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stone age (STA) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Nov. 26, 2016 Icon Key
161 Players Aran Warszawski, il 2016 Status 2017 Status History/Laurels
2016 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

Second Again

Stone Age had 161 players with 23 tables in the first heat, 17 in the second, and 24 in the third. 52 unique winners qualified for the quarterfinals. The three heats produced one triple winner: 2015 runner-up Scott Saccenti. Scott won his next game also and was the only 2015 finalist to manage a return to the title game. Ten players qualified for the playoffs with multiple wins. Players were ranked by number of wins and non-wins. Based on those rankings, four players received byes to the semifinals. 12 quarterfinal tables would be employed for the remaining qualifiers to win into the remaining 12 semifinal spots. Five of the 48 qualifiers did not appear for the quarterfinals, which resulted in two additional byes to the semifinals as the 12 quarterfinal tables were reduced to ten. Players were ranked in NCAA style for each quarterfinal table and placed in seats based on their ranking.

Aran Warszawski won the event with 113 points from the fourth seat in the Final which went for no bid. The first seat cost three points, the second and third seat went for two points each. Greg Thatcher won the bid and the first seat but finished last with 91 points. The second seat went to Dante Saccenti who took third with 92 points. The third seat belonged to Scott Saccenti who couldn’t manage five straight wins and finished second again with 99 points.

The low scoring game was over in nine turns, ending on Greg’s move, and triggered by exhausting a hut pile. The players received most of their points from huts instead of cards. Greg had one good and nine food remaining and received 21 points from cards. Dante had seven goods and 0 food remaining and received 30 points from cards. Scott had three goods and 0 food remaining and received 35 points from cards. Aran had three goods and 0 food remaining and received 34 points from cards. Aran used the starvation strategy and started starving on Turn 5 with eight workers, but he did not starve on the last turn.

For the first three turns, the farm and tool spots were chosen first and second respectively. The card in the one resource cost on the first turn was a farm increase, and the card in the two resource cost was a civilization card with 7 food.  For the next three turns, the farm and tool spots were chosen in the first round of placements. The people spot was chosen in the first round of placements only on the second, third, and fifth turns. The people spot was not chosen at all on Turns 4, 7, 8 and 9. For most of the game, whenever someone placed in the wood spots, the next player would follow and take the remaining wood spots.

For about half of the game only two cards were bought which resulted in a total of 24 out of 36 cards being bought. Every roll for a dice bar card resulted in a farm increase, and in some cases multiple tool and gold choices were available. There were a total of six dice bar cards bought. Greg received most of his card points from the civilization cards for nine points. Dante also received most of his card points from the civilization cards for 16 points. Scott received most of his card points from farm multipliers for 15 points. Aran received most of his card points from hut multipliers for 16 points. Although Aran used the starvation strategy, he only received nine points for a one person multiplier for his nine meeples which he bought on Turn 8. One other person multiplier came out, a double multiplier, and Scott bought this card on Turn 7 and received ten points from it at game end. The extra civilization card was not revealed.  

A total of 22 huts were bought including all three 1-7 huts on Turns 1, 6 and 7. The 1-7 huts, however, only paid four, five, and 13 points. The largest value hut were the two types of 5 resources for 26 points in Turn 8. For the last two turns, all the first round of placements was for huts. Turn 7 almost had all first round hut placements, but Scott was sitting next to Aran and took the double person multiplier in the one resource spot instead of a hut to prevent Aran from an easy 18 points. Aran, however, had a 1-7 hut available to him, but only used it for 13 points.

Only 12 tools were acquired during the game and four of those came from dice bar cards. Two single and one double tool multiplier cards were revealed which is only half of the tool multipliers. Aran had five tools but no tool multipliers.

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Scott Saccenti, MD Donte Saccenti, MD Greg Thatcher, CA Ray Wolff, VA Eugene Yee, MD
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Stefany Speck, Marcia Morelli and Rodney Bacigalupo
Lots of Neanderthals Scott Fenn, Dominic Blais and Noah Engelmann

GM Rodney Bacigalupo oversees his four best cavemen
GM  Rodney Bacigalupo [1st Year]  NA
 ro_bac@Yahoo.com  NA