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settlers of catan (SET) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Nov. 22, 2016 Icon Key
82 Players Cary Morris, NC 2016 Status 2017 Status Event History
2016 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

Settling in

Settlers as a gateway event is showing its age as event attendance hit a new low after 13 straight years in triple digits. The tournament started off in our new location with games running on 17 tables. A couple games in that round ran long, with one having to be cut short with a winning score of nine points. The second round saw a reduction to 15 tables. Again, a couple games ran long and one had to be cut short with three players at six points!

The third and last preliminary round only filled ten tables despite 14 reinforcements since the opening round as players without a win left in search of other laurel opportunities. One game again went long and had to be stopped with three players at eight points. I am noticing a pattern of long games and one person in particular probably should not be running a table next time around. It is a 90-minute game and two-hour rounds should be more than sufficient. All preliminary games were 4-player contests.

No one managed three preliminary wins this year, but three players won twice and added a second place finish to their resumes: Eric Monte, Pierre LeBoeuf, and Larry Loiacono. 16 players advanced to the semifinals to determine the four finalists.

The first semifinal was won by the reigning Caesar, James Pei, by two points over Anna Rinko. The CDW master can play Euros too it seems! The second had Eric Monte continuing his hot streak, winning by four over Faith Wobbeking. The third semi advanced Cary Morris with another four-point win over Patrick Baldwin. The last seat was claimed by Kevin Youells by one point over Janet Ottey, who took home the fifth place plaque as a consolation.

The Final setup had Cary (red) start with a 6 ore as the main potential production. Kevin (black) had an 8 wood on the wood port. Eric (brown) started with a 6 wheat and James (white) had an 8 ore. Cary and Kevin started with a race for a road space which Cary quickly claimed. He was able to build roads to connect his cities to claim the longest road. Eric connected to the 8 ore and was able to build the first city (with three settlements) while Cary collected knights to claim the largest army. Cary, Kevin, and James had four settlements.

Kevin and James built cities next, while Kevin and Eric each built a settlement while Cary stalled for a bit. Kevin made a challenge for the longest road, while the other players each added a city. Finally, Cary added a second city to reach six points on the board plus the two bonus cards for the win. Eric had eight points (including a victory point card). Kevin and James each ended with six points.

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
Eric Monte, NY James Pei, VA Kevin Youells, VA Janet Ottey, PA Anna Rinko, VA
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Ladies Night: Misty Youells, Crystal Shipley, Laura Miller and Jodi Folk settle Amazon island.
Maria Traini and Katie McCorry Faith Wobbeking and half of our Israeli delegation: Haim Hochboim
The Final board at end of game. GM Rich Shipley oversees his finalists.

Settlers of Catan Junior 2016

Casey Moquin, the 2015 Juniors runner-up returned in 2016 to claim the title she just missed last year. The Final was ably contested by three very capable new finalists: Andrew and Alex Freeman and Zachary Morris. The board setup was rich with good numbers to produce brick, wheat and wood which enabled some early road building. Ore was in short supply, however—thus slowing down the advent of cities.

Many early "7"s slowed the pace of the game. Zachary would finish with seven soldiers and an unchallenged army. The Freeman brothers battled over the longest road, with Alex ultimately prevailing for that bonus. Meanwhile, Casey steadily built a lead and when she drew her second victory point card to add to her eight points for settlements and cities, she was the first to ten points and victory.

Zachary took second with eight points (two for army, five for buildings and one VP card). The Freeman brothers tied for third with six points each. All but Alex, the old man of the group at 12 who is graduating from the Junior ranks, will be back for another try at a Juniors plaque next year.

Preston Saccenti took fifth, scoring eight points as runner-up in Casey's opening win. John Wobbeking was sixth as runner-up in Alex Freeman's initial win, although he needed a tiebreaker with Ethan Shipley-Tang.
Casey Moquin wins her preliminary game
followed by Preston Saccenti and Jack Griffin.
Settlers Junior GM Tim Mossman presents
Casey Moquin with her plaque.

GM  Rich Shipley [3rd Year]  NA
 Rich@RTGames.com  NA