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Star Wars Miniatures (SWM) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Nov. 26, 2016 Icon Key
26 Players Jacob Hebner, CO 2016 Status 2017 Status History/Laurels
2016 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

May The Force be With You

The event’s second year experienced less attendance decline than the convention as a whole. This is the most popular Star Wars game produced since the theme first appeared “A Long Time Ago.” Almost all the players were familiar with the game and most did not expect that the randomly selected squads would include the variety provided. They also did not expect to see squads with so many extremely rare characters. This event was conducted similar to a game store booster tournament, except participants were not required to purchase boosters or anything else. The GMs provided all materials required to play the game: Minis, Cards, Maps, Dice and handouts. 

In this event, players qualified for Single Elimination play by winning games in the preliminary round encompassing four heats. Players could enter one or more of the heats without limit. Matches were made randomly in the first heat. Thereafter, the GM's matched opponents with like records whenever possible.

Heat 1: Vinny Sinigaglio scored highest in this heat with 165 points playing a Yuzhan Vong squad with Warmaster Tsvong Lah. Alex Gregorio finished second with 158 points playing an Imperial squad with Darth Vader's Apprentice Unleashed. 

Heat 2:. Jacob Hebner played a Republic squad with General Windu and garnered 171 points. The next highest score was attained by Bruno Sinigaglio who scored 150 points with an Imperial squad led by Admiral Thrawn.

Heat 3: David Brooks played a Rebel squad that included Darth Vader's Apprentice Redeemed and amassed 156 points. The next highest score went to Jeff Yerden, who scored 151 points with an Imperial squad led by Darth Vader Champion of the Sith.

Heat 4: Robert Powers played a Separatist squad led by General Grievous Droid Army Commander and scored 192 points. The next highest score went to Pete Pollard who scored 155 points with a Republic squad containing Commander Ahsoka, and Captain Rex.

Playoffs: Eight players advanced to the elimination rounds seeded by total points scored in the heats: 1. Alex Gregorio, 2, Robert Powers, 3. Vinny Sinigaglio, 4. Bruno Sinigaglio, 5. David Brooks, 6. Jacob Hebner, 7. Pete Pollard and 8. Jeff Yerden. Alex Gregorio was the only higher seed to survive the quarterfinals as upsets advanced David Brooks, Jacob Hebner and Pete Pollard.

In the semifinals, Alex drew an Imperial Squad with Admiral Thrawn, Mara Jade, Storm Commandoes, Reborn and a Disciple of Ragnos vs David Brooks’ squad of pirates led by Cad Bane and Grievous, Kaleesh Warlord. Both sides strove for the center of the board and the gambit hex. Alex drew first blood as Mara Jade and the Storm Commandoes killed three minions and Cad Banes's Bodyguard. The pirates Bulk Loader Droid was slow arriving, but the big droid and Grievous waded into the center killing Mara Jade and other Imperials. Grievous died in the carnage. Cad Bane was corrupted by the Disciple of Ragnos, but despite corruption, Bane and the Bulk Droid eliminated all but the two Storm Commandoes. It came down to the two Storm Commandoes vs Bane and the Bulk Loader, but without Thrawn the Storm Commandoes would not prevail, so David Brooks advanced.

In the other bracket, Jacob drew a Yuzhan Vong squad with Yomin Carr and Warmaster Tsvong Lah vs Pete Pollard with a squad of Mandolorians led by Boba Fett, Mercenary Commander. Boba Fett quickly took out a Vong Priest with missiles while Tsavong Lah waded into two Chiss troopers. Two YV Hunters attacked and killed a Mando Gunslinger and Mando Warrior. At this point, most of YV directed their effort against Boba Fett, while Lah battled the two Chiss. Luck was on the side of the YV as Boba rolled four critical misses in the next eight shots, allowing the Vong to close to melee. In the end, Lah killed the two Chiss and the rest of the Vong took down Boba. For Pete it was a replay of the 2012 Squad Leader Final vs Bill Thomson, where he rolled an uncountable number of snake eyes while a shocked Bill just laughed.

In the Final, Jacob drew the New Republic squad that was sent to kill the Voxyn Queen forces which included Anakin Solo, Jaina Solo, Jacen Solo, Ganner Rhysode, Wolf Sazen and Jagged Fel. David drew a Sith squad with Darth Nihl, Darth Maul Sith Apprentice and the nasty Sith Heavy Assault Droid. On Turn 1, both sides warily approached the center gambit hex in the conference hall. On Turn 2, Ganner and Wolf closed on the center hex and then each force pushed a Sith Captain and his elite troopers out the conference door, causing the door to close. On Turn 3, Ganner and Wolf again pushed Sith out, while Jaina entered, but the Sith Assault Droid opened another door allowing Darth Nihl to enter and put 20 damage on Anakin. On Turn 4, all kinds of attacks erupted: Jaina twin attacked the Assault Droid for 40 damage and the Droid returned 60 damage on Jaina, almost killing her. Darth Nihl again damaged Anakin for 20, almost killing him. Anakin and Wolf went after the deadly Assault Droid with Anakin hitting for 10, but Wolf rolling a critical miss. Ganner then levitated Jacen to the Sith rear and he killed a Sith Operative. On Turn 5, the nasty Heavy Assault Droid shot and killed Jaina and Darth Nihl killed Wolf. On the New Republic half of the turn, Jacen who had built up the Force in the interim, unleashed it on every character within six hexes killing the Sith Captain, a Sith Trooper, the Assault Droid, Darth Nihl, his own brother Anakin and Jaina's boyfriend Jagged Fel. It was an awesome game ending move that gave the title to Jacob Hebner.

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
David Brooks, TN Pete Pollard, TN Alex Gregorio, PA Vinny Sinigaglio, NJ Bruno Sinigaglio, AK
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Robert Powers and Graham Buccheri battle in the preliminaries.

Star Wars with a view
GM  Bruno Sinigaglio [1st Year]  NA
 Brunofjs@hotmail.com  907-460-5860