round 2 saw three wins for each side with two Ring dunks and one FPMV and one SPMV and two Corruption wins. The later rounds were then dominated by shadow play with one ring dunk and four SPMVs down the stretch. 26 games were contested with ten FP wins and 16 SP victories.

Byron Stingley lead the way with the FPMV victories, grabbing two of the three while Christopher Yaure snagged the other. Defending champ Kevin Wojtaszczyk was defeated by a fleet footed FSP directed by Jeromey Martin in Round 1. Christopher Yaure fell victim to one of Byron’s FPMV wins in Round 2. Jacob Hebner was turned aside by Marty Sample who had better luck with Jacob’s dice.

By Round 3 the 2016 laurelists had been determined and were paired for the combats to follow: Michael Sosa vs Bryon Stingley, Joseph Yaure vs Andy Latto and Marty Sample vs Chris Trimmer. The historians were trying the long bottom leaf so had minimal notes on the games or it was an effect of being next to the bar upstairs in Foggy Goggle. The first two games ended quickly with Andy Latto racing the FSP across the map to dunk the ring vs Joe Yaure. Gandalf the White and Gollum helped speed them along. Chris Trimmer’s SP, on the other hand, spread across Middle Earth quickly and grabbed ten VPs for a shadow win vs Marty’s Aragorn and Gandalf the White led FP. In the third game, Bryon went on the offensive with Paths of Woe stopping a SP military victory and then wreaking havoc behind the SP lines. The FSP however were stuck outside Mordor, so a few turns later Michael managed to backtrack and retake ten VPs for the win.

The Trimmer-Latto semifinal started immediately and ended in quick order. Andy was the FP and crowned Aragorn, had Gandalf the White and also got Gollum guiding the FSP. Some early Ents cards almost killed Chris’s Saruman to derail some of his SP offensives. However, Chris held on and a final round of dice came down to a 2:2 battle of Dale with the FSP two steps into Mordor at the end of the turn. Chris won the battle to prevent any chance of Andy dunking the ring on the next turn. Now he had to wait on the result of the eliminator game to see if he needed to win another game or if he had already done enough.

Michael Sosa was paired with an eliminator in the other bracket. That duty was performed by the GM with the intent of shortening the tournament by a round. Michael took the FP with three dwarven rings and Kevin’s SP had a slow start with four eyes (three rolled)! The lack of musters though hampered Michael’s FP because no SP companions were mustered early and Gandalf the Grey would not leave the FSP. Early wills just moved or hid the FSP as Kevin continued to get units and nazgul on the last known location of the FSP to garner hunt re-rolls. That slowed some of their movement and a big swing in luck occurred on Turn 3 when Strider fell on a random draw to the Foul Thing event. Woodland Realm armies caused much confusion (three 1’s) and damage (three hits) to almost break the siege, but event card reinforcements saved the SP. On the last turn Saruman was left alone in Orthanc while Michael finally got to recruit Gandalf the White with a followup play of Ents to kill him, but it was too little too late. A great set of attack action dice and combat effects, along with some timely 6’s in battle, closed out Kevin’s SP victory, transforming Chris Trimmer’s semifinal win to a Final victory and giving Chris his third War of the Ring Championship!

Many thanks to everyone who chose to play, especially those who brought along copies of the game making our record turnout possible.

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
Andy Latto, MA Mike Sosa, DE Marty Sample, NH Joseph Yaure, PA Byron Stingley, NC
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
The orcs are swarming. Andy Latto vs Mary Ellen Powers
Bill Powers vs Jeff Pattison Chris Kizer vs Chris Greenfield
Brian Mountford vs Chris Yaure with a deluxe painted set of figures.
GM  Kevin Wojtaszczyk [9th Year]  NA
 kwojtasz@roadrunner.com  NA