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Titan 2-Player (TT2) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Nov. 26, 2016 Icon Key
16 Players David Hull, PA 2016 Status 2017 Status History/Laurels
  2016 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

Marathon Finish

It was a rough year for WBC Titan fans. Both Titan events recorded their worst attendance ever with declines north of 35%. The game that had used a grandfather clause for decades to defy “one game/one event” restrictions fell from two Century events to none in one year.

For the first time in nine years, the semifinals did not include Aaron Fuegi. Aaron lost in the first round to Bruce Rae who ended his own quest in the semifinals. In the first semifinal, Brian Sutton triumphed in a long campaign with Nick Klercker wherein it did not appear as if any single battle made much of a difference. Quite the opposite occurred in the other bracket where the first big battle was decisive. Bruce attacked one of the two starting stacks belonging to David Hull without knowing which of the two lords would be present. Bruce's titan stack was superior to the defending stack, but it was David's angel, not his titan. When the smoke had cleared, Bruce had two warbears with his stack plus the earned angel, a difficult recruiting task. He also had to avoid the other starting stack, and that proved even more difficult. After a series of rolls where Bruce was both unable to get away or to recruit, he was in the desert when David attacked with his titan, a warlock, three rangers and a cyclops, Even without an angel to summon, the battle ended quickly. 

The Final was played late, unlike how such things have been decided in past years. But one of the participants had some local matters to attend to and the two combatants agreed to meet on Saturday night to resolve the matter. David had an explosive start with 6’s on five of his first eight rolls, and quickly got two hydras in his titan stack. One early curiosity had Brian recruiting a guardian with three gargoyles when there were still cyclops available to be had. 

After three hours the game was put on hold, the positions recorded and the participants agreed to continue the next morning. The venue was closing on Saturday night, and would not reopen the next day so the remainder would be moved to the main building.

Eventually both players had titan teleport. Once when Brian had a twelve high titan, he teleported onto an angel stack in the brush, with a defending legion of angel, four serpents and a behemoth. Brian's titan had a warlock, four serpents and a behemoth with an angel to call. The result: a 14-high titan with three angels and a serpent. Another three and a half hours passed and the end of the convention required an artificial stopping point. At the time the results were due in the registration area, the game was still going strong, and both players had a chance to win. It is unusual for any 2-player game to take this long, let alone for one player not to have a significant advantage over the other. When asked, each player claimed to have about a 50% opportunity to win. This was the best possible agreement in terms of adjudication, because it meant, rather than any other more convoluted method, the winner would then be determined by the rules for a mutual elimination, a dice roll of seven dice, needing to get four or more hits to be the victor. David wielded the dice, rolled and got his four hits to be declared the winner.

This is the first time the Final has been determined off the board but events conspired against us. Both players are to be commended for their sportsmanship and the acknowledgement that the other player had an equal chance had the game continued. 

David Hull was playing in his first WBC Titan tournament. He has been a force online and now that the convention is being held at Seven Springs, we would expect him to be in attendance more frequently and to have occasion to finish what he starts. Alas, now we must depend on the December membership vote to see if he will have that opportunity.

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
Brian Sutton, MD Bruce Rae, bc Nick Klercker, NY Sean McCulloch, OH Akihisa Tabei, jp
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Nick Klercker vs Julie Ehlers

Fomer champ Aaron Fuegi loses in the first round.

Titan Two GM Rich Atwater oversees his finalists.
GM  Rich Atwater [13th Year]  NA¬†
 kmarma@comcast.net  NA