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santa fe rails (SFR) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Nov. 14, 2016 Icon Key
41 Players Curt Collins II, PA 2016 Status 2017 Status Event History
2016 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

Westward Bound!!

We had a record nine games in the first heat, six in the second and just three more in the third as many of the earlier winners went elsewhere believing their advancement was already secured. During the heats, Curt Collins took top score honors again this year with 248 to top four other scores over 200. Top cash also went to Curt with 102. Proving that you don’t need cash to win, Pat Mirk only needed 20 cash to record his victory. In 3-player games, Bill Peeck took top score with 267 and most cash with 69. Andrew Drummond broke the record for 5-point cities, making 17 connections. Curt’s 102 cash was also a new record.

17 different players recorded wins during the preliminaries. As we grow, one win may no longer be sufficient to guarantee a spot in the semis. Last year, the average winning margin was 12.5 and this year it widened to 28 with the closest semifinal margin three points.

In the first semifinal, Rickey Boyes used his cash advantage to defeat 2003 champ Andy Lewis despite 91 in 7-point cities. In semi #2, 2011 champ Mike Shay played two more cities cards to edge Chris Morse. In semi #3, 2014 champ Curt Collins blew the curve while setting a record score in the semis with 252 points despite the presence of 2010 champ Tom DeMarco. In semi #4, Grant used his cash cushion and power from his 5-point cites to defeat 2013 champ Rob Kircher.

Semi #1
Rickey Boyes 52 cash + 136 cities = 188
Andy Lewis 31 cash + 154 cities = 185
Romain Jacques 51 cash + 129 cities = 180
Bill Peeck 33 cash + 122 cities = 155

Semi #2
Mike Shay 43 cash + 146 cities = 189
Chris Morse 39 cash + 123 cities = 164
Andrew Drummond 25 cash + 134 cities = 159
John Gitzen 30 cash + 110 cities = 140

Semi #3
Curt Collins 76 cash + 176 cities = 252
James DuBose 50 cash + 138 cities = 188
Pat Mirk 28 cash + 147 cities = 175
Tom DeMarco 20 cash + 120 cities = 140

Semi #4
Grant LaDue 45 cash + 144 cities = 189
Rob Kircher 29 cash + 139 cities = 168
Paul Rubin 38 cash + 121 cities = 159
Rod Davidson 32 cash + 110 cities = 142

The Final table was thus composed of three former champions and a new finalist. The game went the distance, exhausting the city card deck. The pocket trains occurred very late the game. Once again the trend favored northern cities with the middle of the board being avoided. Denver still got three connections. Grant had the best collection of city cards making 11 connections of 7-point cities. With the strength of double Billings scoring 30 points, only one 7-point city card and most cash, Curt Collins topped Rickey Boyes by seven to become our second two-time champion.

Final Scores:
Curt Collins 51 cash + 99 cities (9) = 150
Rickey Boyes 37 cash + 106 cities (10) = 143
Grant LaDue 20 cash + 119 cities (10) = 139
Mike Shea 36 cash + 93 cities (10) = 129

In the five games which completed full trackers, we had three cities topping out over 20 points (Los Angeles, Sacramento, Portland). When we track cities scoring 15 or more, we add eight more cities to the list. Sacramento, Billings and Salt Lake City appeared three times. Denver, Albuquerque, El Paso and San Francisco were common among four of the five winners.

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Ricky Boyes, WA Grant LaDue, NY Michael Shea, CT James DuBose, NY Andy Lewis, DE
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Larry Loicano, Mark Kennel, Bill Beckman and Tom DeMarco The finalists
GM  Rob Kircher [13th Year]  3595 Post Rd, Warwick, RI 02886