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ticket to ride (TTR) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Nov. 26, 2016 Icon Key
261 Players Jay Fox, NJ 2016 Status 2017 Status History/Laurels
  2016 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

A Bigger Depot Makes for Better Trains

The move to Seven Springs was this GM’s dream come true! For the first time, there was no fretting about having enough tables. Even a sound system was added to aid in getting everyone seated quickly. Placing players for the first two heats in Seasons felt like loading a 747 as 152 players in Heat 1 and 162 in Heat 2 came to play their favorite game. The line was down the hall with the Caboose Hat peeking in each door as the line moved. In all we had 261 players, down 13% from 2015, but this was still a fine showing for the first year in a new venue.

We moved into the Ballroom for Heats 3 and 4, and the plethora of gaming space was again demonstrated as we fit heats of Ticket to Ride, Pirates Cove and The Castles of Mad King Ludwig simultaneously with plenty of elbow room. This allowed some banter between players in the different tournaments. As the pirates yelled, “Walk the plank!” the Ticket to Ride players yelled back, “Two off the top!” as they took train cards to finish their routes.

Many games came down to the tiebreaker for most tickets made. One even resorted to the second tiebreaker—longest continuous route between tied players. That tiebreaker put Mary Packwood into the quarterfinals. It was an exciting finish, although perhaps a bit deflating for Dan Harthan who was on the other end of that tiebreaker.

To take advantage of WBC’s earlier start, we added a heat on Monday evening. We also moved the quarterfinal to Saturday so the tournament would end earlier on Sunday and people could get earlier starts on their trips home. Andrew George came in fifth with the closest runner-up score. Ashley Kilroy had the most preliminary wins with three. She then got the second best runner-up in the quarterfinal to earn the coveted Sand Plaque adding a unique prize to the Kilroy family collection.

After 133 games, four players reached the Final: Cliff Ackman, Scott Saccenti, perpetual finalist Jay Fox and Hank Griffin. Building began in earnest on the East coast and gradually spread to the West, replicating the historical growth of the railroads across North America. Onlookers started to gather; in particular, nearly all of the Saccenti kids came to marvel that their dad had made it to the Final! That, in itself made it a crowd. However, far from being an anomaly, a Saccenti presence in a Final was an all too commonplace sight in 2016.

There was some confusion about made tickets, but in the end Jay Fox won the tournament for the first time—ending years of “close, but no cigar” near misses for Jay.

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
Cliff Ackman, PA Hank Griffin, PA Scott Saccenti, MD Andrew George, NY Ashley Kilroy, PA
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

If each row of tables equals a car,
then all cars of this train are full in the Seasons depot.

Ashley Kilroy, on her way to a sand finish,
and Tessa Lytle head a carload of riders.

Semifinalists Hank Griffin, Dan Harthan,
Tammy Lusk and Henry Allen on getaway Sunday

Semifinalists Alyssa Morgen, Andrew George,
Mandy Mossman and Scott Saccenti

Semifinalists Cliff Ackman, Todd Trahan,
Dylan Black and Anne Norton

Akihisa Tabei and Cynthia Lee head
another car of riders in the inaugural Seven Springs train.
GM Claire Brosius oversees her four finalists.

Ticket To Ride Junior 2016

Eric Freeman with some help from his dad welcomed 29 pint-sized travellers to Fox Den on Saturday afternoon with five new top passengers emerging. Only Preston Saccenti managed to:repeat from last year while improving from fifth place to runner-up but had the misfortune of losing to his sister. Now he has to endure a whole year of family bragging rights.

~1st: Linsey Saccenti

~ 2nd: Preston Saccenti

~ 3rd: Sam Burdett

~ 4th: Zach Morris

~ 5th: Aubrey Powers

~ 6th: Freya Brody

James Freeman lends a hand as a conductor to maintain order. GM Eric Freeman presents Linsey Saccenti with her plaque.
GM  Claire Brosius [8th Year]  NA 
 public.brosius@comcast.net  NA